7 Reasons why you need to Hire Shopify Experts for growing stores

Nov 30th, 2023 15 min to read

Is your start-up Shopify store hitting 500 orders a month??

If yes, a Big Congratulations!!🥳🥳🥳 Your eCommerce business is now at the growing stage.

What’s next?? You must get some helping hands to fulfill your growing business needs. Yes, you got me right— you need to hire Shopify experts!

There are a thousand things to manage in an eCommerce business. At the same time, you can’t compromise your customers’ shopping experience, starting from product discovery to product delivery.

So, let’s understand why you need to hire Shopify experts and how they would help your growing business.

What is a Shopify expert?

What services do Shopify experts offer?

A Shopify expert is a professional with specialized skills in helping businesses set up, customize, and optimize their online stores on the Shopify platform. You can also call them “Shopify Developers”. These individuals possess the knowledge and skills to harness the full potential of Shopify’s features.

As Shopify is the most user-friendly eCommerce platform, creating and managing online stores is super easy, even for someone who is not tech-savvy. But, without technical skills, you won’t be able to make your store compliant with your unique business needs.

So, you need individuals who have acquired Shopify technical knowledge and are able to unlock custom functionalities and advancements in your online business.

Wondering what exactly the Shopify experts can do? What can you achieve with the help of Shopify experts? The next section has the answers.

What services do Shopify experts offer?

What services do Shopify experts offer?

Businesses often hire Shopify experts to ensure that their online stores are not only visually appealing but also functional, secure, and optimized for performance and user experience.

Shopify experts are not just developers; they are partners invested in your eCommerce success. Their job roles go beyond coding and designing, including the services listed below:

  1. Shopify Store Setup
  2. Theme Development and Customization
  3. Third-party App Integration
  4. Custom Development
  5. Migration to Shopify
  6. Store Maintenance and Support
  7. Speed and Performance Optimization
  8. Shopify Plus Scripting
  9. SEO Optimization
  10. Marketing and Advertising
  11. Product Research and Consultation
  12. BONUS: Customer Experience Optimization

These are just different areas where Shopify experts can work on. What exactly they offer is explained below. 👇

1. Shopify Store Setup

Shopify eCommerce Store Setup

Building a new eCommerce store in Shopify starts with store setup!

Shopify experts help kickstart your eCommerce business by setting up and configuring your online store based on your store preferences.

Here are the types of Shopify stores they can help you build:

  1. Single product store
  2. Multiple products store
  3. Digital products or services store
  4. Dropshipping store
  5. Print-On-Demand store
  6. Marketplace or multi-vendor store
  7. Enterprise or B2B store

…you can add more to the list. From adding custom domain name to establishing secure payment methods, they ensure your digital storefront is ready to welcome customers.

2. Theme Development and Customization

Theme Development and Customization

In this tough competition, you can’t just have a generic storefront.

Creating a unique online presence, Shopify experts breathe life into your eCommerce store through their theme development skills. They build visually appealing storefronts that align seamlessly with your brand story.

If you’ve finalized the Shopify theme, they customize existing themes to align with specific eCommerce website design requirements. Also, they ensure that the Shopify store is mobile-friendly and responsive across various devices.

3. Third-party App Integration

Third-party App Integration

Want to add more features to your online store?

Shopify experts connect your store with external tools to enhance functionality. Whether it’s subscription management apps or different sales and marketing channels, these professionals skillfully integrate third-party apps, unlocking the full potential of your online store.

Some applications come with complex integration processes. And if they are not configured well, it may not be helpful for your online store. So, Shopify experts can only handle those beasts and make sure they work beautifully with your existing store’s functionalities.

4. Custom Development

Custom Development

Proficient in writing and modifying liquid code, Shopify developers build custom functionalities and features exclusively for your Shopify eCommerce store.

Whether it’s a custom checkout process, unique product detail page, or personalized customer engagement features, custom development ensures your store stands out and operates efficiently.

Their deep knowledge of coding, APIs, and extensions creates an online space that aligns with your unique business requirements and industry standards.

