Headless PWA frontend for Shopify

We built PWA connector for worlds most loved eCommerce platform - Shopify

Get fast and stable mobile experience for your Shopify store using Vue Storefront PWA

Headless PWA Frontend

Vue Storefront Core Partner

Vue Storefront Core

Hear from the Co-Founder of

Aureate Labs is without a doubt one of the most active and impactful partners in the Vue Storefront community. They’ve put a lot of effort to make our ecosystem stronger by proactively contributing to Vue Storefront core, releasing extensions, and building integrations. They have also proven multiple times that they can deliver high-quality storefronts which we can proudly show as great case studies.

Filip Rakowski
Co-founder of Vue Storefront

Headless Commerce for Shopify

The last thing you need to boost your online sales

Responsive websites were an essential first step to deliver a unified digital experience across devices. Still, today the technology enables you to build Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that combine the best of both web and mobile experiences to deliver frictionless, fast and reliable user journeys.

  • Zero Native app development/maintenance Cost

    – Zero native app development Cost – No hassle for maintaining a version of Apps – Low Maintenance

  • Reach where your customers are

    The web has 3x more reach than native apps. PWAs can decrease the cost of user acquisition (CAC) as they can be downloaded directly from the internet.

  • Scale your Shopify limitless

    Thanks to powerful Shopify Storefront API – Headless allows you to integrate all your existing systems like ERP, PIM or IMS, etc…

  • Quick go to market

    With headless, customer-facing work can be done independently, without having to wait for back-end work, and vice versa.

  • Powerful UX and Lightning Fast Shopify Store

    Give your customer an app-like experience. Build landing pages on the fly & drag and drop content without needing to rely on the development team.

  • Affordable Solution

    Our elite PWA team has proven experience in building headless solutions. We observed that client who adopts mobile-first strategy gets ROI within four months.

Your customers deserve best user-experience

Build powerful shopping experience that turns visitors to customers.

Imagine, visitors land to your store - its slow, the shopping experience is poor, checkout is difficult. - How will they react? What if, it loads lightning faster, UX is intuitive, checkout is excellent, and you can re-engage them? - It feels good, Ain't it! At Aureate, we believe in making every eCommerce experience shoppable.

headless shopping experience banner
  • Push Notification

    Re-engage visitors by sending personalized notification

  • Offline Catalog

    Seamless shopping experience even if its slow/no-internet

  • Instant Payment

    One-click checkout. Don’t make your customers to fillup long checkout form

  • Shoppable Content

    Add it on Blog or Lookbook page, instant purchase on single click

  • Advanced / Voice Search

    Use voice input to search product quickly with accuracy

  • Add to Home Screen

    Prompt your regular users to install PWA on their mobile or desktop device


  • Decrease bounce rates
  • 4x faster product pages
  • Blessings for B2B orders
  • Decrease abandoned cart

Case study

VSF and Shopify integration helped our client to increase conversion rates by 3X

Case Study Image 1
Case Study Image 2
  • 114%
    Increase in Pageviews
  • 132%
    Increase in transaction
  • 270%
    Revenue from mobile

“Aureate Labs created the perfect headless commerce site for Pure Daily Care. As a top-selling Amazon Brand, our customers expect their web experience to be fast, flawless, and seamless. Aureate helped us check all of those boxes without any design constraints. We now have the best of both worlds for our brand site: unparalleled performance and aesthetics without compromise.“

Case Study Image
Jonathan Cohen
CMO, Pure Daily Care

More power to you!

Get more on your website, which was not accessible before on Shopify!

Design landing page without help of developer

Give luxury to your marketing team, use drag-drop elements to build landing page of your choice. No back and forth with development team.

Integrate most of your existing applications

Integrate your current systems (CRM, PIM, OMS, IMS, ERP, Etc...) with Shopify using its powerful APIs.

Add product widget anywhere

Copy/Paste magic code snippet to your blog, or any landing pages which allows your customers to purchase products within a single click..

Custom Checkout and Flow

We believe you should sell more. Design best eCommerce experience for your customer. Tell us your craziest idea, and we will implement the same for you.

Affordable Pricing

Fair pricing. Get value from each penny you're spending with flexible terms.

Excellent Support Services

Our support team is working round the clock to make your sales campaign successful. Free 4 hours health checkout per month.

The Process




PWA Wireframe & UI Design


PWA Development


Testing & Deployment


Training & Go Live


Ongoing Support

Be where billions of users are

Some popular brands that are using PWA

“By 2020, progressive web apps will have replaced 50% of general-purpose, consumer-facing mobile apps”

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