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Hyva Themes Integration: The Solution to Kalki Fashion's Slow Website Woes

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Kalki Fashion is a leading luxury fashion retail brand that offers a wide range of apparel and accessories for women. With a global reach and extensive operations, Kalki Fashion has been catering to the fashion needs of its customers for over a decade.


Kalki Fashion’s online business faced a significant challenge in terms of website speed. Due to the heavy load of images and content, the website’s loading time was slow, which resulted in a poor user experience for visitors. Slow loading pages not only caused frustration for the visitors but also led to a high bounce rate, and low conversion rates. The poor website speed made it difficult for visitors to navigate the site, view products and complete purchases & were abandoning their shopping carts, resulting in lost revenue for the business.


Kalki Fashion aimed to improve their website’s user experience, including performance, navigation, and functionality, by making it fast, responsive, and visually appealing.To achieve this goal, their in-house team worked on the design layout, while they reached us to improve the website’s technical aspects.

The Kalki team had a realistic expectation for their website’s performance, given their luxury fashion brand’s global audience and the many non-negotiable components like high-quality photos and videos of their merchandise, extensive landing pages, and 3rd party integrations for payments, shipping, social media, and internationalization on their website. Rather than chasing technical numbers like website speed score or core web vitals, they priortized the actual experience of their website visitors. They wanted to make sure that the website loaded quickly enough and was easy to use, from browsing to checkout. 

After discussing various business aspects with the Kalki team, we identified two ways to enhance user experience – going for a headless solution or integrating Hyva themes within their existing technology ecosystem. While both options were viable, we decided to proceed with Hyva themes as it would take almost half the development time and cost compared to going headless.

To proceed with the integration Hyva themes ,we first upgraded kalki’s store to Magento theme to 2.4.4 which is the pre-requisite for integrating Hvya themes. We were working closely with Kalki’s design team while integrating Hyva theme.We revamped the whole store by integrating Hyva theme with latest design and replacing a few existing extensions or components with readily available Hyvä extensions and by making the rest compatible with the Hyvä theme.

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Result that we delivered to the client

After the integration of Hyva themes, Kalki Fashion’s website saw a significant improvement in website performance, navigation, and overall functionality. The website’s speed was optimized, and the user interface became more user-friendly, resulting in a higher engagement rate and increased conversion rates.With the new and improved website, Kalki Fashion’s online business was able to offer a seamless and enjoyable user experience to its customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.