10 Best Magento Hosting Providers in 2024

May 14th, 2024 13 min to read

A blazing-fast website, robust security, and high-performing product pages — that’s basic for a Magento store to provide a seamless shopping experience to their customers. 

You get all these and much more with Magento hosting solutions. From speed to performance, security, and scalability — Magento hosting gives you everything you need to securely grow your store. 

It is the foundation your Magento store needs to stand erect during high-traffic volumes, peak sales seasons, and security attacks. So, you must choose a hosting partner who takes care of all these requirements, including Magento-specific scans and updates. 

How Does the Choice of Hosting Provider Impact Your Magento Store?

The choice of hosting provider is a deciding factor in the successful launch and maintenance of your Magento store. They know how Magento works and what features your store would need to work smoothly. 

If you make a wrong choice, it would impact:

  • your store’s speed and performance
  • uptime 
  • business scalability
  • website security 
  • technical assistance
  • backups 
  • disaster recovery
  • monitoring and optimization
  • website analytics 

Top 10 Magento Hosting Providers for Your Store

Here are our hand-picked Magento hosting providers. 

  1. Host Duplex
  2. CloudWays
  3. HostGator 
  4. IONOS
  5. InMotion Hosting
  6. A2 Hosting
  7. MGT Commerce
  8. Nexcess
  9. ScalaHosting 
  10. Kamatera

1. Host Duplex

Best Magento Hosting Providers - Host Duplex

Host Duplex is the fastest and premium Magento hosting provider out there. It has already won the trust of 99% of customers in terms of store performance after they migrated to Host Duplex. The platform also recorded 99% improved Magento load time and 91% improved backend speeds. It offers a fully optimized Magento stack with intelligent caching capabilities for your store. 

The best part — Host Duplex is an eco-friendly hosting solution. 100% of its data center energy usage is owed to renewable energy credits (RECs).


Ease of usecPanel control panel for easy management 
PerformanceImproved performance after migration to HostDuplex
UptimeSurpasses the industry standard of 99.9%
SpeedLightning-fast speed, 99% improvement in Magento load time
SecurityFree SSL certificate, Pentalayer and DuplexGuard security 
Customer SupportPriority support 24/7 by phone and tickets
Backups and updatesContinuous Magento software updates

Pricing Plans

  1. MG Single: $129/month
  2. MG Duplex: $189/month
  3. MG Ultimate: $249/month
  4. Enterprise: custom quote


  • deploys LiteSpeed cache for the highest amount of requests per second
  • protects the store from 99% of attacks 
  • faster site response
  • full refund guarantee
  • free and immediate migrations
  • offers staging environment 


  • more extensive features are limited to higher pricing plans. It offers fastest, reliable, and secure hosting for Magento stores across the globe. 

2. Cloudways

Best Magento Hosting Providers - Cloudways

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting provider for Magento stores. It uses its own CDN to provide store owners with blazing-fast and reliable stores. The platform enables you to use a single server for multiple Magento stores if you’re willing to expand your business. Besides, you can select your preferred cloud provider among top options like Digital Ocean, AWS, and Google Cloud. 

Cloudways has 50+ global data centers, ensuring you get the one near to your location. 


Ease of use1-click installations
PerformanceFast and reliable performance with in-build advanced cache
UptimeGuarantees 99.99%
SpeedTurbocharged stores
SecurityFree SSL certificate, regular security patching, dedicated firewalls, SSH and FTP access
Customer Support24/7/365 support with 90 sec average response time
Backups and updatesAutomated backups 

Pricing Plans

Cloudways features multiple cloud providers, the pricing for which differs in multiple aspects. Check out their pricing page for more details. 

  1. Digital Ocean
    1. Standard: $11/month – $1056/month
    2. Premium: $14/month – $487/month
  2. AWS: $38.56/month – $3569.98/month
  3. Google Cloud: $37.45/month – $1593.58/month


  • free site migration
  • unlimited application installations
  • offers a staging environment 
  • free 3-day trial, no credit card needed
  • fully managed experience


  • limited advanced customizations
  • premium support and email hosting cost extra
  • some themes and plugins have compatibility issues

3. HostGator

Best Magento Hosting Providers - HostGator

HostGator is the top choice after Bluehost for beginner websites and small businesses on Magento. It’s primarily for businesses looking for shared hosting. If you want a Magento hosting service with quick and extensive customer support, HostGator is your best option. Its knowledge base is a treasure trove. 

