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Having the default behavior, Magento provides and displays a long list of links on the customer account page. Sometimes we need to customize this default links inclusion as not all links are needed. Often it’s needed to remove a couple of links, for example, My Product Reviews or Billing Agreements. Below is a pile of
It’s tough when you’re dealing with Magento 1 custom grid view and you have to display EAV attribute data in grid. Right? After tweaking the minds for hours, we at Aureate Labs would like to present a best and easy go solution that can work without a single error. Let’s make it happen in a
My Account
For any Magento project, most exciting time is when you launch the Magento project live. But what I have noticed most of the times is that there are some unnecessary links present in my account section. This is because Magento brings in some default links under my account on the right-hand section like you can
Secure direct access of cron.php file from the browser
Magento forbids calling the Cron manually from the browser by default from htaccess if you are using Apache web server.