Must-Have Shopify Apps for New Online Stores

Nov 23rd, 2023 31 min to read

Shopify apps can take your store from good to great, whether you’re opening your doors for the first time or looking for ways to increase profit margins.

There are a lot of Shopify apps available, but not all of them will be the best for your needs. As an online store owner, you will want to ensure your store is based on the right Shopify app. You should use different apps in different scenarios to optimize your store for conversion and sales.

This post will cover some must-have Shopify apps for new online stores. Ideally, you should have the least number of apps installed to achieve the best results and better store performance.

The intent behind this blog is to cover almost all the areas where you can use Shopify apps in your store. So, here I’ve listed the must-have Shopify apps based on the following:

  1. Store Needs
  2. Store Types

Let’s begin with the actual part!

Must have Shopify Apps Based on Store Needs

One of the major reasons behind adding Shopify apps is to extend the store functionality. However the question arises whether you should add the apps based on the store size, category, or store type.

The simple answer is “based on the requirement”!

Here are the Must have Shopify Apps for your online store:

  1. Shogun Landing Page Builder
  2. Language Translate ‑ Langwill
  3. Magic Menu & Stories
  4. Swatch King ‑ Variant Options
  5. Automizely Product Reviews
  6. Trust Badges Bear
  7. TrustedSite ‑ Trust Badges
  8. AVD GDPR/CCPA: Cookies Consent
  9. ONE: Upsell—Pop Ups—Email Marketing
  10. Notify Me! Back in Stock Alert
  11. Postscript SMS Marketing
  12. Smile: Loyalty & Rewards
  13. Stock Countdown Timer Bar
  14. Pre‑order Today
  15. GovX ID Exclusive Discounts
  16. Easy Product Addons
  17. ReConvert Upsell & Cross-sell
  18. Mergify: Merge, Combine Orders
  19. Parcel Panel Order Tracking
  20. HelpCenter | FAQ Chat Helpdesk
  21. Presidio: Quiz Kit

So, let’s explore some best Shopify apps for your online store based on different requirements.

Store Design

Whether you’re a small startup or a large eCommerce brand, having an attractive and easy-to-use store is crucial for attracting customers and driving sales. Personalization doesn’t just mean changing colors and fonts; it means adding more functionality for a better user experience—and more visitors per month.

Shogun Landing Page Builder

Shogun Landing Page Builder

Have you ever tried to create a landing page on Shopify? It’s not an easy task, and it’s time-consuming too. If so, you should try Shogun Landing Page Builder. Landing pages are one of the most important parts of your website, as they help you convert visitors into customers.

The best thing about Shogun is that it helps you create beautiful landing pages in minutes. You just have to select your page, add some content, drag and drop your favorite images from the library, and add elements like text boxes and video boxes, links and buttons, etc.

It’s all done! You get a beautiful landing page ready in minutes! And the best part is that no coding skills are required at all!

Pricing: Starts from $39/month. Free plan available.

Rating: 4.8-star rating based on 2983 reviews.

Try out the app for free!

Language Translate ‑ Langwill


If you run an online store or any other website that offers products in multiple languages, Language Translate‑Langwill will prove to be your best friend. It allows you to translate your website content into 46 foreign languages without writing code or hiring experts!

With its powerful translation toolkit, you can choose different options such as automatic translations, review and edit translations, and many more.

Langwill detects contextual changes in the source text and provides accurate translations on the fly. This Shopify app is the perfect solution if you need to translate your store into another language but don’t have the time or resources to do so manually.

Pricing: Free

Rating: 4.9-star rating based on 282 reviews.

Grab the app for free!

Magic Menu & Stories

Magic Menu In Shopify App Store

Magic Menu is an Icon/Image-based menu builder for Shopify stores. This Shopify app provides an excellent navigation experience, engages visitors with an appealing look, reduces bounce rate, and helps to grow your sales.

It also offers the Shoppable Stories feature, which allows brands to create engaging web stories. Your store visitors can shop for the product directly from the stories.

Magic stories minimize the disruptions that lead to an abandoned shopping cart and help improve the conversion rate.

