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Our WooCommerce To Magento Migration Services

WooCommerce to Magento Product Export

WooCommerce to Magento Product Export

Woocommerce to Magento Data Migration

Woocommerce to Magento Data Migration

Who’s The Migration For

Small Magento Stores

Small Magento Stores

Medium Magento Stores

Medium Magento Stores

Enterprise level Magento Stores

Enterprise level Magento Stores

Ecommerce Agencies

Ecommerce Agencies

We will migrate

Data Transfer We Do From Woocommerce to Magento

Here is the list of data we will migrate

Product Migration

Product Data Product Images Product Categories Product Attributes Product Variants Product Prices Product Descriptions Product Reviews Product Ratings Product Meta Information

Customer Migration

Customer Accounts Customer Contact Information Customer Order History Customer Addresses Customer Passwords Customer Groups

Order Migration

Order History Order Details Order Status Shipping Information Billing Information Order Notes Discounts and Coupons Payment Information Refund and Return Data Tax Information

Customer Reviews Migration

Review Content Review Ratings Product Associated with Reviews Customer Information Review Dates

Content Pages Migration

Page Titles Page Content URL Handles Meta Information Page Layout Publishing Status

URLs and Redirects Migration

Existing URLs Redirect Mapping Redirect Types (301, 302, etc.)

Shipping and Tax Settings Migration

Shipping Methods Shipping Zones Tax Classes Tax Rates Tax Rules Handling Fees Shipping Rules and Conditions

SEO Information Migration

Meta Titles Meta Descriptions Meta Keywords SEO-Friendly URLs Header Tags (H1, H2, etc.) Image Alt Text Canonical Tags

Blog Posts and Comments Migration

Blog Post Content Author Information Post Dates Categories and Tags Comments Content Comment Dates Commenter Information

Images and Media Files Migration

Product Images Category Images Blog Post Images Media Files (PDFs, Videos, etc.) Image File Names Image Alt Texts

Custom Codes and Scripts Migration

Custom JavaScript Codes Custom CSS Styles Custom Theme Modifications Embedded Scripts (Analytics, Live Chat, etc.) Third-Party Integrations

Payment Gateway Configuration Migration

Supported Payment Gateways Gateway Credentials Payment Methods Currency Settings Transaction Fees Refund and Chargeback Handling Secure Payment Configuration

Scared Of WooCommerce To Magento 2 Migration?


Low Cost of Services


Clear Migration Process


Full Data Security


No Business Disruption


Post-Migration Support


Compatibility Check with Existing Plugins


Familiarity Training With Magento (Adobe Commerce)


No SEO Impact and URL Structure


Short Duration of Migration Process


Adequate Communication

Replatform to Magento in 14 Days: Seamless, Fast, and Reliable

Cart2Cart & Litextension– The Extension We Use For WooCommerce To Magento Migration

Starts at $29
Starts at $139
Free Migration
10 entities
600 entities
Data Entities Supported
Over 30
Over 60
Demo Migration
Free Demo Migration
Free Demo Migration
Customer Support
24/7 support
24/7 support
Additional Services
Data customization, SEO optimization
Data customization, SEO optimization
Data Validation
Basic data validation
Advanced data validation and error reporting
Data Mapping
Customizable data mapping
Customizable data mapping with pre-built templates
Data import functionality
Shopping cart migration service
Export file formats
CSV files, XML files
CSV files, XML files
Import file formats
CSV files, XML files
CSV files, XML files
Migration Speed
Up to 500 entities per hour
Up to 1000 entities per hour
Ease of Use
Easy to use with a user-friendly interface
Intuitive interface with step-by-step instructions
Compatible with all versions of WooCommerce and Magento (Adobe Commerce)
Compatible with all versions of WooCommerce and Magento (Adobe Commerce)
Data is protected with SSL encryption and secure servers
Litextension prioritize data security with multiple layers of security, including SSL encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems
Customer Reviews
Over 10,000 positive reviews
Over 20,000 positive reviews

Migrate Woocommerce To Magento 2- Step-By-Step Process

7 easy steps to seamlessly migrate from WooCommerce to Magento 2 (AdobeCommerce)

Requirement Understanding

We begin by comprehensively understanding your specific requirements, ensuring our migration strategy aligns perfectly with your business objectives and needs.

