Amazing facts on Adobe (Magento)- the Leader of Digital Commerce

Oct 1st, 2019 3 min to read

Adobe has successfully acquired Magento to offer the latest cloud-technology stack via Adobe cloud commerce.

Adobe is very clear with its idea— it wants to serve a full-spectrum of modules to its customer, which range between easy analytics to trendy marketing, over-simplified customer acquisition features to sealing the final transaction.

It’s steadily churning out as the face of the digital commerce as it’s an amalgamation of two technologies— adobe’s cloud tools like advertising, marketing, and analyzing; and Magento’s commerce— our very own eCommerce development platform.

Is it really the leader of digital commerce?

The acquisition has already made us feel the presence, and we can expect Adobe (Magento) to shout-out to all the eCommerce holders.

With respect to Garter Inc’s announcement, Adobe Magento has been adjudged as a leader in the 2019 “Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce Platforms.”

Keeping the phenomenal track-record of Magento as a leading digital commerce platform alive for the consecutive third-year, Adobe has proved that it will justify the acquisition by enhancing the customer shopping experience. [1]

The report indicates that the thirst to deliver shopping experience, which feels smooth and effortless make Adobe a brilliant-fit for eCommerce owners to leverage their ideas into business.

Interesting Facts On Magento

You’d want to get into the Magento facts for choosing it as your one-stop eCommerce partner.

Let’s hear them out.

  1. Traded multiple times: It’s not the first acquisition. Magento has been traded four times ever since its inception.
  2. Google loves it: The popularity of Magento makes it more searched item than eCommerce. That’s father being a father.
  3. Massive global reach: Developers love Magento. It’s a pan-global phenomenon. There are more than 264,572 Magento-based websites.
  4. Huge employment: Magento employees more than 2,00,000 developers. That’s more employment rate than several countries.
  5. Global partnership: If you want a Magento platform in future, the good news is— there are 1300+ Magento partners.
  6. Large downloading numbers: Magento records more than 5,000 downloads per day. It started its journey with a large figure of 50,000 downloads.
  7. Manifold-growth: Magento grows three-times faster than other eCommerce on average. Its shoppers user-base is expected to double by 2020.

Bonus: Big brands such as Samsung, HP, Sigma, Nike, etc. use Magento as their primary eCommerce development platform, thereby stamping the token of its credibility and efficiency.

The final call

Magento already induced distinct digital retail experience.

With the current-acquirement, the platforms get stronger with next-gen technologies, user-friendly ecosystem, and seamless cloud-based marketplace.

Are you waiting to blow life into your eCommerce? Grab the opportunity with Adobe (Magento) and shoot-up your online visibility and sales.

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