Shopify Landing Page: A Guide to Create a Landing Page that Converts

Nov 23rd, 2023 10 min to read

To make sure that your Shopify store is profitable, you need to find ways to increase sales. One of the best ways to do this is by creating landing pages that convert well. So, this article is about the Shopify landing page.

A landing page is a single web page that helps you to capture your website visitor’s attention and convince them to take action. Thanks to the Online Store 2.0 release, Shopify merchants are blessed with the updated theme editor. 

You can easily create high-converting landing pages on Shopify without spending on third-party landing page builders. 

Ready to learn how to create a Shopify landing page for free? Let’s begin! 

But first…

What is Shopify Landing Page?

A Shopify landing page is the first thing visitors see when they visit your store. This page is meant to highlight specific products and collections, while also directing visitors toward the checkout page.   

In other words, a landing page is a place where you convince potential customers to buy from you! The landing page gets traffic from social media, email, paid ads, or any other channel. 

How Do Landing Pages Work?

When your visitors land on your Shopify landing page, they’ve made a conscious choice to visit that page, rather than the home page. This means you have their full attention and they’re ready to convert.

However, if you don’t have a clear call-to-action (CTA), then they might leave without buying anything or signing up for a newsletter.

Landing pages are one of the most effective ways to convert visitors into customers because they focus on one goal — getting people to take the next step in their purchasing journey.

Before you start building a landing page on Shopify, you must select which type of landing page you want to create and what content it should contain. 

For example, there may be an attractive headline that immediately catches the attention of visitors and makes them want to know more about what you have to offer. The rest of the page contains more details about your product or offers and some compelling benefits of using them. 

Let’s explore the various types of landing pages you may consider creating for your Shopify store.

Types of Landing Page for eCommerce

Here are some of the common types of landing pages you can build as per your requirements.

1. Splash Page

A splash page is a welcome page or pop-up that takes visitors to the main website. Splash pages can be helpful if you have multiple locations or products to promote. Also, it can be an age verification page to restrict minor visitors. 

Splash Page

If you want to use a splash page, make sure it’s well-designed and uses high-quality images or videos. Hence, it’s visually appealing and interesting enough to keep visitors engaged until they click through to your main site.

2. Squeeze Page

A page is called a Squeeze page when it is created to get people to subscribe to an email list. It is usually designed as a single-column page with minimalistic design and limited distractions (like buttons or links).

Squeeze Page

You can also integrate a discount coupon code on this Squeeze page to attract more shoppers to subscribe to your newsletter or marketing emails.

3. Flash Sale Landing Page

The Flash Sales landing page is used to promote a limited-time sale event in your eCommerce store. The goal of this page is to create urgency so that visitors will make purchases before the sale ends. 

Flash Sale

PRO Tip: You can achieve this by using scarcity strategies like countdown timers, limited quantities, or time-sensitive information like “Offer Ends Tomorrow!”

4. Seasonal Event Landing Page

The Seasonal Event landing page is used to promote seasonal events like Black Friday or Halloween sales. It serves as an invitation to customers who may be interested in these events but haven’t yet purchased anything from your store.

Seasonal Event

You can use this opportunity as a way of converting new leads into customers by offering them a discount code, free shipping, or a gift.

5. Lead Generation Landing Page

A lead generation landing page is a page that allows you to collect email addresses from potential customers especially when you are offering services or a combination of products and services. 

Lead Generation

This way you can generate leads and follow up with them later on by sending emails after they have visited your site.

If done correctly this will increase your conversion rates significantly since people who have given their email addresses are more likely to buy from you in the future.

6. Product Landing Page

Bringing the traffic directly to the product page is the best way to increase the conversion rate. But for better results, you need to turn your product page into a landing page first. This helps you hold the visitors and grow their interest in the product.

Product page

When the product landing page satisfies the shoppers with enough information about the product, usage, shipping, etc. they are more likely to complete the purchase with you.

Featured Collections Page is a great way to showcase your best-selling products and encourage customers to purchase more than one item at once. It’s perfect if you have multiple collections that relate to each other or if you have seasonal products that change regularly.

Featured Collections Page

You can also use this type of landing page to create product bundles or upsells that will increase your average order value.

8. Pre-Launch or Coming Soon Page

This type of page is used when you are about to launch a new product line or collection and want people to know about it before it becomes available for purchase.

For example, your online clothing store has been open for 3 months but you are about to sell handbags in the near future.

