Aureate Partners with GoKwik to Drive Conversion Growth

Apr 22nd, 2024 11 min to read

Higher abandonment, lower conversion, checkout issues, and more — Are you complaining about the same?? 

Many ecommerce merchants pour their heart and soul into their online stores but struggle to identify hidden conversion killers.  They’re unable to find something that is not working right. Do you know, there’s a secret nobody tells you?

Here it is — Achieving high conversions isn’t magic. It’s a strategic approach that focuses on: 

  • streamlining the customer journey, 
  • building trust, and 
  • offering solutions that make life easier for your shoppers.

And, to help you with this strategic approach we partnered with “GoKwik”, a powerful platform offering a suite of innovative solutions designed to supercharge your eCommerce conversions. 

We knew you wanted this for a long, but didn’t know how to get there. Now, as a GoKwik Official Partner, we’re equipped with the tools and expertise to help you boost your conversion rate and increase your sales.

Let’s know more about it and how we can help you.

Why We Chose GoKwik?

Every eCommerce business owner dreams of a frictionless customer journey that converts clicks into sales. 

But the reality often involves roadblocks like abandoned carts, high return-to-order rates, and a checkout process that feels like an obstacle course. These challenges not only frustrate customers but also eat away at your bottom line.

As an eCommerce development company, we’ve witnessed the industry and its challenges for a decade. We always wanted to provide the brands with an effective yet reasonable solution (compared to Headless commerce development) to remove these roadblocks. 

And then we found GoKwik, the perfect solution we could ever have!


GoKwik is well-known for building eCommerce enablement solutions and leaving a long-lasting impact on eCommerce.

Let’s see how the solutions by GoKwik are helpful for you.

1. KwikCheckout

One of the biggest hurdles online stores face is cart abandonment. Shoppers fill their carts with goodies, then vanish at checkout. This innovative solution streamlines the checkout process, that eliminates unnecessary steps and friction points. 

With KwikCheckout features like guest checkout and one-click checkout, your customers can breeze through checkout in seconds. This leads to a significantly improved user experience and reduced cart abandonment rates.


Here’s how KwikCheckout tackles common pain points and empowers your business:

Quick Verification

GoKwik’s one-click checkout offers multiple login options, including mobile login, WhatsApp login, Single Sign On (SSO) Login, and Truecaller login, so customers can checkout in seconds. 

Shoppers can simply enter their phone number for a one-time password (OTP) or use popular services like WhatsApp or Truecaller for verification. No more remembering usernames and passwords!

Smart Address Pre-fill and Management

GoKwik’s intelligent system pre-fill addresses for returning customers and offers easy editing or addition for new users. Plus, it suggests the top two addresses for a faster checkout. This eliminates tedious typing and reduces errors, which offers a smoother experience.

Easy Discount Configuration

Discounts are a powerful sales tool, but a confusing application process can backfire. GoKwik seamlessly integrates with your store’s discounts, displaying them clearly at checkout. GoKwik even handles gift vouchers, membership discounts, and prepaid payment offers, ensuring a smooth experience for all discount types.

Customers see all available discounts clearly displayed and can easily apply them during checkout. This transparency builds trust and reduces cart abandonment due to confusion.

Efficient Payment Engine with Partial COD

Offering multiple payment methods can add more convenience, but managing them all can be very difficult. Let’s talk about the solution now!

GoKwik provides a comprehensive payment page with all the popular options, including UPI, credit cards, digital wallets, net banking, EMI, and COD. For high-value items (or products with high shipping costs), GoKwik’s innovative Partial COD  allows customers to pay a portion upfront with a digital method. This reduces the risk of returns.

This is the feature why one of our clients fell for GoKwik! 😍

Streamlined Shipping

GoKwik integrates seamlessly with your existing shipping options and presents them clearly to your customers. You can even customize shipping information with additional details to avoid any confusion. Additionally, GoKwik’s GST validation service ensures accurate invoices and saves you time and hassle.

Exit Questionnaire

GoKwik also helps you understand why shoppers abandon their carts. The exit questionnaire gathers valuable customer feedback. This data allows you to identify and address pain points, thus, ultimately reducing cart abandonment and boosting conversions.

These are just a few of the ways GoKwik’s one-click checkout solution can transform your online store. GoKwik is adaptable across platforms and offers a consistent experience whether you’re on Shopify, WooCommerce, or a custom platform. 

Plus, their focus on security helps minimize return-to-origin issues often associated with COD orders.

2. Smart COD Suite

Cash on Delivery (COD) is a popular payment method in India, but for the merchants, it’s a true pain. While it attracts customers who prefer not to pay upfront, it also leads to Return To Origin (RTO) headaches – orders that get canceled or returned upon delivery. This means lost sales and wasted resources.

That’s why we specifically chose GoKwik for our Indian e-commerce clients! 

GoKwik’s Smart COD Suite tackles this challenge by providing features like order verification and fraud prevention. This ultimately leads to reduced returns and improved profitability for your business.

Here’s how GoKwik’s Smart COD Suite helps our clients win:

Eliminate Risky CODs

What if you have a crystal ball that predicts order cancellations?? GoKwik does the same for you.

GoKwik analyzes shopper behavior, purchase history, and even location data to identify customers with a high chance of canceling. For high-risk shoppers, you can introduce COD confirmation steps or offer them alternative payment options, to discourage these orders and minimize RTOs.

Smart COD Suite

This way, by strategically managing COD orders, you save on costs associated with processing and returning undelivered packages.

Target the Right COD Audience

Not all customers who prefer COD are high-risk. The Smart COD Suite helps you identify shoppers who genuinely prefer COD as a payment method. 

