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About Jollyes

Jollyes was founded in 1971 by establishing its first store in Enfield, with the idea of offering superior pet products along with best services and advice to pet lovers. Over a period of five decades, Jollyes has grown into one of the largest chains of pet super stores with over 70 stores, across the United Kingdom, as well as by setting up eCommerce store.


In terms of business, Jollyes’ offline channels are performing remarkably well and revenue generated by these channels are beyond the financial targets through the years. But at the same time the eCommerce channel is not playing a major role and always lacking in achieving their established eBusiness goals.

The challenges, which we identified were the biggest concerns for mediocre performance of their online store:

The old website had following challenges,

  • Deficient in leveraging unified product browsing and buying experience across the channels
  • Outdated UI an uneven UX, create navigation chaos for buyers which resulted into higher number of customer churn rate
  • Poor site performance and frequent site crashing; also cope with frontend level scalability issues
  • Facing to reach out targeted mobile device audience
  • Over engineered codebase with excessive custom modules and nonoperational 3rd party extensions
  • Slackly integration with Inventory Management System which resulted in broken backed operational flow.


Aureate Labs has been serving as Jollyes’ technical solution partner wherein after having carried out round of conversation with their business stakeholders, we have followed consultative approach to strategize ideal headless commerce solution for the Jollyes’ online store with taking into consideration of following key solution level particulars:

Redefining whole new frontend user interfaceCompletely fresh up and breathe new life into end user interface layout with esthetically accommodating brand identity and creating an unshakable, pleasant, and intuitive interaction layout that encourages customers to surf and spend more time on online store.

Seamless Omni Commerce experienceThis gives high visibility and accurate accessibility of products’ availability to their end customers across all the online & offline merchandising channels, and this was achieved through keeping in mind their target audience and offering them BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick-up in Store) service.

Upgradation of existing eCommerce PlatformWith adaptation of the new Magento version, it opened wider flexibility and scalability to accommodate new functionalities through the default Magento features and assisted in fulfilling eBusiness needs in a defined timeline without doing hefty code level customization.

Delivering unparalleled <= 1 Second Page Loading SpeedEmbracing new frontend level advanced technological stack has improvised overall web store performance and in line with client expectation achieved sub second page loading speed for the online store.

Furnished web store Frontend Editable through Non-technical teamWith integration of headless CMS (GraphCMS), it empowered content creators, editors and marketing teams to create/modify content of the online store in a very quick and efficient way they have defined. This assisted in completely eliminating dependency on technical team to carry out small to major content level changes on frontend specially during festival seasons.


  • Headless & PWA Consulting
  • UI Consulting
  • Headless Commerce Development
  • Magento Audit & Upgrade
  • Third Party Systems/Tools integration
  • Testing & Deployment

Platform / Tools / Applications

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Result that we delivered to the client

The new Progressive Web App based frontend interface provides a smooth and lightning fast browsing and buying experience to Jollyes’ customers. Also, mobile first approach design layout renders native app kind of shopping behaviour to their mobile users and this helps in reducing number of average abandoned cart ratio and increasing number of mobile sessions, and overall conversion rate. In addition to this, with help of advanced third party CMS, rather than more concentrating on back & forth process with tech crew members for doing any content level changes on eCommerce store, now Jollye’s team can efficiently manage the web store content in very prompt manner and they devote more time on marketing & merchandising level activities.