Pricing: Starts from $5/month. Free plan available.

Rating: 4.9-star rating based on 37 reviews.

Get the app for free!

Swatch King ‑ Variant Options

Swatch King

Still, using the default variant selector on your product page? If yes, here’s presenting the best Shopify app for your store. Swatch king helps you manage your product variants in 2 different ways.

  1. Create product options using Shopify Admin and use the app to redesign them across your store, that is, on the product page, home page, collection page, and even on quick view. You can add Variants with price, Color Swatches with sliders, Variant Image Swatches, Custom Dropdowns, Custom Buttons, etc.
  2. Product Groups: Link product variations without using Shopify Variants to make variations SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly, easy to sync with Facebook/TikTok/Google Shopping Feed & Amazon Sales Channel, add 100+ variations, make Product Filter & Search accurate, show Variants on Collection page separately, etc

The app is highly customizable and compatible with all themes; it’s armed with a 30-day free trial to help merchants experience the full power of the app before committing it to a lifetime. You can reach out to their merchant success managers using chat if you ever have any questions related to anything.

Pricing: Starts from $14.90/month. 30-day free trial.

Rating: 4.9-star rating based on 927 reviews.

Start your free trial!

Customer Trust Building

The way toward a successful eCommerce business begins with creating a trustworthy store. So, here you’ll find some useful Shopify apps that will help you build a professional and trustworthy store.

Automizely Product Reviews

Automizely Product Reviews

Automizely Reviews is the ultimate app to boost conversion rates for your Shopify and Shopify plus stores by 2x. Want to know how? It helps you create genuine social proof for your brand by importing customer reviews from AliExpress into Shopify.

With Automizely Reviews, store owners can increase the conversion rate of their review collection efforts.

It has never been easy to get reviews, especially good ones. Therefore, it is crucial for brands to ease consumers’ concerns to facilitate the collection of reviews.

You can control the main widget’s language using Automizely Reviews. And when shoppers see the review section along with the ‘Write a review’ button in their native language, they will likely share their buying experience and stick with your brand in the long run.

Pricing: Free

Rating: 4.9-star rating based on 3023 reviews.

Get the app for free!

Trust Badges Bear

Trust Badges Bear

Online shoppers are quick to make purchase decisions, but they don’t give a second thought to dismissing an online store if it doesn’t look trustworthy!

Trust Badges Bear is an easy-to-use trust badge app for Shopify stores that lets you add custom badges to any pages and sections of your online store as needed. You can easily add badges to any product from your Shopify store’s admin area.

You can find 300+ trust badges in Trust Badges Bear for your store without compromising your design. You can customize the badge label, colors, alignment, size, and more before you add the badges to your Shopify store.

Pricing: Free

Rating: 5-star rating based on 1133 reviews.

Get the app for free!

TrustedSite ‑ Trust Badges

TrustedSite ‑ Trust Badges

The TrustedSite App is a must-have for every Shopify store owner. It’s a tool that makes your site more secure, compliant, and trustworthy. It also helps you build an authority presence on the web with trust badges, and other important signals.

TrustBadges also provides real-time insights into how your customers are interacting with your site, what they’re looking at, where they are coming from, and how they arrived at your website in the first place.

This improves conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and overall user experience by providing valuable information about where visitors are coming from and which pages are most popular on your website.

Note: You must meet their requirements to display each Certification and Trustmark.

Also, you’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee! You will get the app credit if you don’t see a conversion boost after adding this app to your store.

Pricing: Paid plans start from $39/month. Free plan available.

Rating: 4.5-star rating based on 711 reviews.

Try out the free plan!

AVD GDPRCCPA Cookies Consent

This app is perfect for any eCommerce store that uses cookies on its website. AVD Cookies Consent helps you to comply with the new European regulations and obtain consent from visitors before they can use your website or app.

The app provides users with clear information about cookies usage, how to manage them, and what information they may share while visiting your website or app. You can use this app to get consent from your customers before they can access certain pages or parts of your site that contain cookies or personal information.

