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About Imaginfires

Imaginfires is a well-known bioethanol fireplace supplier in the UK. They have been exclusively offering smokeless & chimneyless bioethanol fireplaces and accessories which has led the way in their pursuit of becoming industry leaders.


ImaginFires is a well-known and trusted brand among bio-fire suppliers and customers in the United Kingdom. Their website performance was not that great and it was one of the major factors negatively affecting the sales conversions in the store. They wanted to improve the website performance & make the store conversion ready before their peak business season, winter arrived.
The ImaginFire technical team was quick to analyze the root cause of poor website performance. They realised that the use of a generic all-purpose theme with unnecessary and unused features and functionalities was burdening the overall application and significantly affecting the store’s page load or performance.


ImaginFires was clear with its objective of finding a solution that would ensure better performance & optimization with a possibility of the solution being implemented before the winter season.

They started researching for a proven solution that was performance focused with integration capabilities and a ready support ecosystem to align with the existing eCommerce store needs.After jotting down lots of options and carefully weighing the pros and cons, the ImaginFire team decided to go ahead Hyvä theme as the solution to improve the store performance.The ImaginFire team chose Aureate Labs as their Hyvä theme development & integration partner. To improvise the overall store performance, our technical team divided the whole project into 3 measurable sub-objectives viz.,

– Improving store performance with a lighthouse score above 80
– Improvising & qualifying core web vital statistics
– Integrating the Hyvä theme into the existing store in 8 weeks.

We successfully revamped the store with the Hyvä theme by replacing a few existing extensions or components with readily available Hyvä extensions and by making the rest compatible with the Hyvä theme.

Our technical team’s experience with Hyvä Themes helped us deliver all the sub-objectives within the estimated timeframe.

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Result that we delivered to the client

The score says it all !!
– Lighthouse score jumps from 23 to 91.
– Improvised core web vitals statistics.
– The entire website loads within 2 seconds.