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Speed Up Your Magento Store Operations

Store performance is one of the most important key for eCommerce business to maintain conversion rate and sales graph.

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We at Aureate believe, speed optimization plays a vital role in the success of your eCommerce business and therefore once concerned, we take very proper care of each element that makes your business run flawlessly.

Vishal Gelani - Certified Magento Developer


What, Helps Your Store Performance?

We at Aureate try to cover every angle that makes your business load fast for customers.


Enable Flat catalog and Compilation

Flat Catalog allows offloading the number of the database once there is any request for showing the product. At the same time, the MySQL query complexity will be reduced. Flat model uses just one table, so it’s not normalized and uses more database space. It clears the EAV overhead,


CSS and JS merging and minifying

Minifying and merging js and css can improve load times and general performance of your store, so it should be enabled in production mode.


Image Optimization

For those who run a Magento online store is not a secret that product images play a very important role to attract clients’ attention. The big picture sizes can make a store slow and potential customers impatient. Therefore, Magento image compression modules not only help boost your store but also keep your customers in a better mood.


Enable Compression & Leverage Browser Caching

Primary benefit is speeding up website because static files will serve from your browser. it saves internet data of website visitor. it also saves bandwidth of website server and decrease load of server. Simply it decreases HTTP requests.


Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN services are used on millions of websites to accelerate the delivery of content to customers from nearby servers. Our technical specialists can also set up your CDN service with your Magento store. By the way, if you use Amazon S3 or Amazon Claudfront, then you can also get our Amazon CDN Synchronizer extension for free.


Time to First Byte (TTFB)

When improving TTFB, there are many details to consider. Those who follow through and take measures to improve their TTFB enjoy competitive advantages. Just like SEO and other labor intensive website initiatives that give consumers a better experience, it’s all worth it at the end of the day.


Full Page Caching

In Magento, full page caching improves load speed response time on your website. A cached page will be stored after one visit or pre-generated and stored. A cached page takes much less time to open in a browser. Fast load speed is crucial to your customers’ shopping experience, and customers will commonly abandon stores that are slow to load or respond.


Installation and configuration of Redis

Redis is used as the effective tool for improve the performance of your Magento 2 store. Redis is a database server which supports frequently asked questions in the cache for the users to help they save time in your store.


Reducing Http Requests

HTTP requests are how browsers ask to view your pages. When your web page loads in a browser, the browser sends an HTTP request to the web server for the page in the URL. Then, as the HTML is delivered, the browser parses it and looks for additional requests for images, scripts, CSS, Flash, and so on.


Set production mode

All live Magento 2 sites should be in Production mode. This mode utilizes full page caching alongside a fully built pub folder to pull from, and is optimized to run smoothly and efficiently leading to the greatest customer experience.

Some Helping Techniques

  • Database tables and Magento logs clean-up
  • Tuning PHP realpath_cache
  • HTML minification
  • Varnish configuration
  • SSL installation and Magento configuration
  • Magento cache storage and session cache storage relocation
  • Server configuration to improve website performance
  • Image lazy load implementation
  • Analysis of the load on the database and optimization
  • Performance Monitoring extension
  • Magento server optimization
  • Upgrade to PHP 7


Why? Speed Optimization is Must Factor

The website speed of your business is important to uphold customers. Fast loading websites perform excelling with maximum search ranking, best user experience, and high user engagement. Mostly, it results in delivering higher conversions and ROI.


of visitors expect a website page to load in 2 seconds or less.


abandon a website that take more than 3 seconds to load.


1 second delay in web page response can conclude cutback in conversions.


Pin Your Sales Goal

User experience determines the business like the page loading speed, smooth and attractive online shopping action, definitely helps in sales figures and customer success

Growth - Pin Your Sales Goal


We Believe in Planned Operations

The website speed of your business is important to uphold customers. Fast loading websites perform excelling with maximum search ranking, best user experience, and high user engagement. Mostly, it results in delivering higher conversions and ROI.

Project Estimation

We start estimating the project required cost & time after hearing from you.



We assign your project in the expert hands, who will work with you and will take care of the concerns as well.



We assign your project in our Project Management System to make things done as per development & operations structure.



Our assigned team work on the project, assuring you are involved in the process too with the explanation of every phase.


Go Live Set

We deliver the work to go live after ensuring the testing of the things done.



We offer you with best ongoing support & maintenance including on time optimization.


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