HostGator also helps Magento stores strengthen their marketing efforts with newsletters and automated email campaigns — a cherry on the top for eCommerce stores.


Ease of useEasy to use 
PerformanceHigh performing website with unlimited disk space
UptimeGuarantees 99.99%
SpeedUpto 10x speed with shared hosting 
SecurityFree SSL certificate and protection against DDoS attacks
Marketing and SEOUnlimited email accounts 
Customer Support24/7/365 support via call, live chat, knowledge base, and resources
Backups and updatesDaily backups and automated updates

Pricing Plans

  1. Starter Plan: $1.69/month
  2. Hatchling: $3.59/month
  3. Baby: $4.19/month
  4. Business: $4.79/month


  • unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • free email marketing software
  • unlimited email accounts and sub-domains
  • value for money
  • excellent customer support and knowledge base
  • multi-channel inventory management 


  • pricing plans are a bit expensive
  • outdated control panel and site design 


Best Magento Hosting Providers - IONOS

IONOS is the fastest web hosting provider for Magento stores. It’s considered the best for website speed, uptime, reliability, and stability. So if you’re a white-collar business and looking to scale with a sustainable performance, IONOS is for you. It has flexible cloud servers with sizes ranging from XS to 5XL to support your store requirements. 

IONOS is also preferable for businesses that need dedicated and VPS hosting. 


Ease of useCustom control panel needs tutorials to navigate through
PerformanceHigh-performing stores
UptimeGuarantees  99.9%
Speed3x faster and reliable website
SecurityFree SSL certificate and anti-spam protection
Customer Support24/7/365 support via calls, emails, and live chat
Backups and updatesSecure backups and customizable auto updates

Pricing Plans

$7/month – $420/month, depending on the size of IONOS Cloud Server (XS – 5XL)


  • daily backups and easy recovery
  • unbeatable speed and performance 
  • all-around packages
  • extremely cheap
  • dedicated support assistant for every customer


  • falls short on help and support
  • outdated backend control panel
  • hidden costs

5. InMotion Hosting

Best Magento Hosting Providers - In Motion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is good for Magento store owners looking for shared and dedicated hosting. It’s strong security and performance make it preferable for stores that demand high reliability and scalability. If you also feature a blog on your Magento store, InMotion has great options for you. But you need to have a decent budget and lots of data and imagery to manage. 

InMotion offers more freebies in its basic plans than its competitors. 


Ease of useEasy-to-use cPanel dashboard
PerformanceMagento-optimized server stack and advanced caching ensure high performance
UptimeGuarantees 99.99%
SpeedUltra-fast load times
SecurityFree SSL certificate, hack, malware protection, and DDoS protection
Customer Support24/7 support via phone, email, live chat, support tickets, Skype chat, and knowledge base
Backups and updatesMulti-layer security and automated security updates

Pricing Plans

  1. VPS Hosting
    1. VPS 4 vCPU: $44.99/month
    2. VPS 8 vCPU: $71.99/month
    3. VPS 12 vCPU: $91.99/month
    4. VPS 16 vCPU: $111.99/month
  2. Dedicated Servers
    1. Aspire: $69.99/month
    2. Essential: $99.99/month
    3. Advanced: $169.99/month
    4. Elite: $239.99/month


  • best in photography hosting
  • quality help and support 
  • Server management
  • great storage and bandwidth
  • unlimited disk space on most basic plans
  • quicker response times for US audience
  • Free parked domain and subdomains


  • doesn’t operate on Windows servers
  • could be a bit less expensive 
  • server speeds are slow in Asia and Australia
  • customer support is salesy and pushy

6. A2 Hosting

Best Magento Hosting Providers - A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a good choice for small to medium-sized Magento stores offering a strong technical suite, a customer-first approach, and free expert migrations. It is best for businesses looking for dedicated hosting and large amounts of storage. Besides, its Perpetual Security initiative is enough to keep threats at bay. 

A2 Hosting offers “green hosting” solutions, attracting Magento store owners with a similar mindset. It also provides special discounts for nonprofits. 


