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About Umniah

Umniah has been successful in swiftly building a reputation for itself in one of the most fiercely competitive marketplaces in the region. Uminah is a Batelco Bahrain subsidiary and has established itself as a leading telecom provider in Jordan by providing high-quality integrated services, such as mobile, Internet, and business solutions, at the most competitive prices.


There is no competition for Umniah & its products in terms of providing telecommunication-related services to their Jordanian customers. However, they had trouble attracting and gaining online customers over their digital channels. They were quick to identify the underlying issues affecting their eCommerce store performance.

Their website struggled to give visitors the quick product browsing and shopping experiences that online shoppers desire.

The whole online store experience was archaic and extremely complicated, and the eCommerce store had a substantial amount of page loading or performance difficulties.

Moreover, it was very frustrating for their online shoppers to place orders for the products due to the sluggish checkout process.


Umniah realized how crucial it was to revamp their drab website into a user-friendly and high-performing interface for their eCommerce business in this competitive market

They explored different options to improve site efficiency and functionality. But, ultimately, nothing really moved the needle.

Then, the team discovered Hyvä Themes. We consulted and explained how these newer themes are capable of boosting page speed and load times thus improving store performance and creating better customer experiences.

The existing theme of the website had lots of custom made functionalities and third-party modules and not every module in the market is compatible with the Hyvä theme. We created compatibility modules in order to make it all work together with the new Hyvä theme.

The improvement was noticeable even without taking any particular measures for content optimization and using the same data but with Hyvä.

Now that we were able to see this significant improvement in the performance and accessibility, with a few tweaks with content and SEO, we will get high scores in all areas. This eventually helped in achieving desired web store performance and delivering user centric & fine tuned online web experience to their end customers.

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Result that we delivered to the client

The outcomes are absolutely worthy after the investment of 2 -3 months in fixing site issues and developing the project. Umniah’s website had a rise in its lighthouse score from 29 to 94. In less than 2 seconds, the entire website is loaded. We took the client’s site’s mobile and desktop performance to a whole new level.


Our website lighthouse score has risen to 94 from 29 and also now our website loads in less than 2 sec. Prior to Aureate Labs taking over, our project was in a full state of chaos. Our website experienced multiple issues and bugs that had an impact on its overall user experience. We felt a great deal of comfort just in 15 days of Aureate stepping in as they essentially understood our project and addressed what we were trying to achieve.

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Majd Al-Dmour

Majd Al-DmourDigital Channels Supervisor, Umniah