What Aureate Labs, A Certified Shogun Frontend Development Agency, Can Do For You?

Nov 3rd, 2021 9 min to read

Empowerment is a powerful word. It means to fuel yourself to do better. To take things into your own hands and turn them into something exceptional.

As an eCommerce merchant, it is vital for you to be an empowered brand. You need to create something unique in order for your customer base to multiply.

But, many eCommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce do not have many customization options.

This is primarily because your backend and frontend are coupled, which means changes to one will affect the other.

But, luckily we have Shogun Frontend—a bundled frontend solution that makes going headless easy. Shogun Frontend sources the best-in-breed software, so you don’t have to worry about the complexities of a custom build..

As you might already know, it decouples the backend of your site from the frontend.

So, it offers the customization benefits of having a separate frontend while also providing you with the necessary support from the eCommerce platform through the backend codes.

What is a Shogun Agency Partner?

Shogun offers partnership opportunities for agencies across the world to elevate their eCommerce experiences.

Shogun partners with selected agencies to provide access to the Shogun platform and help build headless commerce for the partner agency’s customers. Since Shogun Frontend works on React.js, partner agencies can provide powerful performance capabilities for eCommerce merchants.

Aureate Labs is one of the pioneer agencies in the world to partner with Shogun. Let us take a look at how we got there, shall we?

Our journey with Shogun

Our initial days with Shogun started well before any other partner agencies. We build eCommerce stores on Shopify and Shopify 2.0 and other such platforms for our clients with an aim to improve their efficiency and revenue.

That is how Aureate Labs met the Shogun team when Shogun Frontend was just in its Beta stage. Shogun onboarded us as one of its pioneer Certified Frontend Agencies.

Now, we have unlimited access to Shogun Frontend, which we use to significantly improve our customers’ stores, the way they look, and the way they work.

What does this partnership mean?

As we said earlier, we help our merchants build breakthrough experiences using best headless commerce. So, let us discuss some pointers in which this partnership helps you be a better eCommerce merchant.

1. Deliver high-performing storefronts:

Stores created using the default drag and drop builders are excellent to look at. But, the optimization features are very limited.

Due to bulky codes, your eCommerce store could lag and freeze at times. And any changes to the backend will affect your frontend performance such as appearance, speed and agility.

By adapting headless commerce through the Shogun Frontend, Aureate Labs can now create high-performing stores.

The loading time for both desktop and mobile decreases significantly with Shogun Frontend. This greatly enhances the customer’s experience with your online store.

2. When Content meets Commerce:

We believe that a great online customer experience is achieved through content. Great customer experience also helps in increasing revenue because happy and loyal customers have better retention rates.

Also, loyal customers spread positive messages among their circle of friends, which helps companies in decreasing new customer acquisition costs.

Shogun products are known for providing a better way to manage content for eCommerce platforms. Using Frontend to plan content strategy beyond default Shopify’s limits is a great way to grow your business.

3. Reliable support Shogun team:

As a Certified Partner Agency, we team up with the Shogun team for any Frontend implementation project.

So, the frontend we develop for you won’t have any issues due to an improper understanding of the platform.

We work together to make sure that merchants get an elevated store as exactly planned. Hence, you can be assured that your online store has the optimum performance at all times.

How is Shogun Frontend different from others?

After knowing our values and philosophies, you must believe that there must be something special with the Shogun platform. Yes! There are many advantages to going headless using the Shogun platform. Let us list a few of them here.

1. Ease of use: Not only the ease of use for developers but also for the merchants. You do not have to rely on developers every time you need something edited in your online store. By using the simple drag and drop editor, you can make effective changes to your website yourself.

2. Speed: Who doesn’t like an online store that loads faster than the others? Shogun Frontend revolutionizes the speed for both mobile and desktop devices.

3. Easy navigation: Both developers and merchants can navigate between different product pages, without any confusion. The Experience Manager mode lets you view the page from the customer’s viewpoint. Hence, you can make design changes to your store with pre-built page sections.