Coming Soon Page

9. Thank you Page

The Thank you page is shown to the visitors who have completed a purchase or taken part in a giveaway/promotion, etc.

Here you can help the buyer with the order details and show what else you have that he might like. For example, discounts for the next purchase, product recommendations based on purchased products, and many more.

Thank you Page

10. Referral Landing Page

If you’re running any kind of referral program, then this is a good choice to have a dedicated landing page. The Referral Landing Page will encourage people who visit your website to refer their friends or family members in exchange for rewards like discounts or free shipping. 

Referral Landing Page

11. Quiz or Survey Page

You can use survey or quiz pages as a way to collect customer feedback on new products or services so that you can make improvements based on what people want from their experience with you.

Quiz or Survey Page

Hoping now you have a better understanding of which type of landing page you need to build for your Shopify store. Now it’s time to learn the process of creating a landing page in Shopify.

How to Create a Landing Page in Shopify

The primary purpose of creating a landing page is to convert visitors into customers by providing them with the information they need to make a purchase decision. 

Here are the steps on how to create your own Shopify landing page:

STEP 1: Choose the right type of landing page for your goals

There are many different types of landing pages that you can create on Shopify mentioned in the above section. Select anyone so that you can build your landing page with a clear vision.

Let’s create a Landing page for the “Black Friday Sale” on Shopify.

STEP 2: Create a rough layout for your Shopify landing page 

To create a high-conversion landing page for your sale events, it’s important to draw the ideas before implementing them. There are some essential elements you need to include in your landing page design such as:

  • Catchy headlines
  • Unique selling proposition
  • Benefits of your offering
  • Relevant images or videos
  • Social proof
  • Reinforcement statement
  • Closing argument
  • Call To Action

Make sure to cover the above elements in your Landing page layout.

STEP 3: Design the landing page template

Once your prototype is ready, you can start designing your landing page template. 

Here are steps to create a template for the Shopify Landing page:

  1. Go to Online Store > Themes.
  2. In the current theme section, click on the Customize button.
  3. From the header dropdown menu, select Pages > Create template.
  4. Give a name to your new template.
  5. Now, you can add sections and blocks here as per your layout design. Know more about [Shopify sections and blocks]!
  6. Save the template.
Shopify Landing page template

Well done!! You won the half-battle. Let’s move towards the next half.

STEP 4: Create a landing page in your Shopify store

After designing the template for your landing page, you need to create a page to use that template.

Here are the steps to create a landing page:

  1. Log in to your Shopify store admin.
  2. Go to Online Store > Pages.
  3. Click on Add page.
  4. Add a title to your landing page.
  5. In the Online Store section, select the theme template for your landing page.
  6. Click the Edit website SEO link and add the Page title and description. This title and description will be visible on the Search Engine results page when the user searches for the term.
  7. Set the visibility based on the date and time you want to make the landing page LIVE.
  8. Save the changes.
Create a landing page

STEP 5: Test your landing page before launching it

Once you are done with the landing page creation, now it’s time to check if everything is working well. Test your landing page thoroughly to make sure your customers can enjoy shopping with you without any huddle.

Check if all the CTAs are active, discounts are applicable, and payment is working properly. Also, make sure you have covered everything which makes it a good landing page.

STEP 6: Make your Shopify landing page visible

No doubt, you can bring traffic to your Shopify custom landing page with your marketing campaigns. But you may wish to make it more visible on your Shopify store for the visitors who are not aware of your sale or event.

You can promote your event by adding your landing page to:

  1. Homepage banners
  2. Announcement bar
  3. Header and Footer Menu
  4. Pop-ups, etc.

This way you can create different types of landing pages for your Shopify website. Let’s see some examples of landing pages.

Best Landing Page Examples

A well-optimized landing page can double your sales by converting more visitors into customers and also increase your organic traffic.

Here are the 5 best landing page examples for your inspiration.

1. Peekatoy’s Product Landing Page


2. Father’s Day Landing Page – Macy’s

Father’s Day

3. New User Reward Page – Modlily

Modlily Reward Page

4. ChicMe’s Sales Landing Page


5. Gorgeous Hair Event Page – Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty page

Wrap Up!

Hope this guide helped you learn about the Shopify landing page.

Creating landing pages is a great way to promote your products, and increase your sales. If you haven’t used the custom landing page in your Shopify store, then its the time. By creating a well-structured, aesthetically pleasing, and functional landing page, you can increase sales and conversions.
If you feel that building a custom landing page is not your cup of tea, then let our Shopify experts help you.

Sagarika Das
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