Export Data and Cleansing

Then, we carefully export and cleanse (skip error entries) Woocommerce store data to ensure that only relevant store data is transferred when we start to import data to your Magento 2 store.

Magento Store Setup and Customization

Our team then expertly sets up and customizes your Magento 2 store, tailoring it to meet your unique business requirements and brand identity.

Data Migration and Testing

Next, we import data and start the store data migration process, followed by thorough testing to ensure data integrity, functionality, and a seamless user experience in your new Magento 2 store.

SEO and URL Redirection

We then take measures to maintain your SEO ranking and implement strategic URL redirection, preserving your online presence and minimizing the impact on search engine performance.

Launch and Go-Live

Finally, after rigorous testing and final checks, we schedule the launch and go-live of your new Magento 2 store, ensuring a smooth transition for your customers.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

We offer ongoing support and maintenance to help you navigate any challenges and ensure your Magento 2 store continues to perform optimally.

Why Aureate Migration Team Is Better Than Fiverr?

Aureate Labs
Comparison Points
Comparison Points
Aureate Labs
Expertise and Accountability
Dedicated Team of Experts with Proven Track Record
Freelancers with Varying Skill Levels and Accountability
Customization Options
Tailored Migration Plans and Custom Solutions
Limited Customization Options
Timely Delivery
Commitment to On-Time Delivery
Timelines Vary Depending on Freelancer's Availability
Data Security Measures
Robust Data Security Measures
Varies Depending on Freelancer and Project
Post-Migration Support
Ongoing Support and Assistance
Limited or No Post-Migration Support
Quality Assurance
Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance
Varies Depending on Freelancer's Approach
Clear and Transparent Communication with Clients
Communication Varies, Some Depend on Freelancer's Style
Project Management Tools
Effective Project Management Tools
Varies Depending on Freelancer's Practices
Experience Verification
Demonstrated Success through Case Studies and References
Limited Case Studies and References
Responsibility and Accountability
Responsibility for Project Outcomes and Deliverables
Freelancer Responsibility Varies, May Lack Accountability

Pricing Model

  • Fixed Price Model
  • Time and Material Model
  • Dedicated Hiring Model
  • Step #1 Client’s Project Requirements
  • Step #2 Requirements Analysis & Value Additions
  • Step #3 Customer Feedback & Project Scope Finalization
  • Step #4 We Propose Deliverables, Budget and Timeline
  • Step #5 Project Approval & Onboarding
  • Step #6 Project Delivery
Why Hire

Hire Aureate As WooCommerce To Magento Migration Agency

Industries We Have Served

Wholesale & Retail

Wholesale and Retail

Our team has managed the migration of both boutique retailers and large-scale wholesalers from WooCommerce to Magento to enhance the shopping experience for both individual consumers and bulk buyers.



We have assisted fashion brands in their migration from WooCommerce to Magento, ensuring that their unique style and essential features remain intact and well-aligned with the fashion industry’s demands.

Home Decor and Furniture

Home Décor and Furnishings

With our skilled approach, businesses specializing in home décor and furnishings have experienced a smooth transition from WooCommerce to Magento, enhancing their brand presence and customer engagement.

Health & Beauty

Health and Beauty

For companies in the health and beauty sector,we have worked on seamless transitions from WooCommerce to Magento customizing their online platforms to align with the industry’s specific needs and standards.

They're our Pride

What Client Say

We started off with our journey with technology-first approach and we gradually shifted our mindset towards solution-first approach. And this is loved by our clients the most. We recommend them right solutions based on their business needs. Which has produced amazing results for them. Read what our clients have to say about our work,

What is WooCommerce To Magento Migration?


What is WooCommerce To Magento Migration Agency?


Why Should You Choose Magento Over WordPress/WooCommerce?


How much does WooCommerce To Magento migration cost?


How to Migrate Data from WooCommerce to Magento?


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