With the AVD Cookies Consent app, you get various stunning templates and additional customization options to make it suit your store design.

Pricing: Free

Rating: 5-star rating based on 382 reviews.

Get the app for free!

Marketing Automation

Want to start or boost sales?? It’s not possible without marketing. So, let’s check out some Shopify apps that will help you in marketing automation.

ONE: Upsell—Pop Ups—Email Marketing

ONE Upsell—Pop Ups—Email Marketing

ONE platform provides various tools and features for merchants to work with their site visitors. We may add various subscription pop-ups to your website, display different social proof notifications, email and SMS marketing, distribute coupons/gift cards among your visitors, and show post-purchase upsell pages.

With ONE app, merchants can integrate all functions like emails/SMS, subscription pop-ups, coupons/gift cards, and upsells in an all-in-one app. This will help to create a seamless experience for merchants to manage everything in an effortless and cost-efficient method. Furthermore, ONE could be used directly in Shopify admin and works with the latest themes.

Regarding support, ONE is proud to have a 24/7 live chat support team that will promptly and efficiently assist with customer requests no matter where and when they reach out to us. ONE also has a Customer Success team who will walk merchants through various functions of our app through a free 1-on-1 Zoom call.

Pricing: The pricing model is based on the number of contacts that merchants have on their accounts. Free plan available!

Rating: 5-star rating based on 2170 reviews.

Get the free plan!

Notify Me! Back in Stock Alert

Restock Alerts

Shoppers may get disappointed when they find the product they want to purchase is out of stock. But, adding a “Notify me” button to out-of-stock product pages can give your shoppers hope to buy that product in the future. Also, it helps you recover your lost sales!

The Back in Stock Alerts App is the perfect solution for customers who have been frustrated by missing out on the latest products or deals.

This helpful and convenient app sends notifications to your customers when their favorite items are back in stock. On the app’s panel, you can see all customer requests for each unavailable product and restock those products based on demand.

Pricing: Paid plans start from $5.60/month. Free plan available. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 5-star rating based on 233 reviews.

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Postscript SMS Marketing

Postscript SMS Marketing

Have you ever wanted to reach your customers while they’re on the go? With this Shopify app, you can do just that!

Postscript SMS Marketing allows you to send text messages directly from your Shopify store without worrying about managing your own SMS service provider or dealing with complicated API integrations.

You can now follow up on recent purchases, order status, and other Shopify triggers by activating the built-in SMS automation templates. Also, it allows you to create automation with coupons and reminders for abandoned carts.

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plan starts from $100/month. 30-day free trial.

Rating: 4.9-star rating based on 1866 reviews.

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Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

The Smile Loyalty & Rewards app

The Smile: Loyalty & Rewards app is a great way to engage with your customers and reward them with discounts and offers based on their purchases, loyalty status, and other factors, such as how long they’ve been with your brand.

With Smile, you can create loyalty programs for customers who shop at your store regularly or for repeat purchases. You can also create customer rewards based on their activity within your store, such as buying items or completing offers.

The app also allows you to connect with popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram so that customers can share their experiences with friends or family members who are not yet part of the loyalty program.

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plan starts from $49/month.

Rating: 4.8-star rating based on 4814 reviews.

Try out the free plan!

Conversion or Sales

Conversion rate = how many visitors click on a purchase button. This is one of the most important metrics for growing an online business.

So, let’s walk through some great Shopify apps to help you boost sales in your store.

Stock Countdown Timer Bar

Stock Countdown Timer Bar

Stock countdown timer bar is a must-have app that helps you create urgency and boost sales by encouraging store visitors to purchase at your store. Using this Shopify app, you can display the quantity of the product available or show a countdown timer for sale or both.

The Stock Countdown Timer Bar is best for you if you want to ensure their customers are always aware of limited products and about-to-expire deals. This app allows you to create a beautiful countdown timer that displays the number of days or hours remaining until an item is available for purchase and can be customized with your own custom message.

You can also select from the pre-made theme for the timer or stock bar for your product page with special deals and fully customize the content and style using the app’s settings.