Ease of useEasy installation 
Performance40% faster CPU performance
UptimeGuarantees 99.95%
Speed20x faster page load speed 
SecurityFree SSL certificate, dual hosting firewall, server hardening, DDoS protection, and limited server access
Customer SupportEmail, live chat, and knowledge base 
Backups and updatesDaily and automated site backups and updates 

Pricing Plans

Check the pricing page for more details. 

  1. Managed Dedicated
    1. WARP 1: $99.99/month (first 12 months), $249.99/month (renewal)
    2. WARP 2 AMD: $159.99/month (first 12 months), $329.99/month (renewal)
    3.  WARP 2 TURBO AMD: $199.99/month (first 12 months), $379.99/month (renewal)
    4. WARP 2 INTEL: $159.99/month (first 12 months), $329.99/month (renewal)
  2. Managed VPS
    1. TAKEOFF 16: $79.99/month (first 12 months), $131.99/month (renewal)
    2. SOAR 16: $109.99/month (first 12 months), $189.99/month (renewal)
    3. SOAR 32: $119.99/month (first 12 months), $239.99/month (renewal)


  • any time money-back guarantee
  • highly-rated customer service 
  • websites are digitally and physically safe
  • easy Cloudflare setup from cPanel
  • unlimited email accounts
  • quick, friendly, and informative email support
  • 24/7 network monitoring


  • sign-up process could be a bit easier
  • cluttered homepage
  • not the best uptime provider 
  • a bit expensive for the value
  • knowledge base could have been better

7. MGT Commerce

Best Magento Hosting Providers - MGT Commerce

MGT Commerce is fully managed Magento hosting solutions offering different capabilities for different business sizes. It has three separate plans for small businesses, scaling businesses, and large enterprises with peak traffic levels. The hosting platform offers cloud-based hosting to take care of your high-performing Magento stores.

MGT Commerce is known for its flexibility and cloud acceleration capabilities in the market.


Ease of useEasy to use
PerformanceHigh performance with page load times under 0.3 seconds
UptimeGuarantees 99.95%
Speed250x faster Magento
SecurityFree SSL certificates, PCI compliant, Web Application Firewall, DDos Protection, and VPN for backend protection
Customer Support24/7/365 support by AWS experts via tickets and community forums
Backups and updatesAutomated backups,

Pricing Plans

  1. Single Server Premium: €149/month
  2. Single Server Ultimate: €249/month
  3. Single Server Enterprise: €1499/month


  • free website migration
  • high store performance regardless of location
  • 2-hour instance replacement  
  • New Relic for performance analytics
  • auto-scaling capabilities with server adjustments


  • response times for emergency cases vary according to plans
  • could be a little less costly

8. Nexcess

Nexcess is a high-quality, fully-managed Magento hosting solution suitable for small to large-scale Magento stores. It aims to make Magento stores faster and ready for scaling. Without the hassle of ongoing maintenance, Nexcess improves your store’s potential. Its data centers are spread across 22 locations ensuring your store never lags behind wherever you are. 

Nexcess is among the only platforms to support the new Magento PWA tech stack.


Ease of useWell-structured and easy-to-use native interface
PerformanceBuilt-in edge CDN for ultra-fast loading
UptimeGuarantees 99.99%
SpeedFast response times and handles intense traffic without flinching
SecurityFree SSL certificate, server monitoring, malware scans, PCI compliance, security patches, and ModSec
Marketing and SEO
Customer SupportLive chat, phone support, and knowledge base
Backups and updatesinstant upgrades and downgrades for increased demand

Pricing Plans

  1. Small Scale
    1. XS: $37.20/month (first 4 months), $62/month (renewal)
    2. S: $68.40/month (first 4 months), $114/month (renewal)
    3. M: $116.40/month (first 4 months), $194/month (renewal)
  2. Large Scale
    1. L: $117.00/month (first 4 months), $325/month (renewal)
    2. XL: $352.80/month (first 4 months), $588/month (renewal)
    3. XXL: $542.40/month (first 4 months), $904/month (renewal)


  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • staging environment available in all the plans
  • on-demand performance testing for troubleshooting
  • free emails with every plan
  • instant autoscaling
  • security monitoring is always on
  • free site migrations


  • a bit on costlier side
  • storage space is less
  • DDoS protection is not covered

9. ScalaHosting

Best Magento Hosting Providers - Scala Hosting

ScalaHosting is a managed VPS hosting provider for Magento store owners who don’t have the time and skills to manage their VPS servers. It aims to make VPS hosting easily accessible for Magento businesses. If you’re looking for cheap hosting solutions and an easy-to-use interface, ScalaHosting won’t disappoint you. It even goes the extra mile with its security features like SShield, security scans, a dedicated firewall, and FTP with SSL. 

