The Productive After Story of Vue Storefront India Meetup

Mar 25th, 2021 4 min to read

The first official Vue Storefront India Meetup which was organized by Aureate Labs on March 13, 2021, successfully with 300+ Registered Attendees which focused on preparing a path for Headless Commerce & Frontend technology awareness. This online event opened up publicly on a virtual platform with industry experts sharing their opinions, thoughts, and suggestions covering the eCommerce technology trendings with their real analyzed presentations.

Aureate Labs believes in bringing flexibility and customizations with a degree of choice to build frontend experience. With Vue Store India Meetup, the real picture on how customer expectations need to be highlighted by upgrading the eCommerce store with headless commerce i.e. decoupling the frontend and backend, and how VSF as a frontend framework does its job with APIs.

Headless Commerce is changing the perception of the industry both from a business and development angle. The adopters are among the big enterprises and large development teams who are offering customizations with customer experience.

Leveraging the understanding of frontend technologies, developers should know the benefits of headless commerce and they should figure out how to use Headless efficiently with eCommerce backend systems as the advancement of the web technologies.

Let’s explore the after story of Speakers Keynote:

Sessions that made the VSF India Meetup one of the most liked event of 2021.

1. How to choose frontend (Head) for Headless Commerce? By Piyush Lathiya.

Piyush Lathiya is the CEO of Aureate Labs, he is a PWA advocate and has a decade of experience in the eCommerce industry. He took the stage explaining Headless Commerce and choosing the head(frontend) for eCommerce stores to make it modernize, it was an immersive experience.

The reflective conversation about the evolution of technology and humans and how it went so long for modern frontend development. Each slide of his presentation was explaining the reality of technology from traditional form to modern transformation.

Choose technology based on performance – Piyush Lathiya

You can find his presentation below

Recorded Session

2. Taking Vue Storefront to the NEXT level – Introduction by Flip Rakowski

Filip as the CTO & Co-founder of Vue Storefront knows the story from scratch that how it all started and why the VSF NEXT is introduced. His additional insights on how customizable the framework is and how NEXT will level-up the frontend development opportunities.

His session was with maximum values for developers who are already testing VSF Next on initial (demo) or who are already on VSF and were planning to switch to VSF next. He presented every bit of his explanation in detail and that was technical from every modern aspect.

You can find the presentation below

Recorded Session

3. Modernize Vue Storefront 1.0 by Jisse Reitsma

Jisse is the founder of Yireo, he himself is known as a mentor for many developers, he loves to teach/guide developers to build technical skills related to Magento or eCommerce.

At Vue Storefront India Meetup, he helped us in exploring how to modernize the Vue Storefront 1.0, with valuable details like using themes, storefront UI, how to use webpacks, composition of API and many more etc.

You can find his presentation below

Recorded Session

4. Go Headless with Shopify using VSF Next (Developers Guide) by Viral Rana

Viral Rana as we say developer by heart and soul has been consistent in researching about VSF and implementing it with Shopify through a connector. He is very much specific while talking about Shopify customization.

At Vue Storefront he ruled out the stage by describing how to implement the personalization opportunities in Shopify with Vue Storefront as the frontend framework i.e. using Vue.js. Viral got deep dive with the syntax and the content about GraphQL with complete understanding and descriptions of the API functioning data.

The practical explanation with a Shopify PWA Demo Store which actually cleared many with superlative expressions.

You can find his presentation below

Recorded Session

5. How do we build an amazing career that lasts long? By Vatsal Shah

Vatsal Shah is an eCommerce enthusiast and a well-known mentor who has been hosting many events including Meet Magento India, and etc. It was a grace to hear him at the meetup talking about how we can choose a career that defines us, our thoughts, and at last but not least our growth. He presented some examples that actually opened the eyes of many of the company owners and the employees as well. Which you can find in the below images and in the presentation (link shared below).

You can find his presentation below

Recorded Session

If you have missed all these excitements of the live event, don’t worry we will meet again in the second version of the Vue Storefront India Meetup on September 11, 2021. See you there!

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