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Our team of professionals is fully equipped to assist you in this transition and provide you with all the expertise required for a smoother and a flawless migration experience.

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Why Upgrade to Magento 2 ?

The latest adoption is required for every business, that’s the reason Magento 2 was released which offers significantly improved scalability like the full page caching which is in built that allows faster speeds by reducing the number of disk reads and network round-trips.

The community has already declared Magento 1 will continue to get official support with security patches till June 2020. So now it’s time to move your business to an advanced level with more availabilities and possibilities.

Magento 2 has number of exclusive features that assures optimized techniques and has improved administrative options – to make smooth eCommerce experience for customer.

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Our Experts

Perfect migration process requires time and expertise. We therefore recommend you to sit back & relax as rest assured by our experts who focuses on doing the best for you, so your business runs more faster and makes money. The process time and complexity depends on your store was built and its customization.

Aureate has performed numerous migrations from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Our years expertise helps in avoiding major issues and assures smooth migration to the new architecture.

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Magento Master Mentor

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Magento solution specialist


Magento Store Migration is an all-inclusive, engaged service from Aureate that allows existing stores built on Magento 1 to be moved to Magento 2 platform. Aureate offers proven migration service ensuring that your online store will be moved from one platform to another platform within time-frame.

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Our experts join you as a team to understand your current data structure, processes and start migration insuring your data probity. This will offer endless flexibility which will allow your store & business grow rapidly without negotiating performance.

Magento 2



Data Migration allows you to migrate all your data from your Magento 1 to Magento 2. We help you to move all data related to products, customers, orders, store structure, promotions etc.


To speak the truth Magento 1 extensions will not be compatible with Magento 2. Hence we will have to review the list of third party extensions integrated & required for your M2 store. We have also developed extensions for Magento 2 which will provide your customers a seamless store and shopping experience.


Magento 2 does not allow themes from Magento 1 to be migrated directly. Our team of experts will work with your frontend developer or designer and help you create a new theme for Magento 2. You can take this opportunity to test your site and ensure that it is responsive, user friendly, easy to navigate and follows best practices.


The custom code written for your Magento 1 store is not compatible with Magento 2 in any case. However, the code will require either rewriting or migrating. Our experts are insightful to handle this and also offer tools that will help you in the migration process.

Magento 2 Migration Testing Process

Before upgrading Magento 2, there are some important steps that should be followed in order to avoid hassles during the process, which are:

  • 1Magento 2 migration plan has to be set using topology. This structure has to be of such design that can match with the Magento 1 system that already exists.
  • 2Expertise is not just known by the use of technologies, but also the skills that are utilized. Experts will always depict Magento 1 system so that in case of any kind of unexpected errors, the data is not affected.
  • 3Magento 2 is installed on a device that has the necessary system requirements.

We will do everything

that will grow your business

We will take care of all stages of the migration and ensure that every important piece of data is successfully migrated to the brand new Magento 2 environment.

Upgrade to Magento 2
  • 1Updated sales data
  • 2Customers’ data transfer
  • 3Orders data import/export
  • 4Manageable store configurations
  • 5Entire products information transfer
  • 6History and other details transfer
  • 7Categories import/export

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