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Celebrating Our Milestone as a Hyvä Silver Partner

Feb 28th, 2024 2 min to read

Big news from the Aureate team! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been recognized as a Hyvä Silver Partner. This badge signifies more than just recognition; it’s a testament to our expertise and valuable contributions to the Hyvä ecosystem.

Our Journey with Hyvä

It began in early 2021, making us pioneers as India’s first Hyvä Theme Supplier. We kicked things off with an in-house proof of concept, not only showcasing Hyvä’s potential but also laying the groundwork for spreading awareness about this innovative platform. Since then, we’ve successfully implemented Hyvä Themes in 12 stores, learning and accelerating with each project.

The Path to Silver Partnership

Becoming a Silver Partner is a big deal for us. It shows how hard we’ve worked to tell potential merchants about the benefits of Hyvä themes. We’ve demonstrated Hyvä’s capabilities through real-world examples and case studies.

Our first major challenge was creating a unique Hyvä theme for Umniah that could handle right-to-left (RTL) text; our work has significantly boosted store performance with a 224% increase in speed – faster than it would have been with a regular Magento setup. After this success, we completed 12 more successful projects, earning us the Silver Partner status.

Giving Back and Moving Forward

With our new Silver Partner badge, we’re celebrating and thinking about how to help our clients and the whole Hyvä community. We’re putting together some helpful Hyvä tutorials packed with screenshots, code snippets, and valuable advice to make working with Hyvä even better.

And for merchants just starting, we’re about to roll out a bunch of ready-to-use Hyvä Theme Templates InstaBuild for Hyvä for different types of businesses. These templates mean you can get your Magento store up and running faster with Hyvä – we’re talking days, not weeks.

Looking forward

We’re doubling down on our mission to convert as many Magento stores as possible in 2024. At Aureate, we’re all about delivering exceptional commerce experiences, and Hyvä is a crucial piece of that puzzle. We’re committed to leveraging Hyvä’s full potential, continuing to roll out top-notch stores throughout the coming year.

We’re convinced that Hyvä Themes can make a big difference for every Magento store.

Piyush Lathiya
CEO - Aureate Labs
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