Pricing: Free

Rating: 4.8-star rating based on 273 reviews.

Try out the app for free!

Pre‑order Today

Pre‑order Today

Do you have “coming soon” products or “out-of-stock” products??

Even if you don’t have the product physically, you can still sell them. Amazing right??

Pre-ordering allows you to collect purchase intent and ensures your sale and revenue.

The Pre‑order Today app lets you replace the “Add to cart” with the “pre-order now” button for your currently unavailable products in your store inventory.

With Pre‑order Today, you can:

  • Set the preorder status for upcoming products.
  • Automatically create a pre-order status for items that are out of stock.
  • Provide special discounts on all pre-order products.
  • Sell more upcoming items and out-of-stock products.
  • Swap with Add to Cart Pre-order buttons for items that are out of stock or on backorder.
  • Add pre-order badges, product tagging, and other customizations.

The app has easy installation, no coding, no theme customization necessary, lightning-fast customer service, and advanced features not found in other pre-order apps.

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plan starts from $7.99/month.

Rating: 4.9-star rating based on 358 reviews.

Try out the free plan!

GovX ID Exclusive Discounts

GovX ID Exclusive Discounts

Finding it challenging to offer special discounts due to the complex verification process? Here’s the solution!

Real-time verification for the military, emergency workers, nurses, teachers, and more is made possible with GovX ID. As a result, you can eliminate discount fraud while gaining new clients and fostering client loyalty.

GovX ID Exclusive Discounts is an app that helps you to provide exclusive discounts to your customers on GovX ID without having to do the extra work of verifying. GovX verifies the customer thoroughly with its standard procedure so that you can make sure that the discount goes only to the deserving.

Pricing: Free

Rating: 5-star rating based on 161 reviews.

Try out the app for free!

Boost Average Order Value (AOV)

Who doesn’t want maximum revenue?? I guess NO one. After making a conversion, you should always try to get boost the Average Order Value for better business growth.

Here are some of the best Shopify apps that can help you to increase sales as well as AOV:

Easy Product Addons

Easy Product Addons

Easy Product Addons is an easy way to encourage your customers to add more products to their shopping cart while placing an order at your store. With these add-ons, you can create an add-on for your products that offers additional features and functionality.

This way, you can sell various products and services that complement the core offering of your store. Your customers can customize their purchase by selecting from different options, including free shipping and discounts on multiple items in one order.

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $9.99/month. 21-day free trial.

Rating: 4.9-star rating based on 270 reviews.

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ReConvert Upsell & Cross-sell

ReConvert Upsell & Cross-sell

With CPMs on the rise, maximizing the value of every sale you make is more important than ever. ReConvert is an advanced cross-selling & upselling solution that helps you do just that – instantly boost your revenue without spending extra money on ads.

You can use ReConvert to:

  • Deploy one-click-upsells that tempt customers to spend more money.
  • Add personalized post-purchase upsells and cross-sells that boost your AOV.
  • Run post-purchase surveys to learn about your customer’s shopping experience.
  • Collect extra customer info such as birthdays, phone numbers, and more.
  • Customize the look and feel of your thank you page to fit your brand.

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $4.99/month. 30-day free trial.

Rating: 4.9-star rating based on 3,471 reviews.

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Order Processing & Management

Just as you need to understand your store’s traffic and conversion rates; you must also invest in the tools to help you improve the customer shopping experience and indirectly grow your business.

So, here are some apps that will help you in better order processing and management.

Mergify: Merge, Combine Orders

Mergify Merge and Combine Orders

Have you ever packaged and shipped a customer’s order, only to find out they placed another order, and you have to send another package to the same address? Even if the customer notifies you in advance, there are not many tools to help you fulfill multiple orders as one. This is where Mergify comes in.

With Mergify, you can see orders with the same destination and merge them to create a new order. This new order won’t reduce your inventory or change your store analytics. Now you can fulfill all items from the newly created order. Mergify is designed to work with different shipping and fulfillment apps and can be integrated into your specific workflow.

