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People who see the sites we built and the results they produce, they say “Holy Cow!” Our client in LA got 1200% growth in online sales.

We love magento

Our stats say that!

Magento has been our most preferred eCommerce platform since the beginning. In the last decade, we have delivered all kinds of Magento stores be in B2C, B2B, Marketplace on Magento, and Adobe Commerce.


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We have launched Magento stores in 6 weeks

Experience and expertise brings efficiency. In last decade we must have launched 350+ stores, which taught us what can go right and what can go wrong. That helped us build an accelerator which can suffice common needs of a retail brand.

Keeping evolution as a goal, we add more features/functionalities needed by D2C/B2C eCommerce stores in later phase of the development. This approach helps our clients go-live in 6 weeks and evolve later. This also divide costs over period of time while providing opportunity to start earning more. Know more about Magento Accelerator.

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More power to Magento store

Explore growth potential

If you are already running a magento store but not so happy with the current cashflow or orders, here are the points you shall consider. Sometimes small changes result into big numbers. Our eCommerce expert take a deep dive into your store performance, find bottlenecks and help you evolve performance.

Store audit and insights

Store audit and insights

With your consent we set up analytics, custom events, track customers’ journey, check technical performance and more to find out what is going right or wrong with your magento store. We take 3-4 weeks time to prepare insights and recommendations that can help you dramatically improve your numbers.

Incremental Changes

Incremental Changes

Let's consider that you rate your current outcome at 3, and you want to reach to 9 out of 10. This can be a gradual process and needs ongoing review, evolution and optimization. For this we partner with you and help you invest in right areas like sales, marketing, tech and process automation. Being your partner, we take an incremental approach and work with your team to continuously improve the business over period of time. We take ownership of the outcome, and that is rare.

Revamp CX/UX

Revamp CX/UX

We believe that each store has its own personality and we help you to express it effectively. Our eCommerce strategists also monitor consumer experience and their journey with your store. They check areas to improve in CX/UX to increase conversion and sales. Our UX Designer tries to keep right balance between simplicity, elegance and conversion to make shopping experience memorable.

Speed is the need

Speed is the need

Gen-Z, and millennials hate websites which are slow and less engaging. It is not about beautiful stores anymore. It is all about high-performing, simpler and faster stores. Magento offers power-pack features for your eCommerce website, but sometimes impact your site speed. And the third-party integrations make your store even more bulky. We have built expertise in increasing site speed and delivering green score.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

If tech and marketing teams up then growth is expected. It is important for brands to engage, offer and transact with customers at right time. Marketing automation helps you do the same. We integrate preferred marketing automation platform with your Magento store to engage customers using various channels, and generate higher CLV. It is beyond email campaigns and notifications.

Lightning-fast store

Hyvä Theme to speed-up your Magento store

We believe headless commerce or PWA is not easy to implement and need of many brands. Hyvä themes is a brand-new frontend for Magento 2 with the best Performance and Time to Market. Any brand who is not looking for PWA/composable/headless commerce, want to stay simple and improve performance of the magento website, Hyvä is the answer. Hyvä theme implementation ensures faster browsing experience of your magento store while keeping cost lower!

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Hyvä Theme to speed-up your Magento store
Your store Needs

Ongoing Care & Support

We believe in power of compounding. Unless you nurture, any crops cannot give you good fruits ongoingly. And retail being continuous evolving industry, your store, it products, marketing campaigns, and consumer experience have to evolve with time. This needs ongoing care and managed support services. Your store may not need full-day support, but monthly few hours of investment keep it running and rewarding. See our range of managed support services.

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Theme Improvements

Your site can be attacked or serve can go down due to various reason, what you need in 911 service. And we do it in lowest possible time.

3rd party integrations

Your site can be attacked or serve can go down due to various reason, what you need in 911 service. And we do it in lowest possible time.

Code Audit

Your site can be attacked or serve can go down due to various reason, what you need in 911 service. And we do it in lowest possible time.

Bug Fixes

Your site can be attacked or serve can go down due

Disaster Recovery

Your site can be attacked or serve can go down due to various reason, what you need in 911 service. And we do it in lowest possible time.

Data backup & restore

Your site can be attacked or serve can go down due to various reason, what you need in 911 service. And we do it in lowest possible time.

Don't Make, integrate

We connect what you need

In today’s world, store owners must not spend time and money in building all components. Rather one shall integrate the best for each utility. We believe composable Commerce is not a conversation, we help you do it. As your brand deserves the best. If you are progressive brand and want to invest into technology to optimize your business processes, integrate your various functions and scale faster, you shall cosider below integrations.

We are partner with best-in-class technology / platforms for most of your business needs.

Product Information Manager

Marketing Automation


Content Management System


Search & Personalization

Upward to the North

Crafting success stories across the globe

No client is small or big for us. We understand where you are on your commerce journey and provide continuous support to achieve your goals. We have built & shipped stores and also rescued many for which we received tons of praises and goodies from our clients. We have witnessed a maximum of 1200% and a minimum of 13% growth among the 400+ stores we worked. And we take pride in maintaining 95% client retention.

What our client says

Why Aureate is a right match for Magento?

We started off with our journey with technology-first approach and we gradually shifted our mindset towards solution-first approach. And this is loved by our clients the most. We recommend them right solutions based on their business needs. Which has produced amazing results for them. Read what our clients have to say about our work,

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Jonathan Cohen Lancer Skincare, USA

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Holly Marshall Tasmania, Australia

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Greg Peterson Michigan, USA


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Our Magento development services are designed to address all your development or transformation needs . Our experts offer a wide range of Magento development services, including migrations, upgrades, strategies, implementations, integrations, design, and support and maintenance.