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Mar 24th, 2018 6 min to read

As a well-known agency for eCommerce development on Magento platform with years of experience, we have had a wide range of projects in terms of complexity, industry and customer’s business. Throughout the years, there has been one thing that has been confusing companies  — a genuine absence of project planning and vision for the future advancement of the project.

This phenomenon can be likewise seen outside the online businesses — just consider what number of new businesses have an awesome thought, had a good measure of money, yet wind up their business at some point of time. The reasons can be endless and you never comprehend what may turn out bad. The common situation in the web-based business world would include a customer who has concentrated his strategy for success primarily by creating an online shop or online platform, without sufficiently considering proper planning.

Trying to prepare and keep things in check can easily turn into a mess, especially when you’re working with a company lacking in planning. But rest assured, We have a clear-cut strategy for handling your projects to avoid falling behind schedule, as well as recognizing bottlenecks.

Lay the groundwork

Our first and foremost goal is to set up a meeting with the client to gather all the information we need, as exhaustive as it can be so that we can prepare ourselves on how to quote the project correctly and how to prepare ourselves and the resources for what is coming ahead.

We make our clients understand how their store is going to be set up, what we will be doing and what they will get after the process is done as a part of our initial preparations. In the end, all we do is ask questions as gathering information is the primary step and so making inquiries here is an absolute necessity. It is constantly better to make these inquiries toward the start to prepare ourselves for the project.

Your business information

What does your business actually do is our major concern? This is a pretty good thing to start the planning with. Getting a really thorough understanding as to who you are, what you do and how long your business has been around will often help us to build and design a store in a way that is most beneficial for your success. After all, we need to know exactly what you do before we start working on your site.

In addition, we do a little research too about your business and the prevailing competition to build a website that fits into your business plan. Even the slightest confusion regarding your company information can screw up your design even before we start.


On the off chance that you are planning to get your first eCommerce site built, at that point, the possibility of picking features for your site may overwhelm. We have ample of features to add to your store as we offer Magento development to build your
eCommerce stores. Magento open source will allow us to customize the design and functionality to meet your requirements. In case you are looking forward to redesigning your existing site, we will have to look upon if the features on your current site will be a part of your Magento development or not. After all, great features come with a higher price tag and your budget will always be our first consideration.


As a business, you would want to integrate various systems or might already have several frameworks set up on your existing websites like one for payment and shipping. When you are choosing us to build your eCommerce store we make sure to integrate all the external systems possible to automate your business processes. Consistently incorporating external systems with your eCommerce store will enable data to end up being more centralized thereby empowering the smooth operation of your business.

Payment and shipment providers

The selection of payment and shipment provider is crucial because they could have a large influence on your site loyalty, costs, and bottom-line performance. Magento, a platform that we use to build your store offers a lot of options for payment and shipping vendors and it is a decision that we leave it to you that you need to take keeping in mind your business limitations.


Ah money, its a subject that matters to both, you as well as us. When it comes to eCommerce development, budget dictates everything. To build a solution for you that suit all your business needs largely depends on the price. We can let you know whether a budget is sensible for what you’re aiming to achieve. In the event that you have a tight budget, we will prioritize the features, and ensure that the important ones are done first before your budget is exhausted.


The timeframe of the project is crucial, yet what is more important is the time, we and you commit to the site development process to make the project a big success. The timeframe of the project majorly depends on two factors, one that gives rise to an error during the development phase and the other is from your side. There are chances that the client may change their mind midway of the project related to either the design or the module. Depending on what changes you want we may greatly impact the timeframe as well as the budget of the project. If you opt for an agency like ours and our dynamic team for your eCommerce development you can rest assured as we will be able to handle more of the workload freeing up more of your time.

After All,

After all the information that we have now, we can give a thumbs up to our team to initiate your eCommerce development.

Selecting the right eCommerce developer for your business is crucial, but what’s more important is to find an agency that will take out time and put in efforts to evaluate what you need from the very beginning.

Get in touch to see how we can help you with your upcoming projects!

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