Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO: Which Cap to Groom Your Site

There are specific techniques you can make use of to enhance the search engine rank of a website or a page which can be classified as either black hat and white hat SEO based on the approach taken.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the procedure by which you can get great traffic to your website by ranking it high on search engines results page (SERP). The higher the rank a site has on SERP, the more visitors the website will get. Looking at the growing significance of search engines like Google, today SEO is becoming an essential part of digital marketing strategy. Search engines decide the rankings of a website by using algorithms that are based on certain principles and with SEO you can apply these principles to enhance your search rankings.

Both Black hat and White hat SEO will give you results, yet Black hat SEO can cause you penalty which happens to be a noteworthy disadvantage as far as website ranking and traffic is concerned. On the other hand, white hat SEO keeps on changing as Google updates its ranking algorithm.

So, Which One to Choose?

Truth be told, both of the two have their own pros and cons. On the off chance that you are searching for a quick return on investment from your website and are not thinking about the future performance, you can pick the Black one.
Nevertheless, on the off chance that you are willing to set up an effective and long-running website, and looking for a long-term investment, you must pick the White Hat technique.

Black Hat SEO: The Evil Cap

Blackhat SEO implies using techniques that help you get higher search rankings while breaking the search engine rules. The main focus of Blackhat SEO focuses more on the search engine and comparatively less on the site audience. Blackhat SEO is generally utilized by the individuals who are searching for a quick profit for their site instead of the long-term investment approach. A few methods utilized as a part of black hat SEO include:

Content Automaton and Duplication

You may have noticed some content that usually appears in the comment section of a website which conveys no meaning at all but has few keywords instead attempting to rank the site higher. Not only this, many marketers use this technique to rewrite or spin the original content using various software and tools to make it look unique and plagiarism free.


This is basically a method of making a separate URL for the search engine bots and packing the page with keywords. When a user visits the page he is redirected to a completely different page that has not been stuffed with keywords.

Using Invisible Text

This is very common and the black hatters often use this technique. What they do is that they use invisible anchored texts to hide links on the web pages to increase the rankings. These links serve no purpose to the content of the page and they are merely used for the ranking purpose which is why they are kept hidden. This is achieved by changing the colour of the text to the background colour of the page thereby aiming to hide it.

White Hat SEO: The Ethical Cap

White Hat SEO is a technique that is completely transparent and follows Google's rules to optimize the site for search engines. This technique is completely risk-free which means no penalties. Moreover, White hat SEO tactics lay more focus on the site audience rather than the search engine bot. In the end, the only goal of White hat SEO is to rank the website higher in the search engines in a real and ethical way. The best ways to do this are by:

Building Quality Backlinks

Building quality backlinks for your site will indicate Google that your site has content that is of some value. Every site that sends a link back to your site is in a way advertising for you and this, as a result, will help you get higher rank in search results. But always remember not all links are good this is why it is important to build links that are of good quality.

Content Marketing

Content is the king and creating contents that are unique and valuable to the audience of your site is one of the best ways to optimize your website. Generating extremely relevant content on a regular basis will bring in a lot of visitors to your site thereby increasing your visibility on SERP.

Keyword Strategy

Keyword research is really important and using them in a relevant and natural way is extremely useful for your overall SEO strategy. Your research should concentrate on recognizing the most relevant keywords that your audience might use to search the products or services you offer.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are a white hat technique that majorly focuses on the reader. You can usually find these descriptions below the title of the page in search results briefing about what the visitor might discover on the page. Thus the meta description should not be stuffed with keywords instead focus on writing compelling content that might attract the users.

Above All,

Just like everything else, SEO takes in a lot of hard work and patience to achieve the results. Thus if an agency is promising you to give quick results there are chances they might be using Black hat technique.
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