Mobile Commerce: How Hyva Themes Boost Mobile Conversions

Jul 24th, 2023 8 min to read

Imagine facing an immediate drop in sales. It’s hard to imagine, right?

But one of our Magento clients was facing low sales recently. Even after trying their hands on a variety of techniques, they didn’t see any results. After nothing worked, they approached us to perform an audit on their Magento website.

Upon auditing, we found that a major chunk of website traffic was coming from mobile devices, yet the site was loading at snail’s speed. This brought their bounce rate to its peak and ultimately led to not-so-great sales figures.

Unfortunately, this is not a unique story, as most Magento store owners often neglect to optimize the core sales channel — Mobile Commerce (M-commerce).

Now, let me ask you a question. As a Magento store owner, what is your strategy to improve conversion and revenue amidst this booming trend of M-commerce? Take a moment to think about it & meanwhile, let’s uncover the ultimate solution we successfully implemented to optimize website performance for M-commerce for this particular client.

We’ll start with the basics.

The Need for Speed in Mobile Commerce

Need for speed in Mobile Commerce

One thing is for sure, that the need for speed is extreme.

Because when it comes to load times and responsiveness, especially on mobile devices, users’ expectations are more than ever. Now why is that? It’s because today’s customers live in an economy, where they can get what they want, with just a few taps and swipes on their mobile devices.

Every other website and application provides your customers with instant gratification, resulting in a new standard for customers’ expectations.

And it’s not your customer’s fault. It’s the technology that is setting standards by providing customers with information and service at the earliest. For better or worse, this influence on customers’ behavior won’t return to what it was before.

This means, your mobile website needs to meet their standards and expectations, by not keeping them waiting, and by providing things instantly. Because mobile users have now become impatient users.

I’m not saying this randomly, You can consider your behavior when visiting mobile websites. Don’t you focus on quickly getting what you are looking for? Most likely, You do. And your users are no different than you. They also want to quickly scan entire content and figure out if your mobile website offers what they’re looking for.

Their only demand is to reach their goal seamlessly in an uninterrupted process. Even a single mishappening can turn their good mood into frustration. And we all know, a frustrated user will definitely leave the website and may never turn back, affecting both; (1) Bounce rate, and (2) Sale opportunities.

CTR Improvement with hyya themes

Moreover, Google says “Even a one-second delay in mobile page load decreases conversion rates by up to 20%” — which is quite alarming. Now, I believe this information is enough for you to convince yourself to improve your website speed for M-commerce.

So, what is the ultimate solution that I promised you at the start of this blog? Yes, just the one that I already mentioned in the blog title, the Hyva Themes.

Now, the question is How Hyvä themes can help you perform better at M-commerce, and ultimately increase your conversion and revenue? Shall we quickly figure it out? Let’s get goin’.

How Can Hyva Themes Help Increase Mobile Conversions and Revenue?

Before we start, let me just say that this is a mega topic. It contains all the information about the Hyva theme and how it is going to help you with Mobile Commerce. But I won’t bore you, promise.

The topics we’ll be discussing are:

(1) What is Hyvä theme?

(2) What makes Hyva the fastest solution for speed?

(3) How Hyva theme helps with Mobile conversion?

(4) How you can optimize mobile speed with Hyva themes?

What is Hyvä Theme?

What is Hyvä theme?

Hyva is a Magento theme. Unlike any other Magento theme, it has abilities to build a decent Magento store plus an extra superpower “lightning-fast loading SPEED”, which helps pass each core web vitals and scores 100/100 on the lighthouse.

In short, for you, Hyva themes = “All you need to improve Magento mobile performance” + “Your current Magento benefits” – “Downsides of traditional Magento themes”.

What Makes Hyva the Fastest Solution for Speed?

hyva themes for fast speed

We just claimed that the Hyva theme is the fastest solution for your Magento website. BUT…

How did the Hyva theme reach such speed that traditional Magento themes found it difficult to match? Intrigued?

So, the thing is, Hyva is a “Purpose-built Theme”. It is specifically designed to prioritize lightning-fast loading speed. But here’s the thing – how exactly does Hyva achieve this? What are the specific areas that they improve to get rid of Magento’s speed and performance issues? Well, let me break it down for you.

1. Built from Scratch

What is Hyvä theme?

