Dear Merchants— Want 5 Reasons To Use Headless e-Commerce?

Dec 11th, 2021 4 min to read

In this article, we are going to tell you about the benefits of headless e-Commerce and how it will help you improve your sales and profit in the long run.

ROI of Headless Commerce: Growth, Profits, & Sustainability

Dear merchants! You may have put all the bets on your e-Commerce store. Which you should! After all, 12M to 24M merchants are looking to move the sales needle.

But there’s a reason why

  • agencies fail to scale your business,
  • designers feel terrified the moment you shout customization, and
  • customers croak, “when on earth will I have a personalized experience.”

Ask them, and they cry for the radical ideas of tightly-coupled stores. What’s happening now is that your store is being dictated by e-Commerce building platforms… that leaves you with… 

  • fewer hours to execute,
  • fewer dollars to spend, and
  • plenty of frustration.

It’s your store!! You want to be the leader of your store. Not the likes of Shopify’s… and Magento’s… and BigCommerces.

But Headless Commerce changes the landscape and gives power to you… 

Imagine you could break the handcuff… and let the right and left hands operate on their own. The left gets independent of the right and vice versa. True?

Similarly, headless commerce & headless platforms helps you break the handcuff between your storefront and the backend. You can customize the front-end at will. The best part is— you barely need to care what’s happening at the back-end. But why should you care about Headless commerce at all?

The benefits of Headless Commerce for merchants

Let’s find the benefits of Headless Commerce for you.

#1: Fast & agile stores win the race… 

No more long waits and pogo-sticking for your customers. They start interacting with your store as soon as they step in without bouncing off for “speed reasons.” 

Early check-in → better user experience → late check-out → more conversion! How’s that?

headless ecommerce

#2: You step early in the market… 

e-Commerce is all about how quick you follow and execute the trends. 

Did your competitor give a personalized offer? What about the other one that just launched a discount wheel? Well, the decoupled technology helps your store evolve at competitors’ pace or more. 🙂

Quick changes → early penetration in the market → more sales!

In-store customization as per the trend

#3: “It’s specially catered for you, ma’am…”

You can’t tell this line to customers unless you’ve traveled lengths to personalize. 

“Hey, ma’am!! This product is for you…” Or “Hi Sir, would you also like to buy this?” 

Your existing e-Commerce platform doesn’t let you personalize the store this way! The front-end has to co-operate so much with the back-end that it backfires. 

But Headless Commerce 

  • collects customer behavior from store’s back-end, and
  • personalizes offers on mobile, desktop, and social channels. 

Ohh! And if you didn’t know… 20% of store sales can go up personalization.

#4: No more walls on the border

Kim Jong! That’s what we call most of the e-Commerce builders. They don’t let you trade across the border. Lack of currency integration and languages… uhh! e-Commerce loses its real meaning.

And then these builders boast cases where they “sometimes
lets you localize, without acknowledging the tons of hassles you’ve to deal with. Fortunately, headless commerce lets you add many entries of languages and currencies in the store without any complexity. 

That’s localization done right!

#5: “Why don’t we make a profit,” says no merchant ever 

You’re hyper-personalizing the store headless commerce, as we said! So you’re already affecting 86% of users’ buying decisions. Plenty of studies suggest personalized stores have planned conversion rate optimization which leads to higher conversion rates & lower acquisition costs.

So chances are low you’d call out your agency and say, “where did my profit drain?”

Stats for Pure Daily Care

When should you go for headless e-Commerce?


  • you feel extremely tied to your existing e-Commerce platform
  • e-Commerce platforms dictate your business operations
  • e-Commerce platforms have pulled down your growth
  • you want to customize & personalize without going ballistic on the back-end operations
  • you don’t want to limit yourself to any geographic location
  • you want to see early conversions and ROIs.  

Headless  e-Commerce Key Takeaways

Headless e-Commerce 

  1. prioritizes user experience and help visitors interact with your store in a jiffy
  2. lets you set a competitive benchmark by helping you in really quickly in the market
  3. allows customers’ personalization for better sales
  4. supports multiple languages, currencies, and local customization to nail the localization process
  5. shoots up your conversion rate, overall sales figures, and return on investment.

So what are you waiting for, just contact us now.

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