Mergify shows you, groups of orders, with the same customer or shipping address. You can then manually merge them together. Or you can activate Automerge, and Mergify will combine orders based on the rules you define. You can customize the details of the new merge order, add custom notes and tags, choose a shipping line, and so on.

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plan starts from $4.99/month.

Rating: 4.89-star rating based on 18 reviews.

Try out the free plan!

Parcel Panel Order Tracking

Parcel Panel Order Tracking

99% of online shoppers are impatience and can’t wait to see their order package after placing the order. As a Shopify store owner, it would be common for you to get a bulk of questions related to order shipments.

Parcel Panel Order Tracking is a helpful app for Shopify merchants who want to provide real-time parcel tracking for their customers. This Shopify app lets you display the estimated delivery date and also notify customers about their shipment progress with auto-push notifications.

Apart from package tracking, the app allows you to:

  • Add a smart upsell to boost sales.
  •  Optimize your shipping solution by getting powerful analytics.
  • Send shipping updates automatically to your customers.
  • Create a tracking page with your branding and a tonne of custom content.

Pricing: Free to install. Paid plan starts from $9/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 5-star rating based on 840 reviews.

Try out the free plan!

Customer Support & Assistance

What makes a great shopping experience for any shopper?

Whether answering your customer’s queries or assisting them in choosing the right product, when the shoppers find attention and feel valued, it makes a great shopping experience for them.

Let’s check out some useful Shopify apps that can help you with customer support.

HelpCenter | FAQ Chat Helpdesk

HelpCenter FAQ Chat Helpdesk

The HelpCenter app is a must-have for any Shopify store owner. It’s the best Shopify app for stores looking to provide their customers with a quick and easy way to solve an issue or query. The app allows you to create a chat box where customers can ask questions, get answers from your support department, and receive customer support tickets.

It includes tools to create FAQs, add content to your knowledge base, and schedule chat sessions with your customers. You can also use the app to manage all inquiries from email, live chat, and FB in a single, track customer feedback and contact information, and more.

The HelpCenter app has a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which makes it ideal for beginners.

Pricing: Free to install. Paid plan starts from $8/month. 15-day free trial.

Rating: 4.7-star rating based on 1,288 reviews.

Try out the free plan!

Presidio: Quiz Kit

Presidio Quiz Kit

Prestigio helps you create branded and unique quizzes to connect with and engage your store visitors. The quiz created using this Shopify app not only entertains the shoppers but also recommends products to them to boost their interest in purchasing.

If you add Prestigio to your online store, you can expect the following:

  • A simple & intuitive admin experience for creating and managing quizzes on your store.
  • Fully personalized product recommendations for specific products and collections.
  • Reporting showing usage analytics and revenue metrics. Track results, including open and click-through rates, products added to carts, and purchases.
  • The email capture option can be added before or after the quiz results.
  • Offer promo codes or discounts to customers and many more.

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plan starts from $4.99/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 5-star rating based on 120 reviews.

Try out the free plan!

So, here we saw some valuable Shopify apps for your store based on different purposes. Now, it’s time for Shopify apps based on the store type.

Must have Shopify apps Based on Store Type

Shopify apps can be used to improve your store’s functionality, so it is important that you choose the right app for your business.

Here are our picks for must-have Shopify apps based on store type:

Dropshipping Stores:

  1. DSers‑AliExpress Dropshipping
  2. Trendsi ‑ Fashion Dropshipping

Print-on-demand Stores:

  1. Teeinblue Product Personalizer
  2. Inkybay ‑ Product Personalizer
  3. Infinite Options

Multi-vendor Stores:

  1. ShipTurtle Marketplace Creator
  2. Syncio Multi Store Sync

Single-product Stores:

  1. Tabs Studio
  2. Appstle℠ Subscriptions

Digital Products Stores:

  1. Downloadable Digital Assets
  2. Selling Codes app

Service Selling Stores:

  1. Appointment Booking ‑ Appointo

Dropshipping Stores

The best part about dropshipping is that you don’t need any inventory or fulfillment services — all you need is product listings and fulfillment through the platform or another 3rd party provider. But you need to focus on choosing the Shopify apps for your store wisely.

