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To Learn More About Alokai (Formerly Vue Storefront)

Aureate Labs Organizes The First Ever Official Alokai (Formerly Vue Storefront) India Virtual Meetup

Feb 26th, 2021 3 min to read

Tech businesses have been all about speed and customer experience these days. This seismic shift has forced agencies and brands to take up challenges more seriously and apply effective strategies to rev-up eCommerce stores.

To ensure you don’t blow away in the first eCommerce spurt, Aureate Labs has partnered with Alokai (Formerly Vue Storefront) to organize a Alokai (Formerly Vue Storefront) India meetup.

The event is an excellent opportunity if you own an eCommerce or are a developer. With Meetup’s plan in mind, you will learn how PWA and Headless commerce help build customer-friendly stores.

It also plans to shed light on customer experience for healthy retention and framework integration for early ROI’s.

The promising stats from PWA and Headless Commerce, so far, reveal a bright future for online businesses. Finding these eCommerce trends and getting in line with them should give more comprehensive options for generating revenues.

Capitalizing on Headless Commerce and PWA with this VFS India Meetup.

From the developer’s perspective, practicing Headless Commerce and PWA on e-Commerce stores accelerates business growth and gives an extra edge for modern-customization.

Headless Commerce separates/decouples the front end from the back-end. The idea is to divorce developers’ and designers’ dependencies on each other.

With it, the front-end and back-end developers have a bigger customization window for enhancing the customer journey.

The store’s head can be designed as per the needs without really worrying about what’s happening at the back end. PWA adds the cherry on the cake with its immense functionalities.

“Web Vital” is jargon used for a different purpose:

  • Developing a user-friendly experience for the customers
  • Enabling Engagement with Push Notification
  • Delivering lightning-fast site loading experience

Aureate Labs explains Headless Development keeping growth vision in mind.

Modern development requires the necessary points for the sales interaction. We must consider Headless development for reducing complexities in eCommerce development and seamless customer experience.

There needs to be consistency between the online stores and touchpoints for understanding the competitiveness.

Find out why Aureate is the preferred agency for modern brands.

Front-end technologies that are creating opportunities

Customer experience is a decisive differentiator between trusted and non-trusted brands.

The level of customization is at insane level if you look at online businesses from a marketing standpoint. The front-end technologies are creating immense opportunities to retain customers effectively.

Alokai (Formerly Vue Storefront) as a standalone framework

Alokai (Formerly Vue Storefront) is a top-notch headless-oriented front-end. Its modern JS stack technology offers unique front-end development opportunities like customizing the user interface, boosting the site’s performance, and enhancing the shopping experience.

VSF develops remarkable possibilities in fulfilling personalized content and customer experiences across multiple eCommerce platforms with headless as the retail industry’s default approach.

Aureate & VSF partnership defines future-proof development opportunities.

Aureate Labs believes in offering an incredible digital experience for Magento, Shopify, & BigCommerce e-Stores. Being a dedicated headless commerce agency, Aureate also offers custom solutions to match retailers’ industry trends.

The partnership between Aureate and VSF signs up as a bridge between agencies and customers to enable rapid eCommerce development. The collaboration between the two already delivers future-proof results for headless commerce.

Who and Why this Meetup is for?

The Meetup is valuable for:

  • all the VSF community members
  • front-end developers
  • eCommerce developers, including platform specialists at Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Commercetools, or any other 

They can explore the means-end benefits and implementation of future web technologies and use them for building a great career opportunity.

The speakers of the Meetup and the agenda

Registration is open; book your seat today!

Arup Mukherjee
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