The challenge was that their old website wasn't able to incorporate their brand's personality well, was slow and also did not allow cross-border selling.

Client wanted a solution where they wouldn't have to rely on the development team to run experiments or marketing activities. A high performing and stable store where marketing team confident enough to change something middle of BFCM sales.



  • Headless Consultation
  • Headless Development
  • App Development / Integration
  • Revenue Optimization

Platform / App



Bringing personality

We brought the brand's aesthetics, colours and philosophy to life in design, breaking free of the conventional store design to help emphasize on the product and necessary details important for their customers.

Going Headless

Given the degree of control needed for no-code marketing and experimentation, it had to be custom built and had to be a headless solution , we went ahead with VueStorefront as the frontend and a Shopify backend to facilitate ease of management

No-Code Marketing with stability

Given that it is too difficult to change almost anything on a custom build, we had to bring in a CMS platform which was reliable and would also work at scale in the future. We partnered with Contentful CMS to build a stable frontend.



Mobile Sessions


Conversion Rate


Bounce rate


More Page Views

Source Google Analytics (Organic Traffic). % is a comparison before and after one month of going Headless.

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"Aureate Labs created the perfect headless commerce site for Pure Daily Care. As a top-selling Amazon Brand, our customers expect their web experience to be fast, flawless, and seamless. Aureate helped us check all of those boxes without any design constraints. We now have the best of both worlds for our brand site: unparalleled performance and aesthetics without compromise."

— Jonathan Cohen, CMO