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About Miko

Miko is an advanced consumer robotics lab founded in 2015 with the purpose of engaging, educating, and entertaining children via the power of artificial intelligence.

Keeping pace with the technological breakthroughs, a Ridiculously Smart, Seriously Fun Robot – Miko 3 was launched. Miko 3 is an Emotional Intelligent Robot that combines fun, conversational learning to teach, engage, and entertain children.


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    Digital Omnichannel

    In today's world, D2C = Digital Omnichannel. Personalized marketing and Content-driven sales across all channels all are vital to D2C brand success. Miko was quick to understand their customer’s needs, desires, expectations, where and when a customer prefers to engage and so on, with a goal to offer a tailored experience that will convert their prospects into loyal customers.

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    Serve all of the countries with a CMS

    Miko now operates in India, the United States, and South Africa, with plans to expand to 19 more countries. Their goal was to use the same frontend to serve all of the countries with a centralized content management system (CMS) but with a hint of unique and diverse personalization to serve its diverse consumers across the globe.

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    Gaining speed and flexibility

    Gaining speed and flexibility to provide customers with personalized offers or information in their native language and currency based on their location was the top-most priority for Miko, but creating a seamless UX and user-friendly workflow for not-so-tech savvy marketing and sales professionals was equally important.

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    Extending the frontend head

    The only option to do the above was extending the frontend head, but there were still other important factors as well that ruled in favor of this decision. The decision was also majorly driven by the need to improve performance, especially since a major chunk of its prospects and customers searched and shopped on mobile devices. Mobile users as we relate are always on the go and aren't used to waiting longer than a few milliseconds for a site to load. And to add to the list is the need of better “On-demand” subscription platform ​​that not only enables seamless experience but also increases customer loyalty and LTV by intelligently bundling subscriptions with add-ons, accepting localized payments, and offering promotions, gift subscriptions, resend/refund options, and so on.


The requirements were beyond what Shopify frontend could do natively. However, because Miko began their eCommerce journey using the Shopify platform, its existing business operations, tools, and applications are tightly connected to Shopify. Hence, opting for a headless architecture, adding a flexible storefront to the existing Shopify platform, adapting a modern headless CMS & harnessing the power of Progressive Web App was the preferred choice.

Alokai (Formerly Vue Storefront) in combination with Shopify was chosen as the one fit solution to all the needs.

Headless PWA architecture not only coupled the benefits of native and desktop applications, but it also added significantly more benefits,

Subscription platform integration Chargebee enhanced the customer acquisition, transaction, and retention cycles by automating Subscription management, Customer retention, Transaction analytics, Taxation and recurring charge compliance, and other functions.

Improving SEO rankings by enhancing performance and decreasing bounce rates.

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Seamless Data Synchronization with Shopify

Integration with contentful CMS enabled data to be used globally while also differentiating content based on the user’s geography.

Content Differentiation based on user's geography

Data is immediately synchronized with Shopify, making it easier to manage everyday things.