Here are some Shopify apps you may need must have in your dropshipping store:

DSers‑AliExpress Dropshipping

DSers Supplier Optimizer

If you’re dropshipping business, then DSers is the best app to help you find the best products to sell on Shopify. Dsers manages your AliExpress dropshipping business from within Shopify’s eCommerce platform.

Using the app, you’ll be able to easily search for products from AliExpress using their search bar on the store front page or by category. Once you’ve found the product you want to sell, it will appear on your storefront in one click!

Dsers also has a built-in shopping cart feature that allows customers to purchase multiple items at once without having to go back into their shopping cart page each time they make another purchase!

With DSers, you can easily manage all of your sales orders, inventory management, and shipping activity within Shopify’s dashboard!

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plan starts from $19.90/month. 14-day free trial.

Rating: 5-star rating based on 11240 reviews.

Try out the free plan!

Trendsi ‑ Fashion Dropshipping

Trendsi ‑ Fashion Dropshipping

Trendsi is an excellent app that allows users to create their own fashion brands. You can quickly find and add items to your store to sell without buying inventory using Trendsi. This Shopify app helps you find high-margin products from reliable US brands and trusted foreign suppliers, pack and ship them directly to your customers with your custom invoice, and even handle returns.

Trendsi aims to become the best supply chain solution by streamlining product sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Trendsi allows you to:

  • Find and market goods made by reputable US companies and foreign manufacturers.
  • Simple product additions with stock images and descriptions
  • With your branded invoice, we pick, pack, and ship directly to your customers.
  • Fast restocking and real-time smart inventory sync prevent out-of-stock
  • As you expand, expand your brand with private labeling and customized packaging.

Pricing: Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Rating: 4.9-star rating based on 1334 reviews.

Try out the free plan!

If you sell print products such as t-shirts or mugs, print-on-demand (POD) apps can help you easily manage your orders and track stock levels. These apps also allow you to create custom designs so customers can order exactly what they want.

Teeinblue Product Personalizer

Teeinblue Product Personalizer

If you are looking to offer product personalization, Teeinblue is the best product personalizer for Print-On-Demand products on Shopify. You can easily set up and optimize your product personalization all-in-one with Teeinblue Product Personalizer, from product design to the fulfillment process.

The best POD services are directly accessible through Teeinblue, including Picanova, Dreamship, ShineOn, Customcat, Gelato, Shirtee, and three others. Alternatively, you can freely sell goods through any service. There are options for live preview, conditional logic, and features to boost conversion rates.

With Teeinblue Product Personalizer, you can:

  • Add text, upload images, change the maps and clipart, and more to create a customized product.
  • Enhance the customer’s image with interactive text effects and background removal.
  • Connect with over 21 print-on-demand companies.
  • Import goods from POD suppliers or produce your own goods.
  • Create print-ready files automatically, then send orders to POD fulfillment.

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $19/month. 21-day free trial.

Rating: 4.9-star rating based on 109 reviews.

Start the free trial now!

Inkybay ‑ Product Personalizer

Inkybay ‑ Product Personalizer

InkyBay is a perfect choice for merchants selling custom products. This product builder lets customers customize their own dream product with live preview, and merchants get a production-ready vector file (JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF). InkyBay – Product Personalizer is an all-in-one customization tool.

Let us explore some of its unique features.

Sell any type of configurable products – With InkyBay, sell any type of customizable products like apparel, laptop/mobile cases, headphones, awards, signs, shoes, or any products you can imagine.

Leverage any kind of printing method – Inkybay – product builder works with any kind of printing method like DTG (Direct To Garment), Sublimation, Flex printing, Embroidery, Screen Printing, and other available methods.

Customization software with inventory system – InkyBay allows store owners to track multiple product variations. From the Inkybay admin panel, merchants only set some values, and the system automatically generates the variations.

