Magento 1 to Magento 2

Migrate to Magento 2

The community has already declared Magento 1 will continue to get official support with security patches till June 2020. So now it’s time to move your business to an advanced level with more availabilities and possibilities.






Why Upgrade to Magento 2 ?

Improved performance and scalability
The page load times for the home, product and category pages on the first view will be blazing fast (less than 1.5 sec per page) and faster with cache enabled (less than 0.75 sec per page).
Revamped & responsive admin interface
The new admin interface is cleaner and less cluttered. These UI improvements leads to a smaller learning curve and quicker productivity for administrators.
Strong data encryption security
Security is the most important concern for any web store owners with the increasing threat of cybercrime. Magento 2 effectively addresses this concern with robust security features including stronger data encryption.
Split database solution
Magento 2.0 offers significant scalability and performance benefits by using three separate master databases for different functional areas of Magento. This separation scales the website load and ensures that customers' experience is never disrupted or affected by surges in activity.
Instant checkout process
A smooth and simple instant checkout process plays a crucial role in boosting conversion rates.
Streamlined customer experience
Magento 2 is big on customer experience, resolving some crucial "pain points" that cause cart abandonment.
Responsive & SEO friendly
A large percentage of modern shoppers perform more than 50% of their shopping on mobile devices. With Magento 2 you can deliver a seamless and intuitive experience to customers across all devices.
Efficient testing
Magento 2 is designed using modern automated test strategies and developers can now perform regression tests for any customizations they have included. Leverage functional testing with Magento Test Framework (MTF).
Easy and secured upgrade in future
Magento 2 is easy to upgrade. It ensures a continuous process for platform improvement and providing timely security patches to merchants so they can always stay secure. There will always be a continuous process to improve the platform and provide security patches to assist merchants to stay secure
Easier extension updating and upgrade
Magento 2 built on modern technology stacks which make installing and upgrade of extension of patches easy. Easier installations mean faster installation of security patches improving site security.
Advanced Reporting
Reporting is very important to your success in your E-commerce business. Get actionable insights with the new advanced reporting feature providing pre-defined reports across sales, marketing and customers.


Magento 1 to magento 2 Migration Process


  • List out 3rd party extension
  • List out challenges facing at moment
  • List out custom feature


  • Decide new features to add in m2 website.
  • Prepare wire-frames of frontend.
  • Decide which data to migrate
  • SEO Considerations


  • Data migration which required
  • Rebuilt Custom Extension
  • UI/UX: Build design using wire frame
  • Implement design on M2


  • Data migration which required
  • Rebuilt Custom Extension
  • UI/UX: Build design using wire frame

Go Live

  • Relaunch website
  • Monitoring customer experience
  • Bug fixing after goes live Long-term Support

Sooner or later you need to consider to migrate from Magento 1, our Magento Solution Specialist will help you in upgrade your online store.


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Migrate to Magento 2

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