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About Phoenix Next

Kadokawa Amarin Co., Ltd. is a well-known book publisher in Thailand, especially for comic books. They are also known as Phoenix and they have established an eBusiness presence named Phoenix Next to merchandise various brand comics to their customers.


From the foundation of online stores, Phoenix has seen an ordinal level of eBusiness in terms of sales revenue and profit margin, the order volumes were not as per the expectations. Owing to this key reason, business stakeholders of Phoenix were looking out for the best technical solution which can leverage them to achieve their prospective goals.

While doing preliminary level of evaluation, we have figured out what are the key road blockers, which severely impact on their eCommerce business:

  • Old-fashioned web interface did not render good browsing and purchasing experience to end customer and that because of lack of consideration of even UI/UX industry standards
  • Facing a high number of abandoned cart ration due to complex and error-prone checkout process
  • Very high page loading time which increase customer dropout ratio
  • Absence of mobile friendly user interface
  • Payment gateway integration level issues and because of this customer & even back-office account team faced lot of challenges to do payment processing level activities
  • Lots of bug in custom modules and without following Magento development standards, have been built such modules
  • Code level confliction between 3rd party extensions and due to which many times whole web store went down


Aureate Labs has been serving as technology consulting and development service provider for Phoenix Next and based on our evaluation on their business needs & existing technology architecture perspective, we have suggested them the best solution for their eCommerce store and also assisted them into make seamless backend level eBusiness operations suggestions in line with our decade eBusiness level knowledge & expertise. Below mentioned are the solutions delivered by us:

Crafted brand identity design layoutWe’ve migrated & integrated Magento1 reward points to the Yotpo loyalty & referrals program.We also integrated Yotpo review for easy reviews & feedback from customers thus enhancing customer engagement.

Adopt Headless Commerce SolutionRedesigned overall eCommerce solution architecture and detached frontend completely from the backend framework which delivered more freedom and flexibility to their marketing and management team for handling daily activities in flawless manner. We built frontend using latest technology framework Vue Storefront on top of Magento backend eCommerce framework

Platform UpgradeUpgraded existing Magento application to the latest version, which catered wider scalability and easy customization ability to accommodate new features and assisted into fulfilling eBusiness needs in a defined timeline

Code RefactoringAmended and optimized existing custom modules code to resolve current functional and integration level issues which formed eCommerce store adequately stable and secured one

Improvised Overall Store PerformanceBy adopting a new frontend level advanced technological stack it improvised overall web store performance and achieved client expected desired performance score.


  • Headless eCommerce Consultation
  • UX & UI Consulting
  • PWA based Headless Commerce Development
  • Magento upgrade and backend level development
  • Third Party Systems/Tools integration
  • Testing & Deployment
  • Maintenance & Support

Platform / Tools / Applications

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Result that we delivered to the client

The new headless commerce-based solution boosted up the overall eCommerce store’s frontend engaging experience and delivered lightning fast page loading interaction behavior which ultimately attracts customers to browse more time on store and can complete their buying journey in an expedited manner. Along with this, the store owner has seen drastic level improvement in the number of sales orders and increased conversation rate. Moreover, during peak season, Client has not faced any site down issues even if the number of visitors went higher than expected number and that because of decoupled headless architecture.