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Our eCommerce Website Development Services

Our eCommerce web development services can help you achieve your goals of creating a high-performing ecommerce website that generates strong traffic, high average order values, returning customers, and exceptional shopping experiences.

To help you with ecommerce web development we provide ecommerce solutions that includes

Consulting & Strategy

We know - What eCommerce demands 

We understand that building a successful online store is no easy feat. That’s why we offer a full spectrum of eCommerce development solutions to support brands and merchants at every stage of their eCommerce business journey, from initial consultation to ongoing maintenance.

We offer a comprehensive range of eCommerce solutions for your eCommerce website, including eCommerce consulting, eCommerce website development services , and ongoing maintenance, to help you establish and grow a thriving eCommerce business. Let us be your guiding light to eCommerce success.

  • Choosing the right model to maximize your revenue
  • Custom Journey Map (CJM)
  • Curating awesome user experience (UX)
  • Technical Consulting (selecting what is right)
  • Setting a roadmap
  • On-going Audit and Consultation

User Experience (UX) Design

Awesome UX - Make A Great First Impression

For any eCommerce website be it B2C/D2C brands, being content-driven, customer-centric, and providing a memorable online shopping experience is crucial. Our eCommerce solution experts thoroughly analyze industry trends, your target audience, and your brand personality to design a user experience tailored to your online store. Here’s an overview of our eCommerce solution experts’ process:

  • Understanding your online business & customer persona.
  • Creating prototypes and wireframes for various screen types.
  • Establishing interaction points.
  • Optimizing design for better conversion rates.
  • Designing and delivering a stunning user-friendly websites interface.

Store Development

Store Development - Creating Seamless Shopping Experiences

Every online business has its own unique revenue model and specific needs. We deeply understand and empathize with your customer’s needs, customer experience, and buying cycle. This understanding serves as the foundation for eCommerce website design and development, and scaling your online store with the perfect mix of technology solutions. Our expertise lies in creating custom eCommerce B2C, D2C, and Mobile-first stores that effectively engage customers and keep them connected for extended periods.

We specialize in building:

  • B2C/D2C eCommerce Store
  • Mobile Commerce/PWA Stores
  • Headless Commerce Stores

Performance Optimization

Maximum Performance - Maximizing Speed,Conversion,& Customer Satisfaction

In today’s digital landscape, customers have little patience for slow eCommerce sites. This is particularly true for millennials and Gen Z, who expect lightning-fast experiences. Moreover, search engines also consider page speed when determining website rankings. Therefore, optimizing the performance of your eCommerce site has become more important than ever before.

Our eCommerce experts analyze your store and provide tailored solutions for improved performance, resulting in significant benefits.

  • Lightning Fast Loading
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Lower bounce rate
  • Increase in customer satisfaction

There is no off-the-shelf solution to accelerate your store’s performance. It requires the expertise of professionals. It all begins with a comprehensive store audit.

Marketing Automation & Sensing

Integrated Marketing - Amplifying Your Brand's Online Presence

Marketing automation is more than just sending mass email campaigns on a schedule. We believe in creating a genuine connection with your customers to truly engage them with your brand. By understanding their behaviors and preferences, we can design a tailored marketing automation plan using the right channels.

Here’s how we turn conversations into conversions:

Set up behavioral tracking to gather valuable data.

  • Derive actionable insights from the collected data.
  • Strategize effective marketing automation campaigns.
  • Implement a customer data platform for seamless integration.

If you haven’t explored the benefits of marketing automation yet, it’s time to start the conversation. Let’s discuss it today.

Managed Services

Awesome UX - Make A Great First Impression

We understand that even the smallest issues on your online store can have a major impact on your business. That’s why we provide comprehensive managed support services on leading eCommerce platforms that cater to all of your store’s needs, including performance optimization, backup management, breakdown resolution, small tweaks, complex customizations, and even implementing new designs to prepare your online stores for the festive season. Let us handle all of these aspects so that you can focus on your core business.
Check out our platform-specific support packages for:

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Alokai (Formerly Vue Storefront)
  • Shogun

Why spend time acting like an engineer when you can outsource your managed support services? Contact us to learn more about our packages and find the right fit for your business.

What our client says

Why Aureate is a right match for Magento?

We started off with our journey with technology-first approach and we gradually shifted our mindset towards solution-first approach. Therefore we no longer consider technology as the standard for solving any business problems. Our Shopify veterans are problem-solvers and they help our clients take the next step on the ladder of their businesses.
Upward to the North

Crafting success stories across the globe

No client is small or big for us. We understand where you are on your commerce journey and provide continuous support to achieve your goals. We have built & shipped stores and also rescued many for which we received tons of praises and goodies from our clients. We have witnessed a maximum of 1200% and a minimum of 13% growth among the 400+ stores we worked. And we take pride in maintaining 95% client retention.