5. Migration to Shopify

Migration to Shopify

Switching eCommerce platforms is a time-consuming process that has higher break-down risks.

Shopify experts can streamline the Shopify migration process by handling technical stuff such as:

  1. data transfer to the Shopify store (products, orders, customers, coupons, etc.)
  2. website setup with required features
  3. store design or theme customization
  4. SEO retention
  5. performance optimization

…and much more. Additionally, Shopify experts ensure a seamless transition by thoroughly testing the new Shopify store to identify and address post-migration issues or challenges.

6. Store Maintenance and Support

Shopify Store Maintenance and Support

Now, it’s time to make your Shopify eCommerce website bug-free!

Shopify experts also offer ongoing store maintenance and support services to ensure your eCommerce store is functioning well. You can undertake regular store maintenance to make sure your Shopify store is optimized for performance and user experience.

The Shopify maintenance experts offer:

  • Website Analysis
  • Bugs/errors scanning and fixing
  • Code review and modification
  • Third-party integration support
  • Performance and speed optimization
  • Regular store backup
  • Continuous store monitoring
  • Regular reporting
  • Emergency support

This way they guarantee a better-performing Shopify store that satisfies its online shoppers. 😊

7. Speed and Performance Optimization

Speed and Performance Optimization

Shopify themes are usually known for better speed. However, poor customization, code modifications, or the addition of bulky third-party apps can slow down your online stores.

Don’t worry, Shopify experts can help you speed up your store and improve the overall performance of your websites. How?? Well, it depends on why your website’s speed or performance is poor.

For that, the experts first undertake a detailed performance audit that also includes the speed test (that we usually do using the Google PageSpeed test or GTmetrix). After they analyze the performance issues, they will offer immediate solutions which may include:

  1. Fixing Core Web vitals
  2. Image optimization
  3. Code optimization
  4. Minification of CSS and JavaScript
  5. Lazy Loading implementation
  6. Reduce server requests
  7. Remove or replace external apps
  8. Reduce page size

Simply, the goal is not only to provide you “90+ Score” but also to ensure a lightweight and high-performing Shopify store.

8. Shopify Plus Scripting

Shopify Plus Scripting

For enterprises with the advanced capabilities of Shopify Plus, experts offer custom scripting services to fulfill their unique business requirements. Shopify Scripts are small pieces of code written in Ruby, to customize your store’s behavior.

The Shopify Plus Scripting includes

  • Line item scripts,
  • Shipping scripts, and
  • Payment scripts.

They’re used to customize discounts, shipping, and payment options to improve the Shopify checkout page. Shopify Plus experts can help you create discounts, modify products, run promotions, and customize shipping and payment options using these custom scripts.

9. SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

Who doesn’t want to rank first on search engine’s result pages (SERP)??

Everyone does! You can easily find Shopify SEO experts who can help you beat your competitors by making your website SEO-optimized.

Here’s what Shopify experts proficient in SEO optimization can offer:

  1. Keyword research and insertion
  2. Technical SEO audits
  3. On-Page optimization
  4. Building quality backlinks
  5. Local SEO implementation

…and more. In short, they empower your Shopify store to reach a wider audience, increase organic traffic, and ultimately, drive sustained growth in the competitive online marketplace.

10. Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and Advertising

This is what helps you generate sales in your online store.

Effective marketing and advertising are essential to drive traffic, engage customers, and boost sales, of course. Shopify marketing experts offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your brand’s visibility, attract targeted audiences, and drive conversions.

The marketing experts can help you

  • Develop comprehensive marketing strategies
  • Enable effective cross-channel marketing and engagement
  • Implement automated email marketing campaigns
  • Create compelling and relevant content for promotion
  • Optimize paid advertising campaign
  • Track the performance of marketing campaigns

…and more depending on their expertise. This way they can help you sell your products effortlessly.

11. Product Research and Consultation

Product Research and Consultation

This point can be shocking for you; even it was for me when I saw this gig for the first time!

