Vue Storefront Conference 2022: Highlights of the Event

Mar 15th, 2022 7 min to read

Thank you for supporting Vue Storefront Conference 2022 and making it a big success! We are here with quick highlights of the event to make sure you do not miss anything. So if you couldn’t make it to attend, you can enjoy the after story of the event. 

Like last year, Aureate Labs took the privilege of organizing the great event “Vue Storefront Conference” to keep you updated with everything happening in the world of Headless commerce. The event was held virtually on 12th March 2022 between 10 AM to 2 PM IST and remained successful with help of some expert speakers, and a large group of entrepreneurs, developers, and other attendees.

Last year the Vue Storefront India Meetup event was about creating awareness in the global community regarding Headless commerce. But this year it was upgraded with business as well as technical sessions that were more focused on creating awareness, resolving doubts, and understanding the benefits of Headless Commerce.

The business interviews helped the entrepreneurs to understand the actual issues the business enterprise faces in the lack of a better eCommerce structure and how Headless commerce can benefit them. And the technical sessions were there to help the developers to learn the headless framework and integration with eCommerce and CMS platforms. During the session, you may also notice the great contribution of Vue Storefront as a Front-end framework to help businesses achieve headless commerce.

In a nutshell, the headless concept is now becoming a large revolving snowball in the eCommerce sector. And most of the businesses are looking forward to reserving their long-term benefits by choosing headless commerce with the right front-end platform.

Let’s take a look at the after story of Vue Storefront Conference 2022 more closely.

1. How to plan Headless Commerce strategy? 

Mr. Piyush Lathiya(CEO & Founder of Aureate Labs), is one of the dominant promoters of Headless commerce and PWA, with a decade of experience in the eCommerce domain.

Mr. Piyush, as a first speaker, takes the honor to open up the stage by highlighting the roadmap of Vue Storefront 2. After that, he explains some important points to ensure the entrepreneurs can take the right decisions when it comes to Headless commerce, such as:

  • How Headless Commerce can help your online store?
  • Is Headless commerce good for your business?
  • What’s the best to adapt the headless structure? 
  • Which things to consider before you go headless?

Lastly, he completes this session by unwrapping secret strategies for Headless Commerce.

Watch this video to have a better understanding   

2. From Lab to Households – commerce journey of Miko

Mr. Vatsal Shah is a renowned Business mentor, eCommerce Evangelist, and CEO & Coach at Pragmatic Consultancy.

In this session, Mr. Vatsal encourages Mr. Ritvik, the Director of Growth at Miko, to share about the inspiring journey of Miko and what made them move to Headless with VSF.

Mr. Ritvik has conveyed his understanding and faith in Headless commerce and believes that every eCommerce business that wants a seamless experience for their customers in the long go must consider the headless method for their online store.

He has also uncovered some best marketing and business growth techniques to help businesses to grow in their market.

Please watch the video to witness the actual conversation.  

3. Level-up buying experience: Going headless with Shopify + Vue Storefront

Mr. Jayesh Patel, the Technology Manager at Aureate Labs, takes the opportunity to explain how businesses by adapting headless commerce can improve the buying experience for online shoppers.

In his presentation, he has explained how Headless Commerce can offer high-level performance and personalization for your eCommerce store in a more technical manner.

Check out this video to dig deeper into Headless technologies 

4. Getting Started with Vue Storefront 2 development with Magento 2

Mr. Jisse Reitsma, the Founder of Yireo, is three times Magento Master who loves technologies as well as keeps training the front-end and back-end developers on different platforms. 

In this session, he helps the developers with the step-by-step instructions to get started with Vue Storefront 2 development with Magento 2. Firstly, he outlines the prerequisite tools for the development and then shows the complete development process with a demo. 

Learn more with the tutorial video given below.   

5. How Lovecrafts is weaving together the experience for crafters?

Once again, Mr. Vatsal Shah takes the stage and helped Mr. Halil Koklu,  the CTO of LoveCrafts, to share the story behind LoveCrafts in this session. Also, they discussed how the store shifted from Magento to CommerceTools and the main reasons for choosing Vue Storefront as the head (front-end) for LoveCrafts.

In addition to this, Halil loved to share some key parameters, the merchants or business owners can consider for identifying the performance of their eCommerce store. 

Watch this video to know the actual conversation.   

6. Fast & Headless -> Build Headless Commerce in minutes with Vue Storefront, Shopify, and Storyblok

Then comes, Mr. Jakub Andrzejewski, who is the Full Stack Developer at Vue Storefront and also an Ambassador at nuxt_js, Storyblok & Adyen.

Here, he makes Headless Commerce and its structure easy to understand for the audience. Also, he demonstrates how it is easy to build Headless Commerce in minutes with Vue Storefront (front-end), Shopify (back-end), and Storyblok (Content Management System). 

If you are a developer, you may not wish to miss this tutorial.

7. Scaling up your enterprise business with Headless Commerce and AI

Mr. Kalarav Vasavada, the Delivery Manager at Brainvire, is an eCommerce and IT specialist with a decade of experience. 

In this session, he contributes his knowledge about the role of Headless Commerce and Artificial Intelligence in the eCommerce sector. Also, he helps eCommerce businesses easy to decide between the monolith and headless commerce; which structure or method to follow.

He also points out,

  • things to consider when shifting to headless commerce
  • benefits that business can have with the use of AI and Headless commerce
  • best way to bring Headless commerce and AI together

Why don’t you learn directly from Mr. Kalarav Vasavada? 

8. State of Vue Storefront

Finally, Mr. Filip Rakowski, CTO & Co-Founder of Vue Storefront, takes the honor to close up the event with some amazing announcements on the Vue Storefront.

He starts with the ultimate goals of Vue Storefront:

“To make VSF easier for the eCommerce business to go headless”, 


“To make VSF open for all eCommerce stores by providing integrations with almost all the eCommerce platforms”.

Then, he announces the first official “local Vue Storefront community in India” with the ambassadors named Mr. Kaushal Nimavat and Mr. Viral Rana. This is a great initiative that aims to make VSF easily available to the Indian eCommerce community.

Lastly, he shares numerous achievements of VSF in past years, especially in 2021 and what’s next the eCommerce community is going to witness in the upcoming years.

For more precise information on this session, watch the video given below.

Thank you for reading! 

The overall intention of this event was to help eCommerce merchants to decide whether Magento or Shopify Headless Commerce is suitable for their business or not. 

Hope this post helped you get everything you may want to know about the recently held event by Aureate Labs: Vue Storefront Conference 2022. If you have any questions regarding this event or our upcoming events, feel free to contact us at

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