10 Best Hyva Compatibility Extension Providers For Magento 2 Stores

Jan 3rd, 2023 9 min to read

Hyva theme may have been new, but it’s getting popular among developers and merchants for its eCommerce performance enhancement features, all at a lower cost than headless PWA.

But since it’s just the beginning, many Magento extensions are incompatible with Hyva. Businesses are still figuring out ways to develop compatibility between the Hyva theme and Magento extensions.

To address the Hyva compatibility issue, many third-party extension providers are working in tandem with Hyva. They are working towards a seamless integration experience for customers & developers. This article will cover 10 of these Hyva compatibility extension providers. 

Top 10 Best Hyva Compatibility Extensions Providers

Hyva Compatibility Extension Provider #1: Amasty

Amasty Logo

Amasty, founded in 2009, is an official partner of Adobe and is one of the best companies in offering Hyva compatibility extensions. It offers more than 300+ extensions of Magento and provides a wide range of Magento solutions and services to 100,000+ customers and partners worldwide. 

Amasty is also an official partner of Hyva and has almost 25 Hyva-compatible extensions published. They are working on 10+ extensions to make it compatible with Hyva. Here are some top extensions:

Hyva Compatibility Extension Provider #2: Mageworx

Mageworx logo

Located in the USA, Mageworx has been a well-known Magento extensions provider since 2008; it is pioneered in developing SEO extensions and provides affordable extensions for businesses of any size. Their team of 30 people is certified, professional and experts in providing quality extensions and solutions that help merchants succeed. 

As a Magento extension developer, Mageworx believes it is extremely important that their extensions are compatible with the Hyva theme. Therefore they have made their best extensions compatible with Hyva. Here is the list of extensions

Hyva Compatibility Extension Provider #3: BSS Commerce

BSS commerce logo

BSS Commerce has one of its offerings in Hyva compatibility extension services. Even with more than 40 compatible extensions, the company is continuously working to make each of its modules Hyva-compatible. 

It has been Adobe Bronze Solution as well as Hyva Partner since 2021. With more than 9+ years of experience in building Magento extensions and providing services to small, medium and Enterprise level businesses, it is the most reliable and efficient Magento solutions provider. 

This company is most active on the Hyva board and creates maximum issues on the board; here are some of their most popular Hyva-compatible extensions:

Hyva Compatibility Extension Provider #4: AheadWorks

aheadworks logo

AheadWorks is the child company of Rave Digital, a pioneer in Magento Development and a Magento Professional Solutions Partner. Rave Digital has headquarters in the USA, roofing over 50+ Certified Magento Developers and excellence in providing end-to-end eCommerce solutions for leading B2C brands and global merchants. 

They have created very few Hyva-compatible extensions, which are very useful and effective in running the eCommerce business. Here are some of them:

Hyva Compatibility Extension Provider #5: MageComp

Magecomp logo

Magecomp was established in 2014 and is now one of the leading Magento extensions and services providers. Their team strength has certified Magento developers who provide traditional and customised Magento solutions and deliver the projects on time per the client’s business requirements. The best part of this company is they provide one year of free upgrades and free support for all their extensions and projects. 

They have the highest number of open issues listed on the Hyva board, which means they are making most of their extensions Hyva compatible and few of them are made compatible with Hyva.

In addition, they have almost 45+ extensions that are Hyva-compatible out of the box.

Below are a few compatible extensions. 

Hyva Compatibility Extension Provider #6: Mirasvit

mirasvit logo

Mirasvit is considered one the top Magento extension providers, with 14 years of professional experience in building ready-to-use modules for the Magento platform. 

They provide quality products and can come up with the best solutions for the challenges faced by the merchants, which are also cost-effective. 

Mirasvit has around 15 Hyva-compatible extensions, and that few of them are listed below.

Hyva Compatibility Extension Provider #7: WebKul

webkul logo

Webkul is a 2010-based diversified company that provides extensions for many open-source eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Woo commerce, Opencart, etc. 

It has developed the highest number of extensions in Magento, and they are hunting to create more. Most popular amongst customers across the globe, WebKul takes pride in offering end-to-end solutions and excellent customer service. 