But at the same time, it is a great help, the Shopify experts can ever do. There are tons of Shopify store owners who have spent sleepless nights finding the eCommerce niche or winning products for their eCommerce stores.

This service can be helpful to individuals who want to start their eCommerce business and don’t know how to find the best-selling products. Shopify experts can analyze market trends, evaluate customer demands, and conduct thorough competitor research to identify lucrative opportunities for your business.

As a result, you can give a quick start to your Shopify store without wasting your time and energy on product research and market analysis.

12. BONUS: Customer Experience Optimization

Customer Experience Optimization

Yes, at Aureate you get an additional service that’s rare to find!

It all started when one of our clients struggled with lower conversion rates until we identified a common culprit: a poor customer experience. By conducting

we pinpointed areas for improvement and optimized their Shopify store for a better user experience. As a result, it magically reduced cart abandonment and increased customer retention.

This made us realize many eCommerce businesses are facing the same challenge and are unable to identify the main reason. And we decided to help them out with our Customer Experience (CX) optimization services.

You can also opt for this service if you want to optimize your store’s customer experience. Contact us now and let us help you with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)!

That’s all!!

After exploring all these services, I can’t stop myself from saying, “Shopify experts can do whatever is required to run your online business“.

I hope you agree too. And if you’re still doubtful about whether to hire Shopify experts or not, we shall move to the next section!

Reasons Why You Should Hire Shopify Experts

With time, every business grows and you need additional hands to take care of operations and help you efficiently run your business.

This is one of the main reasons, I feel. Now let’s explore all the reasons why you should hire a Shopify developer.

Reason 1: Better Work Quality

You can easily identify a store designed by an expert and a store designed by an inexperienced person. Yes, it’s that easy because the quality of the work itself speaks!!

Then imagine, the shoppers who visit your online store can clearly see the difference between:

There’s nothing wrong with saying that “An experienced and skillful Shopify developer can offer better quality work than us (who are not technically sound)“.

So, investing in Shopify experts guarantees a polished and professional online presence that leaves a positive impression on your potential customers.

Reason 2: Time and Cost Savings

Why you need to hire shopify experts - Time and Cost Savings

Setting up a Shopify store can be done within 1-2 hrs, and customizing the theme may take 2-4 hrs… right??

Now you might be thinking why do I need to hire experts when it’s just a matter of a few hours? But frankly speaking, I have seen Shopify store owners spending an entire day or more just to add 1-2 lines of custom code to the backend to get the desired outcome.

Even, due to wrong configuration many merchants end up blocking their websites. Then, they waste lots of time and energy finding the right solution. And let’s not forget, how much time and money you’ve invested in discovering the most suitable Shopify apps for business needs.

All I want to say is “Hiring a Shopify expert can speed up your execution and save your time, cost, and energy from getting wasted“.

You must be wondering >> How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Shopify Expert? << Read on!!

Reason 3: Zero or Lower Downtimes

Why you need to hire shopify experts - Zero or Lower Downtimes

Have you ever experienced downtime??

I know downtimes are like nightmares. But, the bitter truth is that we don’t have control over it. The more you add features to your store, the chances of downtime get higher in not optimized well.

And, now your eCommerce business is at the growing stage — you can’t afford downtime for an hour. So, even if you have a small team, you must have a Shopify developer who maintains your website well by:

  1. continuously monitoring your website to avoid downtimes and
  2. resolving them quickly if any error occurs.

The result is a Shopify site that runs smoothly and provides an uninterrupted shopping experience.

Reason 4: Personalized Shopping Experience

Why you need to hire shopify experts - Personalized Shopping Experience

Online shopping is more than a purchase. We call it an experience…aren’t we??

The more you make it personalized for your customers, the higher retention you can expect from them. The most common example is Amazon.

I have been shopping for years from Amazon because I feel connected with the platform. From product discovery to order tracking, it makes me engaged and informed based on my preferences.

Also, that’s what helps you beat your competition as you can take your store to the next level by offering a personalized shopping experience.

