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About Isha Foundation

Isha Foundation, led by visionary Sadhguru, has offered life-changing yoga and spiritual practices for individual and societal well-being. Beyond personal growth, Isha empowers communities through projects like Project GreenHands, building a conscious and sustainable world.


Isha Foundation faced significant technological hurdles as they managed multiple websites across various technologies and had various challenges like,

  • 01

    Need for Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration

    They required an SSO solution to streamline user access and manage customer data efficiently across different platforms.

  • 02

    Custom Checkout Functionality for Overseas Customers

    There was a need to develop a checkout process tailored for international customers for specific export requirements and currency handling.

  • 03

    Advanced Order Tracking Functionality

    They wanted to offer a superior order tracking experience for better customer experience.

  • 04

    Generic Landing Page Creation

    They wanted the capability to create dynamic landing pages for various festivals and events to enhance user engagement.

  • 05

    Personalized Engagement:

    They wanted to track user history for enhanced personalized engagement better.

  • 06

    Improving Search Efficiency:

    The search system needed an upgrade to provide faster and more relevant results to improve the overall user shopping experience.

  • 07

    Optimizing Website Performance:

    There was a need to improve the website's performance and load times.


Isha Foundation wanted someone to watch over their website, so they hired us as their Magento maintenance team. Our team implemented a series of custom solutions to address their challenges:

SSO Integration:
We integrated an SSO solution to unify customer data across the foundation’s multiple websites, simplifying user access and improving the overall user experience.

Custom Checkout for overseas customers:
Implemented a unique export process for overseas customers, integrating the campaign registration from Odoo and redirecting to Magento for detailed customer and passport verification, followed by a payment process (CCAvenue) in the customer’s currency.

Advanced Order Tracking:
Integrated top-tier order tracking functionality with carriers like Bluedart, Delhivery, Shiprocket, and Ekart, enhancing customer post-purchase experience.

Custom Landing Page Extension:
Developed a custom extension for creating various landing pages, catering to different festivals and events.

WebEngage Integration:
Implemented WebEngage for a comprehensive marketing automation platform, providing live analytics, personalized engagement, and a customer data platform.

Klevu Integration for Enhanced Search
Implemented Klevu for advanced search capabilities, ensuring fast and relevant search results, improving the overall shopping experience.

Performance Enhancements
Integrated Redis, Nitrogen CDN, and Varnish to improve site handling during peak traffic times, ensuring consistent performance.

Klevu Integration for Enhanced Search
Implemented Klevu for advanced search capabilities, ensuring fast and relevant search results, improving the overall shopping experience.

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Result that we delivered to the client

The solutions implemented for Isha Foundation led to substantial improvements, reflected in key metrics: a significant increase in user registration and international sales, enhanced customer satisfaction with advanced order tracking, and improved engagement through personalized marketing and dynamic landing pages. Website performance also saw marked enhancements, with faster load times and reduced bounce rates, contributing to an overall boost in user experience and e-commerce efficiency.


My experience with Aureate Labs has been nothing short of transformative for our website. The improvements they've implemented have not only made our site faster but also significantly more intuitive for our users. The result is a smooth, seamless performance and a noticeable increase in user engagement, which clearly demonstrates the positive impact of their work. Aureate Labs' team is the epitome of professionalism and organization, tackling tasks with precision and always keeping us informed with clear, concise updates. Their methodical approach has been reassuring and effective.

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Selvaraj Chandrarajan 

Selvaraj Chandrarajan Project Manager, Isha Foundation