InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes: Best Alternative To Custom Hyvä Development

Mar 13th, 2024 12 min to read

Yes, you heard that right: Hyva Theme implementation just got even better! 

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new “InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes” — Hyva ready templates, the first of their kind in the market. These pre-built templates offer the best of both worlds: 

  • the incredible performance and flexibility of Hyva Theme,
  • the ease and affordability of pre-designed layouts. 

Are you looking for a clean and minimalist aesthetic or a vibrant and eye-catching Magento frontend? These Hyva ready-made templates have something for everyone. With minimal effort, you can have a stunning and high-performing Magento store that converts visitors into customers. 

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into this guide and explore how these pre-built templates can revolutionize your online store!

Let’s get started!

What are InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes?

InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes are pre-built, customizable layouts designed specifically to work seamlessly with the Hyva Theme for Magento 2 stores. Unlike traditional Hyva theme development, which involves building a custom theme from scratch, these templates offer a faster and more accessible way to leverage the benefits of Hyva Themes:

  • Lightweight and fast-loading templates for improved performance.
  • Responsive design for optimal viewing across all devices.
  • Customizable to match brand identity.

These templates require minimal technical expertise to implement, thus making it a more cost-effective and budget-friendly solution than custom theme development. 

Let’s know more about its benefits in the next section.

Benefits of Using InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes 

InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes offer a compelling set of benefits for merchants seeking to establish their online presence swiftly and efficiently. 

Here are the major benefits of InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes:

1. Improved Performance and Speed

Improved Performance and Speed

InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes inherit the lightweight nature of Hyva themes, resulting in blazing-fast loading times. This results in a smoother user experience and increased engagement. But the outcomes don’t stop there. 

Faster loading times are also loved by search engines. This can give your store a significant SEO boost and push you up the search rankings where potential customers can easily find you.

2. Enhanced User Experience

These templates go beyond just speed; they prioritize “user experience”!

Each template features a responsive design so that your store looks flawless and functions flawlessly across all devices, from desktops to tablets and smartphones. This seamless experience keeps users engaged, no matter how they choose to shop. 

Additionally, the clean and modern store design inherent in these templates fosters trust and encourages the shoppers to come back repeatedly.

3. Simplified Customization

Simplified Customization

Are you concerned about your unique brand identity?? Relax… Relax… Here, it’s possible to infuse your brand identity with ease.

While they come equipped with beautiful and conversion-focused layouts, they also provide you with the flexibility to personalize them. So you can customize colors, fonts, and even layouts to match your brand statement. Thus, create a cohesive visual experience that resonates with your customers.

4. Advancements with Hyva-compatible Extensions

Do you think these templates may harm your progress? No, it’s not right.

The pre-built InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes are designed to seamlessly integrate with Hyva-compatible extensions. This opens the door to unlocking a vast array of functionalities and tailoring your Magento store to your exact needs. 

So, you can now continue dreaming of a truly unique and feature-rich online experience that sets you apart from the competition.

5. Reduced Development Time and Cost

Reduced Development Time and Cost

As you know, developing a custom Hyva theme from scratch is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Check out exactly how much time and cost is required to implement Hyva theme.

On the other hand, InstaBuild for Hyvä comes with a one-time investment of €499 (around $542). Also, with a pre-built foundation, you can save valuable time and development resources. 

This helps you with significant cost savings compared to custom development. Thus, make InstaBuild an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

6. Faster Time to Market

“Install in Minutes, Sell in Days” – this is what we claim with our InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes!

With a simple installation process, you can have your Magento store up and running in a matter of days, not months. This allows you to focus on what truly matters: your products, your brand, and connecting with your customers. 

So, you can start generating revenue faster than ever before and leave the technical hurdles behind.

These were some of the major advantages of having InstaBuild for Hyva Themes. 

The next section comes with a more clear picture of this. Let’s check it out!

InstaBuild Hyva Themes vs. Hyva Theme Development

Confused between the pre-built InstaBuild Hyva Themes and custom Hyva development??

Don’t worry, this section compares these two main approaches for building a storefront with Hyva. So, you can explore each of the possibilities and evaluate them based on your requirements.

Here is the detailed comparison table!

