How a Slow Magento Website Can Cost You Advertising Dollars

Jul 24th, 2023 8 min to read

Imagine investing thousands of dollars in advertising campaigns for your Magento store, and getting disappointing results. If you can relate, you are not alone. Many of our Magento clients are struggling with the same challenge.

Recently, one of our Magento clients shared this issue with us. Despite paying attention to each advertising aspect, i.e. whether bidding on the most effective keywords, working with a big budget, or using highly engaging marketing copy, he could not achieve his expected advertising goals.

We looked into it to figure out various factors that might be affecting ad performance. Surprisingly, we found that “Slow Magento Website Speed” could be the culprit behind not so performing ads.

The question is obvious, how a technical aspect like Magento website speed can impact advertising performance and cost? In this blog, we’ll uncover the connection between Magento website speed and advertising performance, and understand how your slow eCommerce website can cost you extra advertising dollars.

Let’s get started with it.

Connection Between Magento Website Speed and Ad Performance

Imagine users visiting your website after seeing your advertisement, and getting greeted by a slow-loading website. Do you think they’ll wait patiently for your website to load slowly? 

No, people enjoy slow motion in movies and TikTok, not on a website. They’ll likely hit the back button and leave. As a result, your bounce rate increases instead of your revenue.

When it comes to advertising, your primary objective is to grab the attention of your target audience by achieving a high ad rank with the lowest possible CPC (cost-per-click). To achieve this, you need a good quality score (learn more).

So, even when you have a beautifully designed ad landing page but your Magento website loads slowly like a tortoise, your advertising efforts, and budget will be wasted. And due to the high bounce rate of your site, your Ads will get low-quality scores, leading to an increase in your CPC amount.

Let me say this with more clarity.

The bounce rate is not the only thing that your slow-loading Magento website will give you, it will also harm the user experience and question your brand’s reputation. And a poor user experience can affect your advertising campaigns in many ways. 

Let’s check how a low-quality score leads to a higher CPC in the below image.

How a Slow Magento Website Can Cost You Advertising Dollars

For slow-loading websites, advertisers may need to bid higher to ensure their ads remain visible, resulting in an increased cost of advertising budget.

Now, this is the decision time.

Do you still want to spend extra dollars on your advertising campaigns or improve your website speed to lower your CPC? 

Option 2, right? That’s why I’m adding some possible areas you can work on to improve your Magento website speed that helps you minimize your advertising cost.

How to Speed Up Your Magento Store

So, you’ve learned the importance of Magento website speed. Now to provide your users with the best shopping experience, you can try your hands on these ways to improve your Magento website speed.

1. Choose the Server Closest to Your Location

2. Enable Cache in Your Magento Store

3. Use CDN (Content Delivery Network)

4. Minify CSS and JavaScript

5. Disable Javascript Bundling

6. Upgrade Magento to its Latest Version

7. Review and Update Your Third-Party Extensions

8. Disable/Uninstall Magento 2 Module

9. Disable Debug Logs

10. Clear Varnish Cache

You can find the detailed steps here: Magento 2 Speed Up | 13 Optimization Tips.

Working on these areas will help you improve your Magento site speed to a good extent, and will help you perform well on Google PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse. But if you ask, is there any ultimate solution to let your Magento website load at its best?

I would say yes, that’s possible!! There is a theme that is specifically made to solve the website speed issues and guarantees you a “100/100 Google pagespeed score” for your Magento store.

Hyva themes to speed up Slow Magento Website

So, are you ready to meet the ultimate solution to “Magento Speed Issues”?

Introducing “Hyvä Theme” for Accelerating Website Performance

How Hyva Theme can help you improve speed of your magento eCommerce store?

As you’re working with Magento, you are possibly aware of Hyva Theme but let me also share a little information on what Hyva theme is and how it will help you improve Magento store speed.