Hyva theme creators built Hyva themes from SCRATCH. They analyzed the traditional Magento themes and identified and removed all the areas that were causing speed and performance issues. And instead, they added lightweight alternatives, that helped Hyva provide exceptional load times.

2. Use of Modern Frameworks

The makers of Hyva themes took a unique approach by removing heavy-weighted frameworks & even JavaScript and RequireJS components of traditional Magento Themes. Instead, they chose to adopt one single JavaScript framework, and that is AlpineJS, and later added Tailwind CSS. These modern frameworks were significantly lighter and helped Hyva achieve improvements in Magento speed & performance.

By replacing heavily weighted frameworks with AlpineJS and Tailwind CSS, Hyva reduced the need for excessive CSS. In fact, the CSS in Hyva is 90% lighter than that of a traditional Magento theme. This further enhances the speed and performance capabilities of Hyva themes. Smart move, isn’t it?

Mobile Conversions - Hyva theme

All these factors together make the Hyva theme the fastest solution for Magento websites compared to that traditional Magento themes.

How Does Hyva Theme Help with Mobile Conversions?

For any Magento store owner, their top priority is converting visitors into customers, and they would never hesitate to explore a variety of tried and tested methods. However, as we’re discussing on Hyva theme and mobile commerce, a question inevitably arises: What role does the Hyva theme play in improving mobile conversions?

Any guesses on this? No? Ok, Let’s learn it.

1. Mobile-First Design

Mobile Conversions - Hyva theme

What is it? Any idea? Mobile-first design is where the theme focus is first on mobile devices and then adapted to larger screens. And the Hyva theme is also designed with a mobile-first approach to provide a seamless experience on mobile devices.

As Hyva prioritizes needs of mobile users’ needs from the beginning of theme development, it’s great at engaging customers and capturing their attention. And we all know that, customer engagement = More conversions.

2. Lightening-Fast Loading Speed

Mobile Conversions - Hyva theme

Remember, when I said that, mobile users = impatient users for slow-loading websites? 

Well, that’s where the Hyva theme truly shines with its main strength — lightning-fast loading speed. By providing quick and responsive page loads, the Hyva theme ensures that your mobile users experience instant gratification.

This helps with increasing engagement with your customers and often results in a decrease in bounce rate and an increase in conversions.

This makes it clear that the Hyva theme focuses on providing a positive mobile user experience, helping you make more mobile conversions.


3, 2, 1…Time’s up.

It’s a fast-paced world, your customer will run away if your mobile website is not speedy enough. Therefore, improving site performance is your top priority as it directly affects the conversion and revenue of your Magento store.

In this blog, I explained the potential solution that we implemented for our client — which is, the Hyva Theme. We also understood that the Hyva theme is an impeccable solution to improve mobile conversions and revenue of your Magento store.

So, if you’re also thinking of improving conversion and revenue on mobile commerce, you can include Hyva themes as one of your strategies. After implementation, you’ll definitely watch your conversions soar.

PS: We Aureate Labs, a Magento agency, are an official supplier of Hyva Theme, and we’ve 10+ years of experienced Magento developers, who can help you with fixing your Magento speed issues or any other.

We can help you implement Hyva themes in two ways:

  1. Using pre-built Hyva theme templates
  2. Custom Hyva theme development

Feel free to get in touch for hassle-free Hyva implementation in your Magento store.

We, humans, tend to be skeptical until we see real-life examples. Therefore, why not conclude with real-time examples that showcase how the Hyva theme has helped our clients in various ways?

Let’s go for it.

Case Studies of Hyva Themes

The followings are some real-life success stories of the Hyva theme. You can go through them to understand how the Hyva theme helped our Magento clients in tackling a variety of issues with their Magento stores.

1. Federal Hospitality Equipment

Hyva theme implementation turned out to be the best solution for Federal Hospitality Equipment, one of our clients, to resolve their slow-loading Magento website issue. 

Here are the before and after results.

Mobile Conversions - Hyva theme case study

2. Grand Stores

One of our clients, Grand Stores was struggling with poor user experience and a slow-loading Magento website. Implementation of the Hyva theme helped them optimize their website for modern customers, and improve their Page Speed by 104%.

Here are the before and after results.

Hyva Theme Case Study : Grand Stores
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