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Food Equipment Australia is a leading importer & supplier of high-quality commercial kitchen equipment and catering supplies in Australia. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, they have established themselves as a trusted provider of products that meet the needs of restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other food service businesses. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and product excellence has helped them build a loyal customer base and a strong reputation in the market.


Food Equipment is an online store that offers a wide range of food equipment to businesses and individuals in Australia.

One of the primary challenges faced by Food Equipment was the heavy and cluttered design of their website. The website had an overwhelming number of elements and content, making it difficult for users to navigate through and find what they were looking for. This resulted in a poor user experience and low engagement rates.

The design was also outdated and did not reflect the modern and innovative brand image.The website lacked visual appeal which made it less attractive to potential customers.

The website heavy design also led to slow loading speeds and gave performance issues, which was affecting user experience and potentially leading to a loss of customers.

Overall the cluttered, poor aesthetics, and less intuitive design of the Food Equipment website were significant challenges. These challenges negatively impacted the user experience and made it challenging for the company to achieve its business objectives.


We helped Food Equipment address the design-related and slow speed challenges on their website through the following solutions:

#Design-Related Challenges:

Simplified Website Design: We simplified the website design by removing unnecessary elements and reducing clutter, making it easier for users to navigate the website and find what they were looking for.

Modernized Website Design: The design was modernized by using a fresh and minimalistic visual style that aligned with Food Equipment’s brand image, making the website more visually appealing to potential customers.

Improved User Experience: The user experience was improved by implementing conversion focused e-commerce design elements like intuitive navigation, clear calls-to-action, and well-organized product categories that helped users find what they needed quickly.

#Slow Speed Challenges:

Hyva Theme integration & Minification : We performed a detailed analysis of the website’s performance and identified the elements causing slow speeds & later utilized the Hyva theme to revamp the website and we also minimized the size of the website’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, which reduced load times and improved website speed.

Image Optimization: The images on the website were optimized to reduce their file size and load time without compromising on quality.

Caching: Caching techniques were implemented to reduce page load times and improve website performance.


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Result that we delivered to the client

Overall, a comprehensive solution helped Food Equipment improve their website’s design and speed, resulting in a better user experience and increased engagement rates, ultimately helping the company achieve its business objectives.

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Before Re-Design After Re-Design
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