How do I get a PWA on Apple App Store?

Aug 18th, 2022 2 min to read

Many companies build PWA for iOS, but find it challenging to launch PWA in their app stores. We’ll guide you step by step to publish your PWA on the Apple app store.

Does App store support PWA?

Yes, the app store supports PWA. You can publish your progressive web application on the iOS app store and wait for approval. Once your PWA has passed the quality guideline, you get approval in the store. Users can then download your PWA store without going to Safari and adding it to the home screen.

How do I get a PWA on Apple App Store?

You can get a PWA app on Apple App Store in 10 simple steps with PWAbuilder.

Helping developers build and publish PWA

  • Click Start to check the PWA report card. You can add 
PWA's report card
  • Scroll down and click on next

Overview window after clicking next

  • Hover to the iOS section and click on the store package button

Publish PWA to Stores

  • Now you’ll get information to fill in about your web app.
iOS App options
  • Fill in the Bundle ID, App name, and URL.
  • Click on all settings and fill in the details.

iOS App Custom Options

  • Finally, click on generate and download your iOS app package.

Download Your Package

  • Open the downloaded folder and continue as per the instruction.

What do you need to publish a progressive web app to the app store?

You need a web app with a manifest to publish a progressive web app to the app store. First, build the project with Mac and Xcode installed in it. Then, build an Apple developer account. The developer account will help you to publish your PWA on iOS and iPadOS devices.

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