Meet Magento Master 2019 – Vishal Gelani

Feb 7th, 2019 3 min to read

Vishal Gelani (VG) by person is a generous, friendly and most important he is level down to earth always. On another hand, VG has a dynamic professional experience with Magento and he is holding an active profile as Top Solution Author in Magento Forum and Top Contributor in Magento Communities.

His vision is completely clear about Magento & it’s logical development. He is among the youngest Magento Master Mentor in the world and that matters like a true inspiration and personality to follow.

Journey in his own words

Vishal: I started working with Magento during my college days and I’m truly dedicated to codes – that’s my passion. I had learned Magento by myself at the beginning. In early Magento community or forum was not that open or advanced it was like a narrow pipe to pass the elephant. But I even took that as a challenge to make it easy to understand for other Magento members. It’s been a decade now that I’m involved with Magento and its core logic.

Fortunately, I had a circle who were all Magento learners and this also made my interest and I started indulging more with Magento. It always said you need gurus, those who guide you to move in the right direction and luckily I followed some and took their words, which includes some of my mentors who were like the fellow, they helped me a lot in learning and my achievements are due to their support too. I always believe in tackling the difficulties during the development stage and sometimes it drives me more curious to get it done. So either hard or easy my love for Magento remains the same.

Meet Magento India 2018 – A Marvelous Throwback

Vishal: I used to follow many Magento events across the world but in 2018 my stars shined with Meet Magento event which was going to held in India for the first time that too just 259kms from my city Surat and I definitely got the groove to attend this opportunity.

My words to express the experience would short-fall, as I was visioning a wholesome dream in reality. Great personalities on stage and their stories that have motivated me a lot and can say my dedication took one more step. I personally met many big Magento names and some creative guys while networking. I personally thank Piyush Lathiya for considering me eligible for that experience and it’s been a great pleasure to be a part of such working family.

Thoughts on Magento Community

Vishal said that the Magento community, firstly started as part of sharing but later it became serious interest as day by day his involvement was increasing. It changed the manner in which he used to see innovation when all is said in done. It used to pull demands and introduction everywhere throughout the world and the various exercise from the Magento community. According to him, everyone can see the genuine improvement that all made together and the things that were achieved when all cooperate as a gathering.

Vishal added: I’m amped up for what is coming straightaway, what we can design, and what we can achieve together with the Magento community.

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