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Project Coordinator

Job Description of Project Coordinator

Aureate Labs is shaping a new era of B2C and D2C e-commerce by designing and building breakthrough experiences and helping brands improve how their customers shop. We are growing continuously in terms of being the best ecommerce website development firm and to excel with this growth we are looking for a Marketing Executive to join our marketing team to help us with planning, developing, and implementing marketing strategies for the company.

Project monitoring:

  • Responsible for making sure every team member has enough knowledge regarding
    project requirements based on their role
  • Need to keep eye on each and every task over the JIRA board
  • Help any team member with their difficulties with JIRA or any other task related understanding
  • Make sure every team member follow the mandatory process of JIRA
  • MOM to prepare and share with a client
  • Ask the PM to prepare CR requests for extra work and needs to share with the client for approval before starting work on it
  • Make sure every development work incidence logged by PM to improve the development process
  • From the retrospective meeting, if the PM and Tech Lead found any complex task or topic which can be useful to other PM’s and Tech leads then share them with a story or how we can manage that easily or resolve steps in other projects
  • Need to discuss on impediments with PM or stakeholder who is solely responsible for project schedule delay

Training monitoring

  • Training schedules and their assessment has to be fulfilled in sheet and shared with HR team

Worklog monitoring

  • Keep eyes on burning hours and make sure each project moving on as per the schedule
  • Daily monitoring of billable and non-billable hours
  • Prepare monthly feedback of billable and non-billable hours
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