Announcement: First Vue Storefront Core Partner in APAC

Jul 30th, 2019 4 min to read

We are delighted to announce that we are now VueStorefront Core Partners. This is a great honour and privilege as we are the only official VueStorefront Partners from the APAC region. 

What does VueStorefront Core Partnership mean?

As a trusted and official partner, we can play a vital role in the growth of Vue Storefront and help B2B and B2C businesses across the world succeed using innovations in eCommerce. As a core contributor, it is also our responsibility to help the community grow and do great things for customer experience and digital retail. 

To be bestowed a place amongst the select few partners is an important recognition for us. It not only reinforces Aureate Labs brand credibility but also gears us with the resources required to deliver the best and the most sophisticated solutions for our clients. We are and will continue to remain a trustworthy eCommerce agency with an established track record of 10 years of success. 

Aureate Labs’ commitment to clients and continuous improvement

We have a long-standing association and history of serving customers globally. While the large part of our clientele is in the US, UK, and AU, we have served across geographies and time zones.

With more than ten years of eCommerce experience, we have learned one thing and learned it well enough. How to leverage technology like Magento to optimize performance and improve customer experience.

But improving site performance is easier said than done. In the past, building fast-loading websites on mobile with excellent UX was an uphill battle. 

We used industry best practice, implemented performance improvement techniques and add-ons, and yet we realized there was something missing in terms of performance, especially on mobile devices. 

The arrival of PWA 

The arrival of Progressive Web Apps – one of the most transformative technologies in recent times has changed the status quo.

Right from the outset when Google announced this new frontier in web-based apps, Aureate Labs recognized its potential and what it means for the future of eCommerce.

Our team of Magento specialists and eCommerce experts soon started exploring PWA for its speed and performance benefits. As a result, we explored various solutions and frameworks to find the best possible PWA framework to deliver lightning-fast web experiences on any device.

The team at Aureate Labs worked with many technologies, but we found Vue Storefront to be one of the best options available. 

Vue Storefront is an open-source technology and currently leading PWA framework for eCommerce. This is because Vue is platform-agnostic, superfast, and offline ready. It is truly the most advanced and complete implementation available for Magento eCommerce sites. 

Vue also boasts of an unmatched community both in terms of numbers and the pace of innovation. 

As a result, we started implementing Vue Storefront for our client projects and found a dramatic shift in performance, user-experience and conversion.

What sets Vue Storefront apart?

  • It uses PWA as a standard to build mobile and web apps at once
  • Leverages the best in technology such as microservices architecture to deliver blazing-fast frontends
  • Vue.js is the most flexible and modern JS stack that builds high-performance stores in lesser time
  • It uses a headless architecture, which means you can change the backend whenever you like without having to change the frontend
  • Vue enables you to significantly improve your conversion rates and engagement while lowering bounce rates
  • It helps you make the best of features like push notifications, home-screen access, and full-screen mode

Aureate’s commitment to Vue Storefront

Seeing that the Magento experience offered by Vue is unparalleled, we started contributing to the community and decided to become a partner. 

While we became partners in February 2019, the Core Partners distinction has announced recently. 

Aureate Labs acknowledges the power and responsibility that this partnership brings as we continue to build great eCommerce storefronts and provide more innovation and performance benefits to our clients.

We strongly believe that PWA is where the future of eCommerce lies, and both Magento and Vue Storefront will play a crucial role in shaping it.  

Last but not least, we’d like to thank the Vue Storefront community members, partners, and contributors in building the fantastic community. We’d also like to express our gratitude to our clients for their continuing faith in us and the team members at Aureate for their brilliant work. 

Here’s to greater things!

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