Shopify & Vue Storefront Connector: Crazy Customization Won’t Cost 1000$ Now!

Dec 13th, 2021 4 min to read

Shopify Merchants – Go Headless with Vue Storefront and Shopify Connector

Hey Shopify merchant, you may have felt the tectonic buzz for going headless. After all, everyone is migrating to headless solutions. Thus, this article will give you brief information on the Shopify connector by Aureate that integrates with the Vue storefront and build fast, progressive web apps for Shopify.

The Magento-based competitor you beat last year in the annual sales. And the SpreeCommerce guy who got into the competitive atmosphere with you recently. Everyone! Can’t blame them! We all fancy the idea of independent front-ends and back-ends for creative liberties.

But then you think— will you ever get to pull off a thrill for your Shopify 2.0 store? Will it ever pass all the hyperboles and empty talks? Or is it built to become hype?

Aureate Labs’ Shopify connector has the answer!!

Talk about connecting headless Storefront with Magento, SpreeCommerce, and CommerceTools. Well, the connecting solution has been long established and implemented on them.

But Shopify didn’t let you access a lot of things. If you’ve followed Shopify closely, you know how annoying localizing can get. Or how designing a customized landing page gets severe pain in the neck!

First, the challenge was to have a headless front-end for Shopify. Vue Storefront did a brilliant job in this department. Then the second challenge was to connect Vue Storefront with the Shopify backend.

Tired merchants didn’t know they were only a few inches away from gaining enormous power over stores. And then Aureate Labs came up with the Vue Storefront and Shopify connector. It made the dream of headless commerce on Shopify successful.

Why should you care about the Shopify connector?

Of course, you don’t have to if your developers take care of the e-Commerce. But you should because it snatches their control and gives back the power to you.

What does that mean for you? Let’s say you didn’t have the connector:

  • How will you design landing pages without knocking on developers’ doors?
  • How will you design the best eCommerce experience for your customers?
  • How do you integrate existing applications like CRM and ERPs?

No connector = no operations = no way to make Vue Storefront functional with Shopify

Calling it a connector is a bit of an understatement…

We’d rather call it the

  • sales driver
  • money-minting register
  • conversion machine

Anyone looking to boost Shopify businesses needs to understand the value connector adds. Especially to the development and shopping experience.

If you need to

  • customize the checkouts
  • save money on native app development cost
  • cover wider audience group
  • scale Shopify business without a second thought
  • faster stepping into the market
  • give an app-like experience to your users

… or every single thing your competitors are pulling. The aureate connector makes things possible for you.

The vision behind the no-strings-attached Shopify connector… 

The connector creates a no-string attachment between both ends. The front-end and the back-end stay together without getting too tight-ey on each other.

Aureate is the only agency in the world to have come up with such a connecting solution for Shopify. But what drove it?


  • merchants were struggling to re-engage visitors
  • stores were failing to give seamless experience in flaky networks
  • customers had to go through the pain of long checkout forms
  • there was no one-click shoppable content

… instead of re-inventing the wheel, Aureate decided to build the connector. It’s the connector that makes Shopify headless commerce a reality.

Pain points dear…! That’s how you capitalize from the narrowest of the opportunities.

So if you

  • need to break-free Shopify limitations, and
  • migrate to a future-proof solution.

… you know where to head. Right? You also need experts to combine the power of Vue Storefront and Shopify for better chances. Aureate has already been a veteran in this stream.

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