Fulfill any requirements regarding customization – With InkyBay, merchants can let their customers configure the products in any way they want. Besides, the application offers 5000+ predefined templates, QR code technology, 5000+ preloaded professional graphics, allowing users to upload any file size for customization, and many more.

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $19.99/month. 21-day free trial.

Rating: 4.9-star rating based on 182 reviews.

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Infinite Options

Infinite Options

Infinite Options helps you unlock a world of potential for your Shopify store! You can add unlimited product options to offer customers more diverse choices than ever before.

This Shopify app allows you to bundle add-on products to your options to increase prices.

Do you need to add a gift-wrapping surcharge? How about $15 for rush processing? Make your product pages truly unique by supporting swatches that add the perfect personal touch, from engraving initials to adding custom prints – it’s a cinch!

Want to boost your sales performance? Try creating some product bundles in-store. They’ll help you raise the average order size and give your customers more value!

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $9.99/month. 14-day free trial.

Rating: 4.8-star rating based on 3,721 reviews.

Start with the free trial now!

Multi-vendor Stores

If your business sells multiple products from different manufacturers (or if you’re a manufacturer), multi-vendor apps can help streamline your workflow. Let’s find some useful apps for Shopify stores.

ShipTurtle Marketplace Creator

ShipTurtle Marketplace Creator

This app will help you create your own marketplace to sell products from other stores. It is a great way to get started with Shopify and grow your business.

This is a very powerful app that allows you to create your own eCommerce store as well as integrate with other Shopify stores. It offers many features, but the most important one is that it allows you to create your own product listings without having to write any code.

You can customize the app’s design and layout, add a custom domain name, and manage users, orders, payments, and more.

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plan starts from $19/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 4.6-star rating based on 26 reviews.

Try out the free plan!

Syncio Multi Store Sync

Syncio Multi Store Sync

This is especially useful if you have multiple online stores and want to keep them all in sync so that they have the same products and inventory. If you use this app, all your products will be displayed on all your websites in one click.

The app has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to easily manage your products, filters, and categories. It allows multiple stores to be connected to communicate with each other and sync their data automatically. This saves time and effort on your part because it will take care of these tasks for you.

Order pushes, fulfillment updates, and tracking are all handled by Syncio. Syncio also supports multiple inventory locations, allowing you to choose a particular location to send stock to. Revenue splits between synchronized stores are now sorted, thanks to a new payouts feature!

Pricing: Starts from $19/month. 14-day free trial.

Rating: 4.7-star rating based on 163 reviews.

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Single-product Stores

Selling single products means you don’t have many collections to show, no more navigation to add, or even integrating lots of third-party apps is not required.

But when you’re selling a single product, your whole website would be saying about your product and brand. Also, you must find smart ways to boost sales and the AOV of your Shopify store.

So, let’s see some useful Shopify apps for your single-product store.

Tabs Studio

Tabs Studio

With Tabs Studio, you can easily organize your product descriptions into tabs or accordions without writing any code – simply add headings to your product descriptions, and tabs will be created for you automatically.

To save time, you can create ProTabs directly in the app and assign them to groups of products using collections, tags, types, and/or vendors. ProTabs can also show other apps, which are perfect for reviews, size charts, contact forms, and more. You can activate tabs in your theme with a single click – the app does not add, change, or remove any theme code, and it will not slow down your shop in any way.

The app has many built-in settings that let you customize how the tabs work, and it has a style designer with professional design presets and live preview to help you easily create the perfect look for your shop.

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plan starts from $3/month. 3-day free trial.

Rating: 4.9-star rating based on 361 reviews.

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Appstle℠ Subscriptions

AppstleSM Subscriptions

Presenting a comprehensive Shopify app called “AppstleSM Subscriptions” that allows you to offer your customers products and services on a recurring basis.

Apart from subscription-related features such as automatic product swap, custom shopping, loyalty discounts, build a box, etc., Appstle Subscriptions also offers bundling, combo pricing, Appstle Menu for product navigation, retention tools, inventory management, and much more…

AppstleSM Subscriptions allows you to:

  • Offer loyalty features, including tiered discounts, personalized shipping, gifts, and more.
  • Present a customer portal with powerful features, one-click login, and quick action links.
  • Drive conversion with “Appstle Menu,” a menu template that focuses on the shopper experience.
  • Increase ROI with bulk automation, retention tools, upsells, bundling, and other strategies.