ScalaHosting also offers multi-cluster hosting for stores receiving high traffic and visitors.


Ease of usesPanel — custom control panel — needs tutorials to work around
Performance3x better performance with LiteSpeed
UptimeGuarantees 99.99%
SpeedLightning-fast speed with powerful caching
SecurityFree SSL certificates, anti-spam protection, and 24/7 real time cybersecurity
Marketing and SEOBranding options available
Customer Support24/7 live chat and emails
Backups and updatesDaily and automated backups

Pricing Plans

  1. Entry Cloud
    1. First 12 months: $19.95/month
    2. Renewal: $24.95/month
  2. Premium Cloud #1
    1. First 12 months: $39.95/month
    2. Renewal: $49.95/month
  3. Premium Cloud #2
    1. First 12 months: $73.95/month
    2. Renewal: $83.95/month
  4. Premium Cloud #3
    1. First 12 months: $131.95/month
    2. Renewal: $141.95/month


  • anytime unconditional money-back guarantee
  • fast response times
  • free, effortless, and no-downtime migration
  • dependable hosting provider
  • unmetered bandwidth
  • priority ticket support for advanced hosting plans


  • no green hosting initiatives
  • pay to use cPanel on VPS
  • no phone support
  • limited help center

10. Kamatera

Best Magento Hosting Providers - Kamatera

Kamatera is a VPS hosting solutions provider for Magento stores. It is preferable primarily for small businesses looking for managed and Cloud hosting solutions as it deploys the most popular eCommerce platforms — along with Magento — on Cloud without any setup fee or commitment. 

It also offers a free 30-day trial before you can commit to a long-term contract. Customers prefer Kamatera because of its decent pricing and reliability.


Ease of useEasy to use
PerformanceExcellent processors and SSD storage for high-performance 
UptimeGuarantees 99.95%
SpeedFast loading and response times
SecurityData encryption, access control, PCI DSS, SOC 2, and vulnerability scanning
Customer Support24/7 phone support, tickets, and emails
Backups and updatesExtended backups at a small fee

Pricing Plans

Check out Kamatera’s Pricing Calculator for customized pricing. It starts from $4/month and goes up to $80/month, depending on vCPU, RAM, and SSD storage. 


  • pay only for what you need
  • no long-term commitments 
  • try the infrastructure with the management console for free 
  • unlimited data traffic up to 5000 GB per month
  • flexible and scalable solution


  • doesn’t offer a free SSL certificate
  • doesn’t have a useful knowledge base
  • can be a challenge for beginners to set up

How to Choose the Best Hosting for Your Magento Store?

Here are some factors you must consider before selecting Magento hosting for your business. 

1. Technical requirements 

Think about uptime, page load speed, website traffic, storage, security, and bandwidth requirements.

The type of hosting also matters when choosing a Magento web host. You can choose from:

  • Magento Shared hosting
  • Magento VPS hosting
  • Magento Dedicated hosting 
  • Magento Cloud hosting 

2. Hosting management model

If you need your Magento hosting partner to look after security, performance, IT needs, store management, and memory — go for managed Magento hosting. 

But if you just need a server without add-ons — unmanaged hosting solutions are right for you. 

3. Budget constraints

Set aside a budget for Magento hosting. If you go beyond the limit, chances are you might end up paying extra for other add-ons you may or may not need for your store. 

4. Customer support options

You must consider the support channels available to you when choosing Magento hosting. Common support options include:

  • Email
  • Live chat
  • Phone 
  • Support tickets
  • Social media

5. Ease of use

Look for hosting solutions with a smooth interface and cPanel so you can work through them seamlessly. Besides, one-click installations for Magento and its extensions simplify the whole experience. 

Need Help with Choosing the Best Magento Hosting?

It’s no wonder if you’re still unsure about your choice of a Magento web host. There are multiple options and a myriad of things to consider. Look no further! Get in touch with our Magento experts to get a free consultation. We’ll help you select the right hosting partner for your Magento store.

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