How to move telephone field in Checkout for Magento 2 sites?

In this post, I will be guiding you on how to move one of the shipping address fields in the checkout

Let's do it

In your module root directory

You will have to create/update the di.xml file in frontend directory of your module:

<type name="Magento\Checkout\Block\Onepage">
       <argument name="layoutProcessors" xsi:type="array">
           <item name="phoneNumberFieldChange" xsi:type="object">Aureatelabs\CheckoutDemo\Block\Checkout\LayoutProcessor</item>

Then create a LayoutProcessor class using below contents

Path for the class: app/code/Aureatelabs/CheckoutDemo/Block/Checkout/LayoutProcessor.php


namespace Aureatelabs\CheckoutDemo\Block\Checkout;

class LayoutProcessor implements \Magento\Checkout\Block\Checkout\LayoutProcessorInterface
   public function process($jsLayout)
       // print_r($jsLayout) // for debug purpose
       $customAttributeCode = 'custom_field';
       $customField = [
           'component' => 'Magento_Ui/js/form/element/abstract',
           'config' => [
               // customScope is used to group elements within a single form (e.g. they can be validated separately)
               'customScope' => 'shippingAddress.custom_attributes',
               'customEntry' => null,
               'template' => 'ui/form/field',
               'elementTmpl' => 'ui/form/element/input',
               'tooltip' => [
                   'description' => 'this is what the field is for',
           'dataScope' => 'shippingAddress.custom_attributes' . '.' . $customAttributeCode,
           'label' => 'Custom Attribute',
           'provider' => 'checkoutProvider',
           'sortOrder' => 15,
           'validation' => [
               'required-entry' => true
           'options' => [],
           'filterBy' => null,
           'customEntry' => null,
           'visible' => true,
           'value' => '' // value field is used to set a default value of the attribute
       $jsLayout['components']['checkout']['children']['steps']['children']['shipping-step']['children']['shippingAddress']['children']['shipping-address-fieldset']['children'][$customAttributeCode] = $customField;
       if (isset($jsLayout['components']['checkout']['children']['steps']['children']['shipping-step']           ['children']['shippingAddress']['children']['shipping-address-fieldset']['children']['telephone'])) {           $jsLayout['components']['checkout']['children']['steps']['children']['shipping-step']           ['children']['shippingAddress']['children']['shipping-address-fieldset']['children']['telephone']['sortOrder'] = 1;
       return $jsLayout;

After the module is updated with the above files then you must clear Magento cache obviously to update the di.xml

Now visit the checkout page and you will see 2 fields are added to the checkout page


Let’s check the screenshot of both default and IWD checkout first:

Default Magento 2 Checkout

IWD checkout


  1. Will it be compatible with Third-party Checkout extensions?
    • Yes, I have tested on IWD checkout, firecheckout
  2. Will it be compatible with the any Magento 2 version?
    • Yes

Advantages of this approach:

  1. No need to override base checkout_index_index.xml in theme/module
  2. No need to worry about third-party checkout extensions
  3. No to flush Magento cache once setup
  4. You can design Checkout page in less time

Must have skills to customize checkout page

  1. PHP - array functions
  2. XML - di.xml
  3. Knockout Js - to understand core component js
  4. Worked on CustomerData, UiRegistry, etc. core components used on checkout page of Magento 2
  5. Use chrome KnockoutJs plugin to identify the Js used for a particular element:

Thank you.

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