Why video marketing is so powerful for eCommerce Business?

eCommerce video marketing is the hottest trend in online retail, and if you haven’t considered this as a part of your digital marketing mix, you really should. 

This is because when it comes to shopping online, customers need as tactical an experience as possible. Customers want to see it in action. 

High-quality images, great product descriptions, meta-data, and incredible reviews all play a vital role in influencing the user decision and conversion. Video is one of the most underutilized marketing tools that can make a huge difference. This is because nothing can quite tell your story like a video.

Using video, your prospects or potential buyers get a live demo of your product and see how it works or why everyone is going ga-ga about it.

While eCommerce videos may initially seem like a considerable  investment, the returns are quite high. And luckily, video production is now more cost-effective than ever. Many marketers are now shooting high-quality 4K videos with the smartphone.

And if social traffic makes a large chunk of your overall shoppers, then you can’t ignore video. 

A recent HubSpot research suggests that four of the six top channels, where users consume video, are all social networks. 

Also, next to Google, YouTube gets the most traffic on the world wide web.

What these numbers tell us is that people like to watch a story unfold, and prefer to consume content in the form of videos.

This effectively impacts the way consumers interact with your content, make choices, absorb the information, and also share this content across their networks. 

That’s not all; video plays a significant role in conversions too. For example, landing pages that have video content experience an 80 percent increase in conversions.

The magic works across email campaigns. Just the mention of ‘video’ in your subject line can improve your open rate significantly.

In short, as a strategy video is highly effective for eCommerce businesses. Let us analyse this in detail:

Advantages of using videos for your online shop

  1. SEO: Video has a good impact overall on SEO because Google loves videos. Videos are also known to reduce the bounce rate, and visits coming from search engines can increase significantly.
  2. Content Marketing: Videos have a unique appeal and break the monotony of content while making your pages more engaging.
  3. Branding: Videos help establish your brand as a professional entity. 
  4. Conversions: As mentioned earlier, conversion rates get a significant boost if you have videos on your landing page.
  5. CTR: Not only do emails get a higher open rate with Video in their subject line, but conversion can also rise to 30% when you include a video, according to Hubspot.
  6. Sales: Video is excellent for sales. Why? Because often customers are short of time and they need the highlights real quick. A video can give the final push that enables them to purchase.

How to use video effectively for your eCommerce products:

1. Using product close-ups

Product demos and description is the most popular use for videos. For specific categories of products where you need the detailed view, video shots from multiple angles and close-ups give the customer a better understanding of what they are getting. This builds customer confidence and ultimately leads to conversion. 

For example, if you are selling diamond jewellery and you build a beautiful video featuring a diamond solitaire engagement ring, the results can be quite captivating.

You can focus on the diamond’s cut and clarity and shoot, such as to highlight its facets and showcase its unique sparkle. Similarly, if you are selling a gadget or technical product, focusing on close shots can help you explain the features in detail.

2. Tutorial or product demos

Some products require more explanation. Especially if it is an innovative product, you need to show the customers how to use it before they can buy it. 

For example, take a look at FiftyThree’s Pencil Stylus for iOS devices. This video clearly and cleverly demonstrates its use.

There is a fine-tuned focus on the product, along with great background sounds. This gives the viewer/customer an almost exact feel of using this Pencil. The ultimate result is a sharp explainer video that shows and doesn’t preach.

These kinds of explainer videos work for any equipment, be it cameras, travel gear, baby gear or kitchen equipment other than gadgets and gizmos.

3. Using Before/After or Results in Videos

Nothing tells a story quite like a product video that demonstrates the results. Everyone’s fascinated by before/after stories, and you can use this as your marketing gambit.

The strategy here is to show how something looked before a certain product was used and then after. This type of videos works well for quite a range of products starting from beauty and cosmetics to home improvement and cleaning.

4. Humorous or Entertaining Product Videos

Sometimes the best way to sell something is to entertain the audience and create brand recall with the help of humor.

BlendTec’s Will it Blend series of videos is one such example of using humor and the element of surprise to keep the users hooked.  The videos for this blender demonstrate blending anything from garden rakes to marbles to an iPhone X(well almost!).

Watch how creatively BlendTec markets its product:

To sum it up:

eCommerce videos are not only an essential part of digital marketing, but they are also a strategy by themselves. These are important not just for B2C companies but also B2B as they can explain a complex product or service using an engaging and straightforward narrative.

When you are using videos to sell online, ensure your storyline solves a problem, highlights one key feature, and provides a clear CTA. Using these tactics, you will see results in no time.

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