Hyvä Theme Benefits That Your Store Needs

Feb 11th, 2022 5 min to read

We somehow feel your store has gotten the vaccination for slow page loads… 

And a sure-shot happiness booster as well.

How? Well, anyone looking to 

… have access to the fastest Magento 2.0 theme ever, Hyvä themes

What is the Hyvä theme?

The Hyva theme is “Everything your current store offers + Lightning fast page speed.”

Don’t trust us yet? Here’s how Hyvä boosts your super-tired store.

What are the benefits of the Hyvä theme for merchants?

You’ll have “Hyvä theme Benefits” + “benefits of your current store” – “the downsides of your existing store.” Easy peasy? 

#1: Need for speed… most wanted! 

#A: Your users want speed! They love instant gratification. And their attention span is depleting in general (we’re not using the goldfish myth :D). So, it’s natural, speed is the most wanted thing from your store.

#B: Store speed is the first thing your users notice. Your older store gave one impression— “you didn’t care about your users.” You may feel you cared, but a dead-tired store flips your efforts upside down.

#C: 70% of customers feel page speed impacts their buying decisions. Enough reason to have a fast-loading website? The biggest takeaway from Hyvä is… check out number 4.

#D: 50% of users can give up videos and animations to have a fast surfing experience. But Hyvä themes make sure your users don’t have to give up on anything. Your users can achieve intergalactic glory without having to give up on visual content. 😀

#2: From dead conversion rates… to the daddy conversion rates…

e-Commerce site speed is one of the biggest fuels for conversion. You want your Magento store to be blazing quick because:

  • initial 5 seconds of Page Load Time influence conversion rates.
  • you also lose 4.42% of conversion rates with a 1-second page load delay (between seconds 0-5).

Now conversion rate correlates with e-Commerce performance. That’s sole reason why businesses are traveling length for conversion rate optimization.. This is why you need the Hyvä theme benefits to tickmark all the needs for web performance. Which it does! 

And with better page speed, 

  • you spend less time optimizing your store and 
  • invest more time in other key areas such as branding.

#3: Not free… but costs less in the long run!

Hyvä theme costs you 1,130 US Dollars… only 1,130 US Dollars more than your existing store! 😀 Now, what makes you buy such an expensive deal? Well, everything!

Let’s break it down for you…

  1. You will spend money to fix site speed in Luma. Right?
  2. You will tune your Luma store. Right?
  3. You will overuse Luma functionalities because it’s free. Right?

Everything comes with an extra cost. Tuning and fixing other fronts will take you at least 50 more hours. Let’s say you pay 25 dollars to optimize your store. Where are you standing now?

The idea is clear: you don’t want the website to get clumsy. Otherwise, you pay again to optimize that… back to square one?

And for a matter of fact, we know merchants are somehow fed up with the slow Magento 2 storefront. The tweet sums it up:

#4: Early to market… and early to rise!

If Hyvä theme benefits implementation takes 100 hours, other technologies take thrice as much time.

So what it takes your store three months to get ready, let’s say, may take six months or even 9 months with existing technology. Of course, you don’t want it when time is a valuable commodity at the moment.

Your competitors are charging up with the latest themes and technology. You’re competing with 24 million e-Commerce businesses in the world. Don’t forget about businesses in the hybrid space. 

But what keeps us talking about the Hyvä theme is— it might even beat its record.

Take a look at the tweet:

So they Hare-d their way one month earlier to their Hyvä schedule. Well done, Hyvä!

#5: A vaccinated developer… is a non-spreader!

Hyvä theme benefits give a lot of control to you, but you may still need developers for high-end personalization.

Your developers have had toxic relationships with old themes. You might not be aware of it. But as we said— Hyvä rolled out as a vaccine for them. 

It would help if you had developers and designers in the best mental state. They’re more stressed than the industry thinks. Otherwise, they’ll spread their state to your website. 

And your website state would be passed on to the users. And you already know what that would result in…

  • Terrible website
  • Poor conversion rate
  • Hysterised sales funnel
  • Poor sales figure 🙁

Check the tweet… 

If transitivity theory existed in real life… it would be this tweet!

Happy Developers = Happy Merchants = Happy Customers.

Our final argument… 

You need Hyvä if your customers demand performance. Hands down! Hyvä is an optimal solution if you’re 

  • creating a new website from scratch… Have Hyvä deployed straight away!
  • migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2... The fact you’re switching Magento versions, it’s best you migrate to Hyva at the same time. You avoid cost doubling.

You can also put in place Hyvä if you’re already on Magento 2. Hyvä migration may play a bit tricky. To benefit from Magento theme migration, you may want to leave it to experts. So check out our Hyvä theme development service package now.

And, if you’re looking for a quick and affordable solution, then you can consider the pre-built Hyva theme templates. Just install the template in minutes and launch your store in days!!

Vishal Gelani
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