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About Target Mart

Founded in 1992, Targetmart Wholesale specializes in ethnic cosmetics and tropical food with stores in Rotterdam, Schiedam, and Utrecht. Expanding their reach, they launched an eCommerce store to serve customers across the Netherlands and the EU.


Targetmart, a leading wholesaler with operations spanning the Netherlands and other key European markets, faced significant challenges. Their Magento 2 platform struggled under the demands of extensive B2B operations and inventory management. Specific challenges included:

  • A slow-performing website, hindering accessibility and engagement with a diverse European audience.
  • Difficulty in managing complex B2B relationships and inventories efficiently.
  • The lack of a tailored online experience that could cater to the unique needs of their B2B clientele.
  • Achieving all of the above improvements within a constrained budget, which limited the scope of possible technological enhancements.


Our approach was to fundamentally enhance Targetmart’s e-commerce capabilities, focusing on performance, user experience, and scalability, while adhering to budget constraints. This included:

We selected and integrated Hyva Themes for their exceptional performance and compatibility with Magento 2, drastically enhancing site speed and responsiveness.

We implemented InstaBuild, a solution developed by us that utilizes pre-built templates for Hyva Themes. This approach significantly reduced development time and costs, aligning with the client’s budgetary limitations.

A key focus was on achieving high Google Page Speed scores, with targeted optimizations ensuring scores of 95+ on desktop and 90+ on mobile. This was achieved through technical enhancements, including the introduction of WebP image support, to elevate site performance across devices.

We provided Targetmart’s team with comprehensive documentation and live demonstrations to ease their transition to advanced B2B e-commerce functionalities, ensuring they could leverage the full potential of the upgraded platform.

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Result that we delivered to the client

The transformation delivered by this project was significant, with measurable improvements across the board:

  • Marked improvement in website performance, achieving Google Page Speed scores of 95+ on desktop and 90+ on mobile, significantly enhancing the user experience.
  • Strategic enhancements and integrations that provided Targetmart with a scalable solution, positioning them for continued growth in the competitive B2B e-commerce market.
  • A notable return on investment (ROI), evidenced by increased efficiency and reduced operational costs due to the implementation of InstaBuild and other cost-effective technologies.

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