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plan starts from $10/month. 10-day free trial.

Rating: 4.9-star rating based on 1800 reviews.

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Digital Products Stores

Digital product stores are similar to physical product stores in that they do not dispatch any products, but they have more complicated setup requirements because they need digital products. This is because it is necessary for digital products to be accessible from anywhere.

So, you need a special kind of store setup and special functionalities in your Shopify store. Let’s check out some best Shopify apps for your digital product needs.

Downloadable Digital Assets

Downloadable Digital Assets Shopify

Downloadable Digital Assets Shopify app was created by Shopify Experts to solve many problems that other digital download apps face. They made it easy to use, added digital file protection features, and provided 24/7 support.

Whether you’re selling a PDF guide or even tons of files, you can now deliver digital products with the fastest speeds your network can handle. It also allows you to deliver to the customer accounts on the thank you page and via email.

What you can expect with Downloadable Digital Assets?

  • PDF Stamping
  • Thank You page downloads
  • Customer account downloads
  • IP Address Protection
  • Email tracking
  • Stats
  • API
  • Sell URLs
  • Sell personalized digital products
  • Set release dates (pre-order)
  • Fraud protection
  • Customize email templates
  • Use your own email

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plan starts from $5/month. 7-day free trial.

Rating: 5-star rating based on 51 reviews.

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Selling Codes app

Selling Codes app

The selling Codes App automates the sale of digital products with codes, keys, and licenses. The app is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs to sell downloads, product and game codes, licenses, and keys. Digital Product Labs makes it easy for entrepreneurs to get their products out to the masses quickly and easily.

It also offers features such as the ability to set up a store in minutes, order management, and an anti-fraud feature. The App allows users to manually add unlimited codes, keys, and licenses to digital products or bulk import the codes from a CSV file. 

Once an order is placed, a code is reserved for it. Once the order has been paid for, the code becomes available to the customer. Customers can find their purchased codes in their account under the “purchased codes” page, by email, SMS, or on the Thank You page after payment has been completed.

The Selling Codes App offers features like order management, anti-fraud protection, bulk codes import, SMTP and SMS support, and many more—all of which make selling digital products more effortless than ever before!

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $15/month. 14-day free trial.

Rating: 5-star rating based on 18 reviews.

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Service Selling Stores

Selling services is not that difficult in Shopify, thanks to the platform flexibility and the availability of incredible apps for distinguishing features. So which Shopify app do you need to use in your Service Selling Stores?

Appointment Booking ‑ Appointo

Appointment Booking ‑ Appointo

Appointo is an appointment booking software that aims to save time, accelerate appointment sales, and improve service quality. With Appointo, you can send emails, texts, or WhatsApp to your customers. It also supports Group Appointments and Multi-Day events.

Ask custom questions to your customers before booking, and also manage your bookings from our Android/iOS app. You can also take Recurring or One Time subscriptions for your store.

Some of the unique features of Appointo are:

  • The only booking app with automated subscription functionality.
  • No coding is required.
  • Sell one-time bundled or recurring passes for your store
  • Ability to sell memberships to your customers

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plan starts from $8/month.

Rating: 4.9-star rating based on 184 reviews.

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Wrapping Up!

A lot of new online stores are created and launched quickly. These stores lack the experience and the planning for success. This may include setting up the store correctly, selecting products, setting up brand and marketing strategies, and many more.

The best way is to create a Shopify store launch checklist and execute the tasks one by one before you launch your store.

You must get many things before launching your online store — especially for Shopify apps! There are lots of apps in the Shopify app store you may get lost.

In this blog, you’ve gone through some must-have Shopify apps for new online stores and see how each of these would benefit your business! Undoubtedly, these apps will help you set up an online store effortlessly with zero issues.

So, go to the Shopify app store, and get them as per your needs!

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