join our team

Required: UX/UI designer

What you’ll do:
  • User – centered website/webpage design.
  • Interactive, materialistic, self-explanatory design.
  • Detail oriented design which should temp user to read/visit more pages.
  • Design UI/UX for our brands in such a way, it would have easy navigation flow – User won’t be having confusion on site.
  • Responsive design for all size devices.
  • Wire framing of designs with multiple options to go with best one.
  • Proper task optimization
Things you know/have:
  • Up to date with current UI/UX trends
  • Ability to visualize solutions (good imagination power)
  • Analytical thinking and product design skill
  • How to delight users just with the first time landing impression
  • How to keep a not-to-forget impression once visitor left the site – Unique identity on user mind
  • Have minimum 2yr+ experience
  • Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch etc.
  • Animation skill
Things that will impress us:
  • Impressive design portfolio
  • Have won award/honor

Required: Technical Content Writer

What you’ll do:
  • Produce and evaluate topic ideas for future articles
  • Research to build a working knowledge on each topic
  • Maintain existing articles by updating content where needed
  • Coordinate to ensure topic coverage and avoid overlap where possible
  • Participate in Community initiatives (feature launch prep work, strategic tasks, etc.)
  • Assist other teams with documentation and non-documentation tasks
Things you know/have done:
  • Knowledge of current ecommerce system, latest web technology and modern analytic systems.
  • Active member of some of the well-known blogging sites, forums and somewhat personal touch with influential bloggers.
  • Have minimum 2yr+ experience
  • Good readers base
  • SEO Fundamental knowledge
  • English Grammar
Things that will impress us:
  • Technical content portfolio
  • Have won award/honor

Required: Senior PHP Developer

What you’ll do:
  • Improve and define our development methodologies, processes, and systems
  • Manage our Git repositories and methodologies
  • Web development in PHP/JavaScript/MySQL/XHTML
  • Customizing eCommerce platforms for custom functionality and integrations with 3rd party software
  • Developing Custom Extensions to be released as third party add-ons
  • Performance Optimization (server, client, and db)
Things you know/have done:
  • Minimum experience 3yr+
  • Experience in team-based web development
  • Strong determination, and a superb team-ethic
  • Strong understanding of object oriented MVC web development
  • Familiarity with version control (Git)
  • Advanced MySQL/SQL querying and db administration
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills with teammates and clients
  • Ability to produce clean, well-documented, efficient, and standards-compliant code – with an eye towards performance optimization
  • AJAX
  • Development experience on PHP-based frameworks (eg. Code Igniter, Expression Engine, etc)
  • Expertise with the ZendFramework and web services integration
  • Adherence to web design accessibility standards and cross-browser compatibility
  • Strong frontend development experience. HTML,CSS,jQuery,Bootstrap,Saas,Less
Things that will impress us:
  • Magento Certified
  • Systems Administration background
  • Mobile Application Development
  • eCommerce development experience (in particular Magento)
  • Written articles, tips, or tricks for the web development community
  • A love for learning

Please submit resume/cv along with your information.