Humorist/Meme Artist

 2 Years experience
 Remote/Surat (GJ), India

About Aureate Labs

Aureate Labs is shaping the new age of D2C eCommerce by designing and building breakthrough experiences and helping brands help their customers buy better.

We do this by optimizing design, copy, adding relevant features and consulting the companies on user expectations and needs by drawing insights from data and research. 


  • Working in the eCommerce domain for 10+ years
  • Team size 55+
  • Helped 300+ brands to build their online stores

Our differentiation

  • Our data-driven and ROI-centric approach is the secret sauce for our client’s growth.
  • We are an early adopter of **Headless Commerce** with proven production experience.
  • We work with ambitious and cult D2C brands who want to grow faster and create a unique differentiation in their space.
  • We are always on the edge of innovation, helping clients build solutions tailored to their business.

Job Description

We believe humor and memes in particular are a very effective mode of healthy communication, and core to building a happy community both inside the company and outside with our target audience. We’re looking for a talented Meme artist to help our Marketing, Sales and Human Resource teams communicate effectively. You are an ideal candidate if your day goes by in creating, saving, sharing memes.

Your day to day responsibilities will involve

  • Identifying and tracking growing meme trends and templates
  • Consuming content that the target audience consumes to empathize with them
  • Creating humorous and witty one-liners, memes and short-form videos
  • Producing and posting one-liners, memes and short-form videos on social media and other digital assets
  • Replying to tweets and tweet replies with humor to bring right attention to the brand
  • Keeping a track on events happening around the world and in cross proximity to our target audience to produce topical content
  • Working with marketing, sales and HR to add humor and memes to their communications strategy
  • Analyzing and improving meme formats based on analytics from social media.

Key skills and requirements

  • Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop or similar tools, knowing video editing tools is an added advantage
  • Great communication and writing skills in English and Hindi
  • Knows Millennial and Gen Z slang & has curiosity to keep up with upcoming trends
  • Good to have an understanding of the eCommerce domain from a customer POV
  • Good to have knowledge of software development terms and lingo
  • Strong sense of ownership in idea generation and production


  • We believe in a data-driven approach; only your audience will judge you
  • No micro-management, make memes, that’s it
  • Be comfortable, work from anywhere

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    We’re looking for a talented Meme artist to help our Marketing, Sales and Human Resource teams communicate effectively…