Regarding Hyva-compatible extensions, Webkul has very few compatible extensions compared to the number of extensions they have. Though, what they have as their compatible extensions are very effective. Here is the list of them:

Hyva Compatibility Extension Provider #8: MagePlaza

Mageplaza logo

Mageplaza offers a wide range of feature-rich and high-quality Magento 2 extensions for merchants and developers. They have over 220+ extensions for the latest Magento 2 version. 

They strongly emphasise providing the best and most innovative product features and outstanding technical support. Hence they are recognised as the most popular extension provider amongst merchants of all sizes of businesses. 

As they wanted to keep up with the latest themes, they have built some Hyva-compatible extensions, as mentioned below: 

Hyva Compatibility Extension Provider #9: RedChamps

redchamp logo

RedChamps is known for providing innovative and scalable solutions for Magento store merchants. They have developed several Magento extensions and provide the best services to merchants to help them achieve their eCommerce business goals and requirements.  

This company has 25 Hyva-compatible extensions published on the Hyva board, and they don’t stop here. They are continuously working on creating more feature-ladened extensions. Below are the top extensions they provide: 

Hyva Compatibility Extension Provider #10: MageFan

Magefan logo

An eCommerce agency from Ukraine that started developing Magento 2 extensions in 2015 and has provided many cost-effective and feature-rich solutions. 

Their Magento extensions have been used and downloaded by more than 100K customers since the beginning till now. They strive to provide the best extensions to their customers despite the challenges they have faced in the last few years. 

Below are some of the Hyva-compatible extensions: 

Custom Hyva Theme Extension Compatibility

As we mentioned. One way to go about compatibility is to wait for your extension providers to create compatible extensions for your store. But that would lead to uncertainty and may make you wait until they deliver.

The second way is to hire an agency that can help you with custom hyva theme extension compatibility. Don’t worry if the extension of your Magento store is not listed in the above list. You don’t need to remove incompatible plugins with Hyvä. We are one of those agencies that make extensions compatible for your Hyva store.

You will get Hyva development, integration & maintenance support, all under one roof, Hyva theme service.  Feel free to contact our experts to get started today.


Here are some Hyva compatibility extensions questions & answers:

What are Hyva compatibility extensions?

Hyva compatibility extensions are the Magento extensions that are made keeping Hyva themes in mind, or if they’re not compatible, they are turned compatible to work with Hyva themes. 

What are Hyva compatibility extension providers?

Hyva compatibility extension providers are the companies that offer Hyva-compatible extension solutions for Hyva-based stores to take advantage of Magento extensions on Magento 2.

Why do you need Hyva compatibility extensions?

As more and more merchants look forward to having a Hyva frontend theme, there’s a desperate need to have all the extension support as they did on Luma or Blank theme. But since the technology stack is new for Hyva, not all extensions are compatible with the theme.

So what do you do? Remove all the extension features that don’t s support Hyva? No! You either

  • wait for Hyva-compatible extensions developed by extension providers, or
  • hire agencies that can bring incompatible Luma code into Hyva-compatible code as and when you need

All the incompatibility is at the frontend level, where the Hyva theme replaces Luma. The backend-related modules are compatible with Hyva as they are built on the Magento Open Source platform. 

Generally, Magento Stores uses/installs more or less similar kinds of extensions; it makes sense to share compatibility extensions than spending time over and again to make them compatible.

How to check whether the extension is compatible with the Hyva theme?

A Compatibility Module Tracker board is available to check whether the extension is compatible with the Hyva theme. Board is divided into six labels, each representing the status of the extension. Labels are as below:

Open: Extensions in open status means it is yet to be made compatible. 

Accepted: This means extensions are accepted to make it compatible.

In Progress: Extensions on which developers are working to make it compatible. 

Published: Extensions that are made available to use. 

Compatible: Extensions that are fully compatible with Hyva and can be used. 

Closed: Some extensions might be duplicates, or there is an alternative solution for that extension. 

Based on the statuses above, one can find compatible extensions per their requirements. 


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