So, who’s going to help you make your Shopify websites outstanding?

Shopify expert with extensive experience — absolutely correct!! 👍👌

Reason 5: Never Miss the Huge SALES Opportunities

Why you need to hire shopify experts - Never Miss the Huge SALES Opportunities

On every holiday sale, online shoppers keep their eyes on the special deals or pocket-saving offers!!

As a growing eCommerce business with a large customer base, you can’t fail your customer’s expectations. At the same time, it’s an amazing opportunity for you to make 10x revenue. Then how could you miss the eCommerce holiday sales??

I agree, that preparing for a flash sale is time-consuming and requires lots of effort in:

  1. creating custom landing pages,
  2. planning marketing and sales strategies,
  3. promoting offers and deals,
  4. inventory management,
  5. optimizing the store for best performance,
  6. customer service, and so on.

For that, you need some helping hands. And, with the help of Shopify experts, you can make every sale super-hit!!🥳🤘🤑

Reason 6: Faster Growth and Scalability

Why you need to hire shopify experts - Faster Growth and Scalability

As your business expands, the ability to scale efficiently becomes crucial.

It could be anything such as redesigning the storefront, launching sub-domains, adding new product categories, upgrading to B2B, etc. Utilizing the expertise of Shopify developers can facilitate the seamless growth of your online store without affecting the store’s performance.

Moreover, Shopify experts stay up-to-date on the latest market trends and industry best practices. Their insights can guide you in adapting your store to align with evolving customer preferences and market dynamics.

Reason 7: Peace Of Mind (Most Important)

As a merchant, you have too many burdens on your shoulders. I understand.

Having someone responsible who can take over all the technical ops can be stress-free for you.

Whether it’s creating custom Shopify templates, additional functionalities, or addressing technical glitches, Shopify experts ensure your online store is performing well.

You can then, focus on the other aspects of your business with the confidence that your online store is in capable and reliable hands.

This is how hiring Shopify experts can shower you with many benefits. Now let’s find out what is the exact time to approach them.

When to Approach a Shopify Expert?

When to Approach a Shopify Expert

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question! The right time to hire a Shopify Expert for your growing business will depend on a number of factors.

If you’ve already established your shop and are experiencing growth, you might need an expert for more advanced tasks like SEO optimization, custom app development, marketing campaigns, or advanced troubleshooting.

Here are some specific signs that it may be time to hire a Shopify expert:

  • You need to add custom features or integrations to your store, but you don’t have the expertise to do it yourself.
  • You’re not happy with the look and feel of your store.
  • You’re spending more time than you’d like managing your Shopify store.
  • You’re not seeing the results you want from your store’s sales and marketing efforts.
  • You’re having technical issues with your store that you can’t resolve on your own.
  • You want to improve your store’s customer experience.

Ultimately, the right time to hire a Shopify Expert is when you determine that the value they bring outweighs the cost of their services. If you’re unsure whether Shopify partners would benefit your business, consider reaching out for a consultation to discuss your specific needs and goals.

Now you know how a reliable Shopify partner can be a savior for your growing business, right???

It’s time to find the right Shopify experts for you.

Why Choose Aureate Labs as a Shopify Agency?

Choose Aureate Labs as a Shopify Agency

Aureate Labs stands as an exceptional Shopify agency, offering a unique blend of expertise!

Our ability to provide strategic expert guidance, technical proficiency, and scalable solutions makes them an ideal partner for businesses seeking to optimize their digital presence and drive growth.

Let’s explore some numbers!

  • Years of experience: 10+
  • Staff count: 60+
  • Avg. project cost: $4000
  • Happy clients: 270+
  • Specialization: Development, SEO, UX Design, Performance, Migration.

If you are looking for a Shopify agency that can help you take your business to the next level, Aureate Labs is a great option. I know, trusting someone all of a sudden is difficult. So, we offer 10 HRS RISK FREE TRIAL for growing store owners like you. Claim your first free 10 hrs now!!

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