Content Marketing Manager

 Surat (GJ), India

About Aureate Labs

Aureate Labs is shaping the new age of D2C eCommerce by designing and building breakthrough experiences and helping brands sell efficiently by providing deep insights into consumer behaviour to improve conversions.


  • Working in the eCommerce domain for 10+ years
  • Team size 50+
  • Helped 300+ brands to build their online stores

Our differentiation

  • Our data-driven and ROI-centric approach is the secret sauce for our client’s growth.
  • We are an early adopter of **Headless Commerce** with proven production experience.
  • We work with ambitious and cult D2C brands who want to grow faster and create a unique differentiation in their space.
  • We are always on the edge of innovation, helping clients build solutions tailored to their business.

Job Description

We’re looking for Content Marketing Manager, who understands eCommerce, can run Content Marketing Ops, has a good understanding of Content Marketing channels and deeper understanding of branding & marketing as business functions.

What We Want You to Do

  • You will first learn about our products/services and STP (Segment, Targeting and Positioning) when you join.
  • Then you will start promoting our brand and differentiators through content.

Your day to day responsibilities will involve

  • Running content marketing operations
  • Build a content marketing strategy
  • Research content ideas and design campaigns around it.
  • Manage the resources in your team and available to you.
  • Write: The content form can be Blogs, eBooks, Emails, Video transcripts, Social media – post captions or stories and Case-studies.
  • Edit: Content should be well-research, problem-solving, minimalistic, empowering, to-the-point, easy to share and consume
  • Proofread: Check for grammatical and syntax errors + validate facts before posting
  • Manage Content Production: You will have access to designers, graphics and video editors, video production equipment as and when needed.
  • Distribute: Through various channels but not limited to, Social Media, Paid-Ads and Newsletters.

Key skills and requirements

  • Can write good Marketing Copy – Non-negotiable
  • Great communication and writing skills in English
  • Experience with Google Analytics to measure outcome of the content
  • Knows content distribution over social media and newsletters/drip-emails
  • Min. 3 years of writing experience
  • Eye for branding
  • Attention to detail

Resources at your disposal

  • Content writers
  • Product research analysts
  • UI designers
  • Paid promotion experts
  • Data Analyst


  • We believe in a data-driven approach; only your audience will judge you. You will get validation and feedback of your content from the target audience, which will makes you a better content marketing manager
  • No micro-management
  • Work from anywhere

Who is this not for

  • People who find writing content stressful
  • People who cannot focus on attention to detail
  • People who selectively use only a few social media platforms
  • People who have never been a part of marketing ops before
  • People who hate doing research
  • People who cannot do independent research (apart from internet research)

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    Aureate Labs is shaping the new age of D2C eCommerce by designing and building breakthrough experiences…