4. CMS: The Content Management System is an additional perk of using Shogun Frontend. You can manage the content on all your product pages without having to worry about how it will affect your store’s overall performance.

Value-Added Services

Apart from the above benefits, we also offer value-added services that focus on growing your business.

1. Headless Commerce Consulting/Strategy:

Headless commerce is not an architecture without a head. Instead, it means that you do not have a fixed head. Meaning, you get more flexibility and choices in choosing the frontend of your store.

We, at Aureate Labs, understand your requirements and offer consulting services that decide whether headless commerce architecture is what you need for your store.

We create strategies for implementing the headless commerce architecture. This enables you to have scalability, flexibility and agility.

These are the crucial elements that drive revenue and provide opportunities for you to grow organically.

Aureate Labs has an extensive team of experts who understand your requirements and strive to deliver exactly what you want, with revenue growth as the ideal goal.

2. Frontend Implementation:

Shogun Front End consists of three main features: an Experience Manager, a Content Management System and a Code Editor.

By using these features, our developers create an eCommerce store that you can easily edit later on.

If you need to update an image/video content on your webpage, you can simply do that yourself after we implement Shogun Frontend.

It is a simple and straightforward approach to create an eCommerce store that reduces complexities and improves performance.

3. Performance and Revenue Optimization:

Headless commerce primarily focuses on improving accessibility across all devices. You build one store and it performs well on both desktop and mobile devices.

So, you never miss out on opportunities to profit from. Aureate Labs understands that the primary objective of your business is to improve revenue by enhancing performance.

This is why we offer special services that focus on optimizing your revenue stream.

Our developers understand that time is of the essence for any business. Hence, we prioritize reducing the loading time of your online store.

It works on reducing the bounce rates and providing a better and more streamlined experience for your customers.

How do we differ from others as Shogun Agency Partner?

We are a web development agency dedicated to developing eCommerce web stores on popular eCommerce platforms like Magento web development and Shopify web development. .

We have more than a decade of experience in the eCommerce field. We still stand as one of the best eCommerce store developers due to our diligence and adaptability to the ever-evolving eCommerce industry.

Our team is always on the search for the next-gen solutions that greatly improve the end user’s experience as well as a store owner’s journey.

We always focus on building healthy relationships with clients. Thus, we prioritize understanding your requirements to the fullest through constructive conversations that provide insights into your brand values and ideals.

Hence, we are always able to deliver solutions that satisfy your needs and this is what makes us the most trusted Shogun Agency Partner.

Things that matter to us the most

Below are the major points that make us stand out from the competition.

1. ROI comes first:

Return of Investment is a valuable metric that we at Aureate Labs fully understand. Whenever we create a solution, we keep in mind the investment that they initially made for the store development.

In the next step, we focus on finding ways to earn back the investment within the first 12 months or possibly before that.

Consider the following example. An eCommerce merchant has spent around $10,000 for all processes including store development, deployment and optimization.

We then create plans and strategies to improve sales by offering customized sales journeys for the store users. Which gradually increases the revenue and thus brings back the money spent on developing the store.

2. Data-driven approach:

What matters to make better decisions regarding your store development is data. We analyze data, test designs and gather opinions of various experts to arrive at the optimal design for your storefront.

We operate as empowered teams that coordinate and create innovative solutions. Hence, any biases that decision-makers hold doesn’t affect your store in any way.

By analyzing the buyer patterns, we make the best use of data to provide a customized journey for your customers.

Constant developments to the store is what makes our service more effective. We find actionable insights and figure out ways in which we can further improve the end user’s experience.


Remember, we talked about empowerment at the beginning of the article? We believe in it and our teams practice it on a daily basis.

And Shogun Frontend is the key to unlocking empowerment in your eCommerce business. It gives you full control over your store, how it looks, how it feels and how it interacts with your customers.

Furthermore, our clients experienced massive improvements in revenue after going headless with Shogun Frontend.

Want your eCommerce store revamped? Contact Aureate Labs your official Shogun Agency Partner today!

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