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There are specific techniques you can make use of to enhance the search engine rank of a website or a page which can be classified as either black hat and white hat SEO based on the approach taken. Search engine optimization or SEO is the procedure by which you can get a great traffic to
Add Custom Validation Rule in Magento 2
This article will help you add your own validation rule in Magento 2. Below are the steps which will help you to add a custom validation rule inside your module. Create a new js file. Register new js file. Apply newly created rule to the form fields. Clear cache and check the form.
After Magento 1.9 edition and so, the order confirmation emails aren’t sent quickly. Instead, they are queued up to be sent with the Cron job operation. And with that update, let me put a question in front of you, Why are order emails send through the queue, while Invoice emails are sent directly? Here, it
As a well-known agency for e-commerce development on Magento platform with years of experience, we have had a wide range of projects in terms of complexity, industry and customer's business. Throughout the years, there has been one thing that has been confusing companies  — a genuine absence of project planning and vision for the future advancement of the project.