Apply 10 Sassy “Get To Know Your Customer Day” Tips For Your Online Business

Apr 15th, 2020 11 min to read

Remember, those businesses done two decades ago on the main streets where everybody knew everybody— when you knew your customers by their names when you had the idea about their buying behaviours?

Today, with the emergence of the internet and online eCommerce— much of the focus on personalized interaction has deviated as we look to target a broader audience group.

So, we are eventually in a situation where “our customers know us, but we don’t give a hoot in hell about them.”

With a low-resolution approach— it seems right that instead of knowing them— “why don’t we buy our time in creating an A-rated service.”

But in actuality, it’s a terrible idea to put your customers on the wayside while you find yourself busy with other stuff— and I mean it because to please them, you need to think like them and when you think like these patrons— your business is safeguarded.

To make this happen, we celebrate “Get To Know Your Customers Day” each year on the third Thursday of January, April, July, and October.

The idea of celebrating this day is to dedicate at least four days to our customers if not more in the entire year, and needless to say, it comes with personalized dialogues with them.

If you own an eCommerce store— checkout these actionable tips which are super-easy to implement and justify the upcoming “Get To Know Your Customers Day” on 16th of April world-wide.

1. Understand the logic of customer experience

Before you dive into reaching your customers for understanding them better— make sure that you do your home-work correctly.

Try to walk on their shoes and make out the patterns of customer experience that you offer them.

If your business is reaching through different channels— you may be offering a series of varying customer-experience.

Whether it’s through e-Commerce portal or social media, direct mail or trade show— the variety in the channel and interaction changes the customer-experience.

You need to analyze and touch each one of them to find out at which point your business went boring for them.

So, home-work from the customer’s point of view will equip you with greater insight into their troubles and let you make up to them on “Get To Know Your Customers Day” with much more confidence and audacity.

Here’s how Adobe acknowledged one of the issues and let customers know that they were working on it.

2. Let customers pour-in their opinions

Some like to keep it to them— some bluntly desert you and pick your competitor(s).

Honestly, most customers aren’t interested in giving their opinions on your business or service.

But you can’t stop trying it because that’s the ultimate objective of “Get To Know Your Customers Day,” i.e., to drive them to give their valuable feedback on your offerings.

Instead of speculating what’s working for your customers— why don’t we just ask them by flooring surveys that give us the actionable roadmap for modifying our business to better?

As it’s said “a vocal customer is the most valuable customer,” it’s time when you make them drop their reviews and opinions on your brand.

By orchestrating open or close-ended questionnaires or surveys— you can have a robust set of data that can be pruned down and applied to your business operations.

And yes— don’t forget to reward your customers for filling the survey.

Data is a resource— at least that’s what most customers think. So, you should be able to invite them to pour-in their feedback.

Take a look at how Netflix tries to create a friendly surveying environment.

3. Bring real-time tools into picture

As the interpersonal conversation is almost dead in the eCommerce industry— trying to arrange it, by hook or crook, can bridge the gap between customer and business.

Your customers, especially the new ones, have a lot of doubts while they try to complete the purchase cycle.

A little help in the sales funnel will ensure that we don’t really need a special day like “Get To Know Your Customers Day” that’s dedicated to the customers.

Didn’t get it?

When you provide chatting/texting or bot features in the store apart from product updates on the smartphones and emails— you wouldn’t really need “four days to celebrate” because you’ve been doing that for 365 days a year.

The definition of a real-time tool is that “you are interested in knowing your client every day of the year.”

So, why celebrate a special day when real-time tools will let you send promotions, help educate the customers about the brand, and arrange virtual catch-ups every day?

If your store isn’t integrated with such a tool— try to get one this “Get To Know Your Customers Day” so that you drop-ship the right brand-image on the right-day.

Cheers to one of the millions of eCommerces (Nikon here) that addresses real-time issues by connecting with people.

4. Create customer-archetypes and profiles

Again, creating customer-archetypes and profiles is the back-end home-work that needs proper attention and understanding of customer behaviour— probably reliable segmentation techniques.

Knowing their preferences— likes and dislikes— is the first step towards understanding them.

Yes, it’s true that online customers barely take an interest in leaving personal details like their preferred social media platforms, preferred shopping category, etc.

However, you can always use smart and engaging gamified cultures that will create a path for more customer-data so that you can generate personalized content and meet the specific needs of them.

So, this “Get To Know Your Customers Day,” try to make every possible effort to track down the “likes and dislikes” of your customers because that will be helpful in interest-targeting.

Here’s how Tim Hortons gamifies its store to attract more leads and customers’ participation.

5. Have room for emotions during the interaction

We don’t need dead interactions with customers on “Get To Know Your Customers Day.”

The idea of celebrating the day is to have engaging dialogues with customers that reach them emotionally.

However, while you are reaching them— ask yourself— is your reach enhancing and adding value to their lives?

