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For any Magento project, most exciting time is when you launch the Magento project live. But what I have noticed most of the times is that there are some unnecessary links present in my account section. This is because Magento brings in some default links under my account on the right-hand section like you can
Secure direct access of cron.php file from the browser
Magento forbids calling the Cron manually from the browser by default from htaccess if you are using Apache web server.
Export specific tables from MySql database
In Magento, sometimes you may want to export specific tables for which you need to make use of command line. To export full database,
There are specific techniques you can make use of to enhance the search engine rank of a website or a page which can be classified as either black hat and white hat SEO based on the approach taken. Search engine optimization or SEO is the procedure by which you can get a great traffic to