FeatureInstaBuild for Hyvä ThemesCustom Hyva Theme Development
CostMore affordable, typically one-time purchaseMore expensive due to development time and resources
Time to marketQuicker, templates can be implemented immediatelySlower, the development process takes lots of time
CustomizationLimited to colors and branding, but can be customized with the help of developersHighly customizable, tailored to specific needs and functionalities
Expertise RequiredRequires basic Hyva understandingRequires proficiency in Hyva development and frontend technologies
MaintenanceUpdates are handled by the template providerRequires ongoing maintenance and updates by the developer
PerformanceTemplates are generally optimized for speed and performancePerformance can be optimized to your specific needs
UniquenessStandardized designs, less uniqueHighly unique, reflects your brand identity
ScalabilityLimited scalability, may not adapt to future growthHighly scalable, can be adapted to accommodate growth
SupportSupport from the template provider may be limitedDedicated support from the developer or agency

On one side, we have InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes, the pre-built option with a variety of styles and functionalities. These templates are readily available, allowing you to quickly set up your store’s look and feel. 

However, customization options might be limited, similar to choosing pre-made clothing – they fit most, but might not be entirely unique to you.

InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes vs custom development

On the other side, you can find the custom Hyva theme development column. Here, skilled or experienced Hyva developers, craft bespoke themes tailored to your specific vision. This approach offers complete creative control, allowing you to build a one-of-a-kind storefront that perfectly reflects your brand and caters to your unique needs. 

However, just like commissioning a custom garment, this option requires more time and resources.

The final choice depends on your specific needs and priorities. If budget and speed are your primary concerns, InstaBuild Themes offer a compelling option. However, if you prioritize complete control, a unique brand experience, and long-term scalability, custom Hyva theme development might be the better investment.

Now, let’s give a look at the available InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes in the next section!

Best InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes for your Magento 2 Store

You must be looking for something that reflects your brand’s unique style, flatters your products, and enhances the overall shopping experience. 

And, here we’ll make sure you find the best InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes that ticks all the boxes. So, let’s explore all the templates one by one.

 1. Electro

Hyva InstaBuild Themes - Electro

Niche: Electronics 

Electro is the perfect choice to showcase your cutting-edge gadgets. Its clean lines, crisp visuals, and intuitive layout create a user-friendly experience for your tech-savvy customers.

Electro is a versatile theme that can be customized to fit your specific brand identity. Built-in filters allow customers to easily navigate through your extensive electronics collection, filtering by category, brand, price, or other relevant criteria.

It also allows you to highlight your latest deals, new arrivals, and special offers with eye-catching banners and sliders on the homepage and other key landing pages. This grabs attention and drives sales. 

View Demo Store

2. Kleren

Hyva InstaBuild Themes - Kleren

Niche: Fashion Store

Kleren, meaning “clothes” in Dutch!

This elegant and versatile theme allows you to showcase your apparel collections in style. Large product images, detailed product descriptions, and clean layouts allow your clothing to shine. Kleren also integrates seamlessly with popular Magento 2 extensions for size charts and product recommendations, further streamlining the shopping experience.

Whether you’re a trendy boutique or an established fashion brand, Kleren can help you create a captivating online shopping experience.

View Demo Store

3. Glow Up (Coming Soon)

Glow Up

Niche: Skincare Theme

Now it’s time to turn the spotlight on Glow Up, a theme specifically designed to elevate the visual presence of your skincare store.

This calming and sophisticated template features soft colors, high-quality product photography, and dedicated sections for highlighting ingredients, benefits, and customer reviews. Glow Up allows you to create a trustworthy and informative environment, that makes it easier for customers to discover the perfect products for their glowing journey.

This theme is ideal for brands offering premium skincare products, from established names to aspiring entrepreneurs.

4. Nutri Health (Coming Soon)

Hyva InstaBuild Themes - Nutri Health

Niche: Health & Wellbeing

This theme, perfect for stores offering health and wellness products, provides an informative design to showcase your offerings. 

The Nutri Health theme prioritizes clean lines and a light color palette that creates a sense of spaciousness that showcases your health products beautifully.  Large, high-resolution product images take center stage, allowing your customers to get a clear view of every ingredient and detail.

The theme’s design fosters a sense of trust, ideal for stores selling health-conscious products.

That’s it! Here, the list of the best InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes ends. 

Now the question-answer round comes next.

InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes FAQs 

Still, have some doubts?? Don’t worry, we’ll resolve them all.

1. Who are InstaBuild Hyvä Themes perfect for?

The answer? Anyone who wants a stunning, high-performing Magento store, and wants it fast and without breaking the bank.

Here’s a closer look at how InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes cater to different needs:

(1) For busy entrepreneurs who don’t have much time to develop the Hyva theme from scratch. These templates will get your store live 5 times faster than traditional Hyva implementation.

(2) For budget-conscious brands who crave high-performance design but at a lower cost. InstaBuild Themes is an affordable option that turns clicks into cash and boosts your ROI by 15%.

(3) For entrepreneurs who are not good at designing but looking for aesthetic storefronts. Each InstaBuild Theme is meticulously crafted with an artistic eye and backed by conversion-focused layouts and data-driven insights.

(4) For the tech-savvy visionary who dreams of feature advancements. These templates are built with flexibility and customization in mind. So, you can seamlessly integrate cutting-edge extensions and unlock advanced functionalities. 

(5) For conversion-driven entrepreneurs who count on every click, every scroll, and every interaction. The InstaBuild Themes come equipped with streamlined layouts, data-driven insights, and psychological triggers, all working in perfect harmony to transform visitors into customers. 

So, have you found a similar case study here? If yes, congratulations, you can reap all the benefits of the pre-built InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes. 

2. Are InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes customizable?

Yes, while they offer a pre-built design, InstaBuild Themes provides some level of customization. This typically involves options like:

  • Changing the color scheme
  • Uploading your logo and branding elements
  • Modifying fonts
  • Adjusting layouts to a certain extent

For unique customization in the InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes, you may need to hire Hyva developers.

3. How much do InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes cost?

Aureate Labs offers various InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes that cost you €499 (around $542) which is a one-time investment. However, you may require customization in the template, and for that additional cost can be there.

Note that, buying InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes doesn’t include the Hyva license fees.

4.  Are InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes easy to use?

Yes, the InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They come with intuitive interfaces and minimal technical knowledge is required for setup and customization. Also, they take a few minutes to get installed.

5.  Do InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes perform well?

Yes, InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes are built with the Hyva theme only so the speed and performance will remain the same. When it comes to store performance, there is no difference between the ready-made templates and custom build Hyva theme.

6.  What if I need a unique design that stands out?

While customization options exist, InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes inherently limit the level of design uniqueness achievable. If a completely one-of-a-kind storefront is crucial for your brand, custom Hyva theme development might be a better choice.

7. Do InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes work with all Hyva-compatible extensions?

Yes, InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes work with all Hyva-compatible extensions.

8. What if a InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes isn’t compatible with an extension I need?

If any Magento 2 extensions are not compatible with the Hyva theme, then they will also not be compatible with the pre-built InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes. In such cases, you can

  • Look for alternative extensions: Explore other extensions that offer similar functionality and are compatible with the Hyva theme.
  • Consider custom development: If a crucial extension is unavailable or incompatible, custom development might be necessary to integrate the desired functionality.

Contact Hyva experts or Magento experts who can help you deal with such situations.

9. Is it possible to switch from a InstaBuild for Hyvä Theme to a custom theme later?

Yes, migrating from a pre-built InstaBuild for Hyvä Theme to a custom Hyva theme is possible. However, it involves more development time and cost to implement a custom Hyva theme from scratch.

10.  What about updates for InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes?

We actively work on improving our InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes based on user feedback and industry trends. You can expect periodic updates that introduce new features, design improvements, and performance optimizations. We will announce and communicate whenever a new version is available for your InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes.

Hope you got most of your doubts clear here. Even if something remains unanswered, you can book a quick call and our expert team will love to answer all your questions.

Quick Summary!

So, we learned two different approaches to implementing the Hyva theme in your Magento 2 stores. Both have their pros and cons but both ensure the optimum performance and speed.

Before you consider “InstaBuild for Hyvä Themes” or “Custom Hyva theme development”, you should match your requirements well. In case you need to consult with someone who can help you choose the right path, you can contact us!

We are Official Magento and Hyva partners and can save you from unwanted suffering and delays in your Hyva implementation.

For more helpful resources, stay tuned!

Sagarika Das
Content Marketer (eComm. & SaaS)
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