Summing-Up Meet Magento India 2020

Feb 4th, 2020 7 min to read

Meet Magento is an annual conference held in different parts of the world. For many countries like India, this event is the biggest conference for Magento experts, developers, eCommerce business owners and merchants.

With the flying success of last two years of Meet Magento, this years event was organized by Team Wagento and the venue was ‘The Leela Mumbai’ in the dream city of India.

  • There were 25 proficient speakers, experts from different eCommerce fields.
  • More than 600 enthusiast attendees.
  • 20 Interesting Sessions.

Like us, all the attendees were excited for the day. So without further ado, let’s start unfolding the wonderful day.

Meet Magento India 2020, Mumbai

By 9:15, the registrations were almost done and welcome Remarks was given by Brent and Vijay.

Attendees were so excited to mee the likes of Ben Marks, Vinai Kopp, and Saurabh Rajpal. They were taking selfies with their gurus.

Sathish Vaidyanathan

The first keynote was taken by Sathish Vaidyanathan from Paypal India. As per Sathish “Checkout conversion is most important in the customer journey”. There were many eye-openers for most of us and great learning.

Cheliyan Pancras

Cheliyan Pancras took the second keynote of the day. He covered the efficient operation of multi-source inventory and page builder.

After the gripping session from Cheliyan, breakfast was taken. All thanks to
Codilar Team for sponsoring tasteful breakfast.


After breakfast, the event progressed in two different Tracks simultaneously. They were: Technical Track and Business Track.

Panel Discussion:

Excellent panel discussion hosted by Miguel Balparda. Arun Bansal, Shehzad Karkhanawala, and Pradip Shah had so many insights to share with the audience.


Around 12:45 PM, we had our Lunch. Again thanks to Netsmartz team for sponsoring the lunch.

Ravi Trivedi

Our second team attended Ravi Trivedi‘s amazing session where he covered ‘Best Practices of Web Push Notifications’. The hall was full and attendees were very much involved in the session. As per Ravi web push notifications help better in case of cart abandonment, browse abandonment and price alert

Now we attended Sailatha Karthikeyan’s technical session where he covered ‘B2B Trends and Silent Commerce’.

Sahil Chugh

This session was enlighting for many business owners and online merchants. Sahil covered the most important thing on the internet, the Security.

Vinai Kopp

After our last session, we attended Vinai Kopp’s session. Just to let you know, we were waiting for this session from last month. Vinai covered interesting but critical topic ‘Testing Framework’. I’ll agree that the session was quite heavy for me. The way he covered the topic and was explaining with examples, it was fascinating.

Saurabh Rajpal

Saurabh Rajpal covered the important keynote, ‘AMP For Emails in eCommerce’. As a marketing person, this session was very much for me. Learned many new ways to optimize the campaign and achieve the KPIs.

Ben Marks

Adobe’s Magento Evangelist & Magento Association Board Member Ben Marks took the final keynote of the day.

Oh, Come-On. We were waiting for this keynote from the time we arrived.
Days best keynote as per my understanding was from none other than Ben Marks.

There were few enthusiasts who took great learning from the event and from speakers.

No Need to Comment! We know the excitement to meet the likes of Ben Marks.

Networking Drinks

The day was not over yet. There was a networking drink after all the healthy sessions and keynotes. The Networking Drink was sponsored by Shogun Team. All the attendees enjoyed the drink and had chats with speakers and with other attendees.

Overall it was a great a day of learning and meeting with industry friends. All thanks to speakers and sponsors., now looking forward to next years event, till then bye take care.

Signing off with this blog, see you all at #MM21IN

Chandni Desai
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