Based on the analysis, Smart COD Suite identifies low-risk zones with a history of successful COD deliveries. This allows businesses to tailor their marketing and offers to this specific audience. You can then confidently offer COD in these areas without worrying about high return rates.

Keep COD Profitable

GoKwik understands the importance of COD for many Indian customers. But, offering COD shouldn’t hurt your bottom line. So, the Smart COD Suite doesn’t eliminate COD; it helps you offer it strategically. 

The suite uses gentle nudges, like reminding customers about order confirmation, to encourage responsible purchases and reduce cancellations.

The suite starts with gentle nudges, like COD Captchas, to discourage casual shoppers and filter out fake orders. As you gain confidence, it suggests implementing stricter measures like COD fees or blocking COD for high-risk shoppers.

Boost Overall Sales (GMV)

By minimizing RTOs and ensuring successful deliveries, GoKwik’s Smart COD Suite directly contributes to a higher Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) for eCommerce brands. This means increased revenue and a healthier bottom line.

Unlock COD Pan-India

Expanding COD service across India can be difficult. GoKwik simplifies this process! 

Its risk assessment tools help identify low-risk areas and product categories where COD can be safely offered. This allows merchants to gradually expand their COD reach while keeping RTOs in check.

This is how GoKwik’s Smart COD Suite leverages AI and data science to empower you to offer COD safely and strategically.

3. KwikChat

KwikChat leverages the power of WhatsApp, the most popular communication platform in many regions.

GoKwik’s KwikChat

GoKwik’s powerful WhatsApp integration tool bridges the gap between you and your customers. This solution offers real-time support, personalized interactions, and increased customer engagement, which leads to higher conversion rates and brand loyalty.

Here’s how Kwik Chat tackles common e-commerce problems with its amazing features:

Missed Sales and Repeat Customers

With WhatsApp offering a 98% open rate and replies coming in under a minute, KwikChat lets you reconnect with those abandoned carts. 

You can send personalized messages with abandoned cart reminders, exclusive offers, or even new product recommendations that pique their interest and nudge them back to complete their purchase.

Keeping Customers Engaged

Kwik Chat allows you to create targeted campaigns and share updates with your customers. 

You can send visually appealing content, informative videos, or short write-ups directly to their WhatsApp. This not only keeps them engaged with your brand but also educates them about new products and offers, increasing the chances of a repeat purchase.

Products Back-in-stock Reminders

Ever had a customer interested in a product that’s out of stock? 

Kwik Chat lets you send personalized back-in-stock reminders directly to their WhatsApp. This way, you can win them back to your store when the product is available again, capitalizing on their initial interest.

Festival Season Rush and Missed Opportunities

With Kwik Chat, you can leverage the festive season rush! 

Send out targeted messages with discount offers a few days before festivals. This ensures your customers are aware of your deals and are likely to visit your store amidst the festive shopping frenzy.

Customer Feedback 

Gathering valuable customer feedback is essential for improving your offerings and driving sales. Kwik Chat simplifies this process by allowing you to collect feedback right after product delivery via WhatsApp. 

But it goes a step further! You can use this feedback to personalize future offers, showcasing that you take customer opinion seriously. This builds trust and loyalty, making them more likely to return.

You must be amazed by the offerings, don’t you? We were amazed too when we met these innovative tools for the first time.

Wondering how to integrate these GoKwik tools with your online store???

The Good news is — we can help you to implement them.

See how in the next section!

How We Can Help Ecommerce Stores Integrate GoKwik?

With every new implementation, the unknown fear follows — what if the new integration disrupts my existing store functionalities or business flow??

Don’t worry, we can assure you of a smooth and efficient GoKwik integration process for both Shopify and Magento stores.

GoKwik Integration with Shopify Stores

Yes, we can seamlessly integrate GoKwik tools into your Shopify websites. No matter whichever solution you choose, our Shopify developers will ensure a frictionless buying experience for your customers.

Need a proof?? 

See how we have integrated KwikCheckout for one of our Shopify clients: Fabric Pandit!

Successful integration of KwikCheckout with a Shopify store - Fabric Pandit

The result — No more abandoned carts, just happy shoppers completing purchases with ease. 

We can also customize the integration to perfectly complement your Shopify store’s design and functionality for a familiar and intuitive experience for everyone.

And with Aureate Labs, you get the commitment that goes beyond the integration. We offer ongoing support and guidance to troubleshoot any issues.

GoKwik Integration with Magento Stores

Aureate Labs is also an Official Magento partner, and we have been growing with this ecosystem for more than 10 years.

Our team of certified Magento developers can help you unlock the full potential of GoKwik for your business. We’ll handle the technical aspects with precision, ensuring a seamless integration that minimizes disruption to your existing operations.

Want to see Magento + GoKwik in action??

Here’s the successful integration of KwikCheckout with a Magento store (our client) – Kalki Fashion

Successful integration of KwikCheckout with a Magento store - Kalki Fashion

And, this way, they’ve optimized their entire checkout process for shoppers.

Do you want us to optimize your checkout and conversion — Let’s talk!

Wrapping Up!

Every eCommerce merchant dreams of sky-high conversion rates from day one. But, it takes longer for them to see the major challenges or roadblocks in the customer journey.

GoKwik recognized the need for a more comprehensive solution – a way to seamlessly address these challenges and empower businesses to achieve their conversion goals faster. This is why we’re thrilled to partner with GoKwik, a leading eCommerce enablement platform. 

Now with our extensive experience in Shopify and Magento development, together, we provide a comprehensive solution that addresses all aspects of your conversion funnel.

The sooner you realize the need for strategic approaches, the quicker you can boost their conversion rates. 

So, don’t wait any longer. Take control of your conversion rates and take your business to the next level. Contact us today!

Sagarika Das
Content Marketer (eComm. & SaaS)
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