The Hyvä Theme is the frontend theme for Magento that allows you to create lightweight and fast-loading eCommerce websites. It has the power to reduce your website load time dramatically. Where any basic Magento website takes at least 4-6 seconds to load, the Hyva theme can bring your Magento website load time to 1-2 seconds.

In short, the Hyva theme is “everything that your Magento store needs to load quickly“. And yes, the Hyva theme holds many more benefits that help you to improve your Ad quality score.

Let’s understand them.

How Hyva Theme Helps to Improve Your Ad Quality Score

One of the important parameters of Google Ad Quality Score is the “Landing Page Experience”—providing visitors with an excellent experience on your website.

And for an outstanding user experience, you can blindly trust the Hyva theme for your Magento website. Here’s how:

  1. Speed—you can achieve a super fast website without compromising advanced functionality.
  2. Responsive—you can focus on each and every user with different screen sizes.
  3. Navigation—your visitors can roam easily throughout your website. 
  4. SEO—you can surprise Google with better website structure, speed, and performance.
  5. Advancement—using custom extensions won’t affect the website’s performance.

These are not all benefits that you get with the Hyva theme, there are more. To know each of them, you can visit our blog on Hyvä Theme Benefits That Your Store Needs.


In the end, I would only remind you that no one likes slow websites. And when it comes to advertising, your slow website will definitely hinder the overall success of your ad campaign. This is because factors such as advertising performance, ad budget, quality score, and website speed, are all interconnected.

If you improve your speed, you will see an improvement in your quality score. An improvement in quality scores will ultimately lead to better ad rankings and lower CPC, which means fewer advertising dollars will bring you better ad rankings.

This makes it 100% clear that a slow-loading website costs extra advertising dollars and still does not provide desired results. Moreover, we have witnessed an ultimate solution to improve Magento website speed, which is the “Hyva theme”.

Now, the decision is yours. You can invest your precious time in tried and tested methods to improve your Magento website speed or you can go ahead with a highly recommended solution—the Hyva theme.

PS: We Aureate Labs, a Magento agency, are an official supplier of Hyva Theme, and we’ve 10+ years of experience with skilled Magento developers, who can help you with fixing your Magento speed issues or any other. Feel free to get in touch for hassle-free Hyva implementation in your Magento store.

Before opting for the Hyva theme makeover, you must be curious about what would be the expected outcomes.

Let’s take a look at some case studies that show how useful the Hyva theme has turned out for Magento store owners.

Hyva Theme Case Studies

In this section, I’m adding some real-life success stories of Hyva Theme, which has helped Magento store owners in improving their website speed & performance to a great extent.

1. Imaginfires Saw 296% Increase in Site Speed With Hyva Theme

ImaginFires UK's top Bioethanol Fireplaces Supplier - Hyva Theme Case Study

Imaginefires, the UK’s top Bioethanol Fireplaces Supplier, experienced a poor website performance impacting their conversion rate. We have implemented the Hyva theme for improved functionality and features.

Results of Imaginefire's Google Lighthouse score

Having such a number of lighthouse scores was nearly impossible for the Magento platform before the Hyva theme. 

2. Grand Stores Achieves 104% Increase in Page Speed With Hyva Theme

Grand Stores - Hyva Theme Case Study

We implemented Hyva Theme for Grand Stores, one of our clients, who was facing several challenges due to low page speed. As a result, they were able to improve their page speed by 104% than what it was. 

Results of Grand Store's Google Lighthouse score

3. Hyva Theme Success Story of Australia’s Leading Food Equipment Importer & Supplier

Australia's Leading Food Equipment Importer & Supplier - Hyva Theme Case Study

Federal Hospitality Equipment came to us with an issue of the heavy and cluttered design of their website, which led to slow website speed and poor user experience.

We simplified their website design and implemented Hyva Theme. This resulted in better user experience and improvement in engagement rate.

Results of Grand Store's Google Lighthouse score

All these case studies definitely describe that the Hyva theme is the perfect match for improving Magento website speed and performance without making any extra hassles.

Dhruvi Master
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