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Speed & Style: Optimizing Magento for Samsonite's Luxury E-Commerce Experience

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About Samsonite

Samsonite is a globally recognized leader in travel luggage, accessories, and business solutions. Renowned for its innovative and reliable products, Samsonite caters to travelers worldwide, ensuring durability, functionality, and style. With a rich history spanning over a century, Samsonite continues to push the boundaries of product design and customer satisfaction in the travel industry.


For Samsonite, the challenge was to create a completely new website that mirrored the sophistication and functionality of a specific reference site provided by the client. The requirements were complex, including:

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    Configurable Products with Custom Swatch Images:

    Developing a dynamic system for configurable products that allowed customers to choose from custom swatches. This feature needed to display a variety of options like colors, sizes, and patterns, each affecting the product’s final appearance and price, thus adding a layer of complexity to the product setup.

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    Product Import with Custom Data:

    Importing products into the new system involved handling complex data sets. Each product required the integration of unique custom data that went beyond standard product attributes, necessitating advanced data management solutions to ensure accuracy and functionality across the platform.

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    Tailored Experience Development:

    To reach the high benchmark set by the reference website, we undertook substantial customization of the Magento 2 platform to provide a fully personalized shopping experience that aligns seamlessly with Samsonite’s branding and meets their functional expectations.


To overcome the challenges and meet the complex requirements set by Samsonite, we implemented a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to enhance the Magento 2 platform:

We developed an advanced configurable product module that allows customers to select from a range of custom swatches. This system was designed to dynamically update the product’s appearance and pricing based on selected attributes such as color, size, and pattern. The backend was optimized to handle these variations smoothly, ensuring a seamless user interface and efficient data processing.

To manage the intricate data associated with Samsonite’s products, we implemented a robust product import system. This system was capable of processing complex data sets, integrating custom data fields required for each product. We utilized custom scripts and modified the Magento 2 import functionality to ensure high accuracy and maintain operational efficiency across the platform.

Recognizing the need to match the sophistication of the reference website, we carried out extensive customizations to Magento 2. This included:

We chose Hyva themes for their exceptional performance and minimalistic approach, which significantly boosts site speed. Building on this foundation, we crafted a custom theme that not only matches but enhances the aesthetic and functional demands of the reference site.
We integrated several key features to enrich the customer experience, including an AJAX-powered layered navigation, a refined search mechanism, and custom product sorting capabilities. These features were designed to improve product discovery and streamline the shopping process.
To address specific needs, we implemented custom functionalities such as a sticky header, zoom capabilities on product images, and a one-step checkout process. These enhancements were geared towards increasing usability and encouraging conversion.
We optimized the backend to handle complex B2B interactions and detailed inventory management, ensuring that Samsonite can manage its business relationships and stock levels more efficiently.
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Result that we delivered to the client

Samsonite’s freshly developed website delivers superior functionality and speed, surpassing typical benchmarks for new e-commerce sites. The platform’s quick load times and streamlined navigation provide an outstanding user experience, boosting user engagement and establishing a solid initial reputation. Initial customer feedback and sales trends are positive, suggesting effective alignment with contemporary shopping behaviors.