The mechanization of eCommerce has shrunk the “human factors”, and every transaction and conversation seems to be more robotic and less humane.

By introducing an “emotional quotient” in every interaction you make— you leave a strong message that your customers aren’t dealing with machines but humans who have keen ears for listening to their grievances and thoughts.

Zappos has been one of the best eCommerce portals that’s known for its customer-services. In one of the grieving events where a customer lost someone couldn’t return the product on time. Zappos used this as an opportunity to arrange a pick-up and also presented the bouquet as a token of condolences.

6. Give a sneak-previews of problem-solving products

What’s better than launching a problem-solving product and service on the “Get To Know Your Customers Day?”

There are always some products and services that change the course of how businesses are done, and how customers are really benefited.

You can use four days in a year to announce your go-to products that will change or improve the lives of your customers.

If you don’t have a problem-solving product for the customer— you can share path-breaking changes in your business-operations that will affect the customers in the long run.

By sharing the internal operations of the business— the customers will be more familiar with the way you conduct your business, thereby becoming an integral part of your business-familia.

Amazon launched the-state-of-the-art 10,000 e-Rickshaws for environment-friendly delivery in India. The slight change in the business operations garnered a huge amount of attention on social media.

7. Make customers the spotlight

Not all customers are equal.

Some are real achievers who not only give you business but also recommend constructive feedback that helps shopping-experience.

By highlighting these achievers, rewarding them for their loyal opinion, and spotlighting the accolades will make “Get To Know Your Customers Day” more fruitful.

Highlighting the opinions of these customers and altering your operations to meet their expectations shape a significant brand-image.

That ultimately strengthens your relationship with customers and throws a strong statement that “you are always on your toes” to make things work out between you and them.

SurveySparrow Surveying app shows its customers on the “Wall of Love” which comes out as a great token of respect.

8. Share your business story

Your customers are not only customers— they are business owners in their domain too.

You don’t have to be too gooey only about how customers made your brand— you also need to showcase your hard work and mistakes that you have made throughout the course of eCommerce setup and execution.

Moreover, by displaying how your brand evolved concerning the demands of the customer and how you overcame challenges will usher them in a personal space of your business.

You want to make them feel a revolutionary part of your brand— the silent members who, with the help of your business comprehension, have led to the success of your online business.

By giving them the tidbit of what it is to own a business— you indirectly motivate these customers to apply these “rules of success” in their business domain.

So, it’s not just “Get To Know Your Customers Day” but “Get To Make Customers Know Their Importance Day” in building your empire.

9. Show gratefulness! Everywhere!

The fact that you are celebrating “Get To Know Your Customers Day” itself says how much customers mean to you.

A little gratitude on all the mediums where you interact with the customers is the best way to reach their hearts.

It’s time to execute the saying “the path to the customer’s heart is acknowledging their participation.”

Make changes on the landing page of your website that shows gratefulness to all the customers who made your business a live-wire.

Maybe a giant thanking billboard or banner will catch their attention and build an emotional link.

Thank you mail and creatives on social media also do worlds of good to your brand when it comes to acknowledging customer’s participation.

Matthews Effects— like many other brands— never misses a chance to thank its customers through email, phone, and even website.

10. Know how customers incorporate your products

Sometimes, due to the tunnel vision, you can’t think of multiple-purposes of your product.

But customers are really creative.

They can use a single product in a variety of ways, and that accounts for rewards.

By arranging customer contests and asking them to describe how “uniquely” they use your products in daily life will give you “bright prospects” of your product.

You can highlight those “key incorporation” as the feature of your product/service and make it look more attractive and conversion-prone.

You can quickly learn more about your product and its creative features on “Get To Know Your Customers Day” by jumping into the customer purview.

Again, reward these customers because their creativity can mean lots of business for you.

Nestle Maggi launched a very famous campaign “Meri Maggi Moment” that invited maggi users to recite their stories and how maggi has saved them in extreme crisis. It successfully jolted different emotions with different stories.

Note: These examples may or may not belong to “Get To Know Your Customers Day”. However, you can use these tips to make your brand engaging on this special day.

Wrapping up the day…

“Get To Know Your Customers Day” is really-really a subjective occasion and tests your creativity.

There are hundreds and thousands of ways to get in touch with your customers— but you should unleash the most creative ones so that the customer-interaction feels seamless and not a drag.

Of course, you need to travel an extra mile to celebrate this day because it demands you to be customer-centric throughout the day, but that doesn’t permit you to go loose on the other days of the year.

Out of thousands of micro-decisions that you try to alter on this day— if you are simply working on two or three of them every day— its cumulative effect will get you happy clients that keep your business thriving.

Your genuine care is the home to these customers who will turn into your brand-advocates if done right.

So, what are you doing this “Get To Know Your Customers Day” to get your customer attention?

Chandni Desai
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