Shogun Frontend

Why do Shopify stores need Shogun?

Speed of default Shopify is great. But when you add customization, theme and install 3rd party apps based on your business growth, it impacts site performance.

87% of merchants use the Shopify App Store and they have Average 6 apps installed. Are you one of those 87%?

  • Use Liquid to make changes on theme
  • Limited control over frontend
  • Cross border content management is difficult
  • Poor speed over the time
  • Very basic experiments you can run

It becomes extremely difficult to optimize Shopify 2.0 stores at one point.

  • Next-level store design
  • No management of backend layer
  • Easy CMS
  • Cross border compatibility
  • Lightning fast store
  • Run endless experiences
  • Reliable customer support

Using Shogun you can adapt next-generation eCommerce stores where you can control frontend and deliver shopping experience exactly the way your customers want.

Shogun Frontend

How does the Shogun Frontend work?

Achieving an exceptional online store experience without any friction on shopify has been the talk of concern. Though, the Headless approach promoted by Shopify gives you complete control over the storefront but it comes with a good cost. With Shogun you just need to focus on building a great experience and trust the Shogun engineering team for all technical hassles.

How does the Shogun Frontend work
How does the Shogun Frontend work
Deliver high-performing  storefronts

Deliver high-performing storefronts

While the backend of an eCommerce store is crucial to its success, it can have a detrimental effect on how quickly customers perceive your front end performance. Luckily with Shogun's lightweight codebase your eCommerce store will be able to provide an excellent customer experience. Not only does it increase page speed but also makes sure that all components work together seamlessly on any device or browser type!

Content meets Commerce

Content meets Commerce

The importance of creating a positive customer experience cannot be overstated because a happy customer is one who is likely to become a loyal customer who can help you boost revenue. We believe that a great online user experience is achieved through content & Shogun is known for providing a better way to manage content for eCommerce platforms.

Experienced implementation team

Experienced implementation team

As a Certified Partner Agency, we work closely with the Shogun team to design and develop beautiful, modern ecommerce stores. Our goal is that your user’s online shopping experience should be nothing less than perfect!

Giving back to community

Get lightning faststore in 8 weeks

We have built an accelerator that has all the features needed to run an online store.

Check the Shogun Frontend demo with Shopify in action.

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What makes Aureate an obvious choice?

  • Experience of delivering 16+ headless stores

    We have experience of delivering headless stores for fortune 500 brands. We have proven experience, have good team more than that we have eye for headless commerce strategy

  • ROI comes first

    Return of Investment is a valuable metric that we at Aureate Labs fully understand. Whenever we create a solution, we keep in mind the investment that they initially made for the store development.

    In the next step, we focus on finding ways to earn back the investment within the first 12 months or possibly before that.

  • Data-driven approach

    What matters to make better decisions regarding your store development is data. We analyze data, test designs and gather opinions of various experts to arrive at the optimal design for your storefront.

    We operate as empowered teams that coordinate and create innovative solutions. Hence, any biases that decision-makers hold doesn’t affect your store in any way.


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We’re here to make your life easier. Our Shopify experts are ready with the know-how and skills you need for anything that might impede the business growth–we’ve got it covered!